Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Friday, 17 August 2012

Reaching for Aakash ?

Yes , Mr Prime Minister
You can deliver on your promises , by distributing Aakash2 tablets ( being developed by IIT- Bombay ) to 20 Crore Indians who have registered for Aadhar Identification so far
In your Independence Day speech , you made following promises – all of which can come true by employing latest software / apps , specified by IIT-B
Before distributing Aakash2 to 20 Crore Aadhar Card-Holders , just ensure that these tablets are integrated / pre-installed with :
 “ Aadhar Identification Number “ of Nandan Nilekani
To fulfill your promise :
“ It will be our endeavour to ensure that all households benefit from bank accounts in the next 2 years. “
 “ Mobile Wallet “ app of Sam Pitroda
To fulfill your promise :
“ We want to create a system in which money from Government schemes – pension for old people, scholarship for students and wages for labourers – can be credited directly into people’s bank accounts. This would reduce inconvenience to the beneficiaries, make it easy for them to receive payment and increase transparency. For this work, we will take help from the Aadhar scheme under which about 20 crore people have been registered so far. “
 “ Educational Apps “ of Kapil Sibal ( installed on Aakash2 )
To fulfill your promise :
“ Now we will focus on improving the quality of education. In the next few months we will put in place a system of continuous assessment of the benefit our children are getting from teaching.
We want to create many new job opportunities for our youth in the coming years. To achieve this it is necessary that we train them in skills which our economy needs. It is our endeavour to put in place a system in which training facilities are available in many new skills.
 “ My Jobs “ app [ freely downloadable from Google Play ]
To fulfill your promise :
“ I promise that we will work hard for creation of new employment opportunities for our young men and women living in villages and cities “
Mr Prime Minister ,
You have less than 18 months to fulfill your promises before 2014 National Elections
There is no time to waste !
And the best part is :
No need to pass a bill in the Parliament . No need to worry about “ Coalition Dharma “ !
With regards
hemen parekh

Monday, 13 August 2012

MahaKranti thru MahaParty ?

When Mahatma Gandhi launched a peaceful / non-violent Satyagraha and told British to “ Quit India “ , they actually did.

Because they realized that ,

Ø  They were NOT elected by the people of India to rule

Ø It would be “ Immoral “ to continue

Also because , British , at heart are a very democratic people

But it is a different case with our “ duly elected “ governments ( both , State and Central )

They won’t “ Quit “ just because Anna / Baba gives a call !

People of India have only following options to get rid of the present government :

Ø  Armed Revolution

Ø Peaceful / Democratic MahaKranti

But we must NEVER resort to an armed revolution ! We must never physically hurt our own brothers / sisters

So the people are left with the only option to change the existing /  corrupt system thru elections

And they will vote for which is seen as “ the least corrupt party “ ( people know just too well that there cannot be any totally non-corrupt party ! )

Let Anna / Baba usher  MahaKranti  thru launch of TLC party

The Least Corrupt Party ! Don’t even “ try to fool “ the people by calling yourself , a Non-Corrupt party !

People will appreciate your honesty and vote for your candidates !

With  regards

hemen  parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth


Montek Singh Ahluwalia ( Dy.Chairman – Planning Commission ) is scheming to handout free handsets to 71 million poor ( Below Poverty Line ) families, at a cost of Rs 7000 Crores – each mobile costing Rs 1,000 /-

Finance Minister , P.Chidambaram  is opposing saying, “ this is money down the drain “

If he is smart , he should stop opposing and start pushing to give away Smart phones , costing Rs.10,000 /- each ( no doubt , Kapil Sibal will pitch for Rs 1200/- Aakash2 Tablet with SIM card )

Each phone to be integrated / pre-installed with :

  • “ Mobile Wallet “ of Sam Pitroda

  • “ Aadhar Number “ of Nandan Nilekani

  • “ Aakash2 Educational Apps “ of Kapil Sibal

  • “ Vote for Congress “ App of Sonia Gandhi

Here are the advantages ( if escaped your notice ) :

  •  Political  Advantage

All 71 million votes cast , using the voting App , will go to local Congress candidate , by default , ensuring absolute majority in State Legislatures and in Lok Sabha elections of 2014
Narendra Modi : please take note !

  •  Economic  Advantages

·     TELCOS will stop complaining about Rs 14,000 Crore spectrum auction fees. Their ARPU will go up 

·     Industrial production will go up

·     GDP will go up

  •  Social  Advantages

·     Subsidy leakages will be eliminated by mobile-transferring of Rs 1,000 / - ( using Mobile Wallet ) , directly to each BPL family , every month. Government will recover the Scheme-cost ( Rs 70,000 Crores ) in just 1 year !

·     Corruption in PDS will go down

·     Distance-Education and Skills Training will improve dramatically thru use of pre-installed Apps

·     Rural jobseekers ( without access to PC/Internet cable ) will be able to get “ Job-alerts on Mobile “ , with each phone morphing into a “ Mobile Internet Kiosk “

·     Farmers’ mobiles will get instantly credited with the “ Sale Value “ of grains procured by Government
  •  Governance  Advantages

No strikes / bandhs / agitations / dharanas / fasts-unto-death etc by Aruna / Arundhati / Arvind / Anna / Baba etc

No empty threats of “ Maha Kranti “ !

Don’t bother to kill 2 birds with 1 stone

Kill 4 problems with 1 Smart phone !

Hemen  Parekh

Sunday, 5 August 2012


 Yes , if it is employed,

  • Frequently

  • As a “ threat “ rather than a means of “Self Purification“

  • Then easily given up in search of alternate tools

May be Anna – and his team – failed to learn these lessons from Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Ramulu ( who died fasting for creation of Andhra Pradesh and forced Nehru to constitute , State Reorganization Commission )

Any way, now that Anna Team has decided to ,

  • Create a new political party

  • Contest 2014 National elections

  • Try to change the system “ from within “,

they  must  rigorously follow the following  “Principles/Rules“:

  • Create a broad-based core committee of honest persons of high integrity. These persons must be drawn from all the States , without consideration of caste / religion etc

  • They must be young , working class persons from all walks of life

  • Core Committee members ( Central as well as State level ) , shall undertake , NOT to contest 2014 election themselves , in order to avoid any “ Conflict of Interest “ vis-à-vis their declared and noble objective of “ not wanting positions of power “

  • Only State-level  “ Core Committees “ shall select state-candidates who will get “ party tickets “ to contest election. No role for “ High Command “ will ensure “ decentralization “ of decision making as advocated by Anna’s , much hyped, “ Vi-KendriKaran  “

  • Candidates will be from “ Educated Middle Class “, who will NOT be expected to bear the election expenses , nor bring funds for the party. Since they would need to resign from their jobs , Party shall pay them an equal salary

  • Party candidates shall undertake an oath not to defect and be prepared to be “ re-called “ when demanded by the party

  • Party shall not accept any donation in cash

  • Party shall publish all receipts / expenditures on its web site , monthly

  • Party shall publish its “ Draft Manifesto “ before Dec 2012 and enable public at large to “ Vote Online “ on each clause separately . This could be made in the nature of a “ Yes / No “ referendum, eg:

·     Conduct a plebiscite in Kashmir [ yes / no ]

·     Allow FDI in retail [ yes / no ]

·     Link petrol / diesel prices to international crude prices [ yes / no ]

·     Remove subsidy from LPG [ yes / no ]

·     Close down Air India [ yes / no ]

·     Sell off all loss-making PSUs [ yes / no ]

·     Write-off Central Govt loans to all States [ yes / no ]

·     Acquire farm land for private sector industries [ yes / no ]

·     Sell all natural resources thru auction only [ yes / no ]

·     Provide for 50% preservation for women in Parliament as also all State legislatures [ yes / no ]

·     Disqualify MLAs whose attendance in parliament is less than 80 % [ yes / no ]

  • Media ( especially , TV Channels ) should be requested to conduct “ Yes / No “ opinion polls thru SMS , on each clause of the “ Draft Manifesto “

  • Final Manifesto ( based on the feedback ) must be published , latest by June 2013

  • Criteria for the selection of the Core Committee members as also for the selection of party candidates MUST be made public , latest by Oct 2012

  • Since no individual can be expected to fulfill all the laid down criteria 100 % , once selected , those criteria where he / she failed , must be made public

  • In selection of members of Core Committees ( both Central and State ), as well as party candidates for election , 50 % reservation must be made for women

  • As far as possible , members of Core Committee ( Central and State ) , as also the party candidates , should be under 40 years of age
I hope others will come forward with similar suggestions and write to Anna Team

One last piece of “ Caution “ to Team Anna / Baba Ramdev:

You will fail miserably to bring about any change thru our Parliamentary system , unless your party gets an absolute majority and has to depend upon the Mulayams / Lalus / Mamtas etc ! Don’t even attempt !

And that will apply equally to Narendra Modi , should he become next PM

Coalition – Dharma is the worst kind of dharma!

Hemen  Parekh