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27 June 2013

Friday, 30 November 2018

Congratulations , Shri Ramesh Abhishekji

Congratulations , Shri Ramesh Abhishekji 

[ Secretary – DIPP  /  secy-ipp@nic.in  ]

Reason ?

For declaring that :

  We have to be competitive. For this, we need to upgrade our technology, LOWER COSTS , improve LOGISTICS and SKILL our labour

The industrial policy will bring all things together and will come out with recommendations on what needs to be done.”

[ source : Govt aims to ease biggest hurdle for factories with new policy  ]   

As you observed rightly , to be able to compete with hundred plus countries of the World in the export market , we must make India , a LOW  COST  ECONOMY

And , as others catch up with us , make it a LOWER COST  !

With regard to the specific measures that the Government need to incorporate in its ( about to be released ) , INDUSTRY POLICY , I urge you to consider various suggestions which I have emailed to you over the past 2 / 3 years

For your ready reference , these are listed at :

Foundation of Economy                        [  03  Nov  2018  ] 

And , as far as lowering the cost of LOGISTICS ( from current 14 % of GDP to world average of 8 % of GDP ) , I urge you to consider my suggestions at :

Transport : an Integrated Logistic Plan ?


01   Dec  2018

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Congratulations , Shri Kailash Gehlotji !

Congratulations ,  Shri Kailash Gehlotji  !

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlotji just released a DRAFT policy for promoting Electric Vehicles in Delhi


Salient features of this policy could be grouped under following objectives / goals :


     Maximize  :   Public transport / Non-polluting transport / Video-Conferencing

·         Electric two-wheeler taxis will be allowed to provide last mile connectivity

·         Open permit system for e-autos

·         Individual e-auto owners will get down payment subsidy up to Rs 12,500 and 5 per
     cent interest subvention

·         Cashback for passengers using e-autos up to Rs 10 per trip

[  Following would be a better method :
For taxis / rickshaws running on Hybrid fuel ( producing less Co2 ) or Electric Vehicles ( zero emission ) , both , the driver and the passenger will get " Carbon Credits " , which will also get displayed on the DigiMet as also on the FareCalc Mobile App on the smart phone of the passenger ( @ 20 % of the fare payable ? )

These amounts will get transferred to their respective Jan Dhan Bank Accounts ( thru DTB ) , every quarter

14  Feb  2016  )

·         Individual e-rickshaw owners will get payment subsidy up to Rs 20,000 and 5 per
     cent interest subvention.

·         Full waiver on registration fees, road tax and MCD one-time parking fee for electric

·         Fully electric buses will be at least 50 per cent of all new buses procured

     Encourage : Air based transport / Water based transport / “Public owned “Transport /
                         Shared transport / Night – time transport

·         Exemption from prohibition on plying and idle parking of light-goods vehicles during
     specified timings.

Methods Proposed  -  Incentivize / Dis-Incentivize :

·             Plan to create a significant corpus of funds for incentivizing EVs

·             Subsidy up to Rs 22,000 on purchase of e-two wheelers

·             Scrapping Incentive of up to Rs 15,000 on old BS II and BS III two wheelers. 

·             Substantial incentives to private stage-carriage vehicles of all sizes

·             Subsidy up to Rs 20,000 for the first 5,000 e-Carriers with advanced, swappable
        batteries for electric goods carriage

·            100 per cent capital subsidy for Battery Charging Stations

·           Battery charging and swapping stations to be setup across Delhi with private sector
       participation at existing public parking zones, bus depots and terminals, metro stations

·            Special electricity tariff for operation of battery charging and swapping stations.
·            100 per cent subsidy on installation of charging point up to Rs 30,000 per charging
        point for the first 10,000 points at residential or non-residential buildings


 I have not studied the full text of the DRAFT POLICY , so I am unable to say if the policy also carries specific measures for :

     Minimize     :   Private transport / People travel / Polluting transport

     Discourage :   Land-based transport / “Within City “transport / “Privately Owned transport

For a comprehensive CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK for this, read :

Transport : an Integrated Logistic Plan ? 


Crossing the Seven Seas [ 7 C ]


Urban Transport Policy 


PIYUSH PLAN ?  [  27  March  2016  ]



Dear Shri Gehlotji ,

It is indeed gratifying that , not only did you find time to read my following mail to you [  01  Nov  2018  ] , but urged your cabinet colleagues to take appropriate action on my suggestions

Many thanks !

Under your instructions , your secretary , Shri Gurpal Singhji forwarded my email with these remarks :



From: Kailash Gahlot <minlawtpt.delhi@nic.in>

Date: Nov 2, 2018 11:42:42 AM


From: "O/o of Minister ( Health, Home, PWD, Power, Industries )" <moh.delhi@gov.in>

Date: Nov 1, 2018 5:16:00 PM



This mail is forwarded for necessary action in the matter. 

The ATR may be informed to the applicant directly under intimation to this office. 

O/o the  Minister (Transport), GNCTD.


sent :   Tue 06-Nov-18 11:47 AM
to     :   commtpt@nic.in
cc     :   hcp@recruitguru.com


Please find the attached file.


O/o Minister Revenue, Transport


29  Nov  2018

Monday, 26 November 2018

Will China rule the Sky ?

And the earth below  ?

Here is the proof – if one was needed :

Extracts :

The Beidou Navigation System, currently serving China and neighbors, will be accessible worldwide by 2020………..
The system eventually will provide positioning accuracies of 1 meter ( 3 feet ) or less with use of a ground support system…..
By comparison, GPS typically provides accuracies of less than 2.2 meters, which can be improved to a few centimeters with augmentation systems
[ U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission ]
Beijing-based NavInfo, which supplies Tesla Inc. and Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, expects annual demand of 15 million Beidou-linked chips for autonomous vehicles
………….foreign companies are including Beidou compatibility in their products. Qualcomm Inc., the biggest maker of chips used in smartphones, has been supporting Beidou “for a long time,” the San Diego-based company said. Those chip sets also are used in wearables and automobiles.
Most smartphones from global sales leader Samsung Electronics Co.support Beidou in addition to GPS …….as do handsets from local rivals Huawei Technologies Co. and Xiaomi Corp.
China also is the largest auto market, and the government wants all car-navigation systems to be Beidou-compatible within two years.
Volkswagen AG -– the market leader in passenger car sales -- is changing the equipment in its vehicles to enable network access, the company said.

“At the moment, Volkswagen Group China does not sell cars with Beidou-enabled equipment, but the next infotainment system generation for cars in the Chinese market will be rolled out in 2020,’’ the Wolfsburg, Germany-based company said. “ This system will be ready to receive Beidou information.”
Toyota Motor Corp. is in discussions with companies about Beidou, the Japanese automaker said.
The Chinese government eventually will require airlines flying in the country to add Beidou equipment…..


In my yesterday’s blog , I envisaged following capability of our own GPS satellite navigation system , NaviC  :

It is safe to assume that most – if not all – of the passengers in a vehicle , are carrying smart phones with GPS feature . NaviC will be able to pick up this data and    figure out various kinds of statistics ( Ave no of passengers / Total no of passengers ). “

[source :  Transport : an Integrated Logistic Plan ?   ]

Now Beidou is boasting of “ positioning accuracy “ of just 1 meter ( 3 feet )…… which can be improved to a few centimeters with augmentation systems

That fulfills the requirement of : Tracking mobile phones of every passenger in a vehicle !

Dear Shri Prabhuji / Shri Gadkariji ,

I am sure that you are as confident as I am that ISRO team of scientists / engineers , led by ISRO chief Shri K Sivan ( chairman@isro.gov.in ) , are quite capable to implement ,
Just challenge them  !

27  Nov  2018

Sunday, 25 November 2018

A Catastrophe around the corner ?

Here is why :

Tariff cap on manufacturing and hybrid technology projects also making solar projects nonviable

Highlights :

Capacity addition in domestic utility scale solar ( state & central government tenders ) MW :
FY 2017
Q1 …………….. 3190
Q2  ……………. 1358
Q3………………  2082
Q4…………….   1856
FY  2018
Q1  …………..  3833
Q2  …………… 702
Q3 ……………. 1770
Q4  ………….     707
Given that the  “ vested interests “ found a friend in  “ bureaucratic bungling “, this was expected – notwithstanding some 40 emails to our Cabinet Ministers , some of which are :

 Solar Power : Internal Rate of Return              [  27  Jan  2018  ]

A Jigsaw Puzzle  or  A  House of  Cards  ?         [   26  Nov  2017  ]

Solar Power : GigaWatt or GigaFlop ?               [   13  Dec   2017   ]


With elections around the corner , it is the POLITICAL POWER which is keeping our Netas occupied  !



26  Nov  2018