Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Monday, 30 September 2013

Minority Report ?

Yesterday , in his letter to the Chief Ministers of States , Union Home Minister , Shushil Kumar Shinde wrote ,

“  I request you that no innocent person of the Minority community is unduly detained… Government has to ensure that no innocent person is subjected to undue harassment “

Did he mean  ,

“  You may continue to unduly detain an innocent person , if he belongs to the Majority community “  ?

Or that ,

“ It is alright to ‘duly‘ harass , a guilty person – whatever his community “ ?

Of course , not !

And please , do not confuse “ Minority “ with “ Muslims “ !

That would offend , Christians , Sikhs , Buddhists and Jains . Even they don’t  like to be detained “ unduly “ , if innocent .

 (  But go ahead and detain them duly – even if innocent !  )

Now remember , Shindeji has no problem with States unduly detaining “ Guilty “ persons – whether belonging to Minority or to the Majority !

But the States are saying ,

“ Shindeji , when we detain a person , we don’t know whether he is guilty or innocent . We only suspect and collect evidence . Then it is the court which decides whether a person is guilty or innocent . Now , what can we do if courts take 20 / 30 years to decide ? “

Considering that it will take 300 years for the Indian Courts to dispose off all the pending cases , it would have been better if Shindeji has announced setting-up of 10 ,000 new , fast-track courts. Of course , before 2014 elections !

Then , Chief Ministers would not write back , demanding definitions of

Ø  Majority or Minority ( can CM decide ? )

Ø  Duly or Unduly harassed ( Can Police Chief decide ? )

Ø  Guilty or Innocent ( Can arresting officer decide ? )

·          hemen  parekh  (  01, Oct  2013  )

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Murder is a Many Splendored Thing !

In pre-historic times , man hunted only animals – and to satisfy hunger.

Now , even as “ Civilized “ man continues to kill animals for hunger, he has also mastered the art / science of killing other man for ,

Ø  Anger / Jealousy / Greed / Sex or even Love

Ø  Property / Money / Pride / Possession / Power , or even Religion

And succeeded in giving this act , different “ Names “ ( depending upon one-at-a-time or many simultaneously ) , such as ,

Ø  War

Ø  Genocide

Ø  Ethnic Cleansing

Ø  Communal Riots

Ø  Murder

Ø  Homicide

Ø  Slaughter

Ø  Honor-Killing …………………. etc

Then he also “ Murders “ many people through negligence / dereliction of duty when he becomes “ Directly but Unintentionally “ responsible for ,

Ø  Sinking of leaky boats

Ø  Rickety buses falling into ravines

Ø  Fire engulfing theatres and malls

Ø  Poorly maintained buildings crashing

Ø  Trains de-railing

Ø  Driving while drunk  ………  etc

And now , we pride ourselves on being “ Civilized “ !

While animals / birds / insects continue to kill , only if they are hungry !

·          Hemen  parekh  (  30  Sept  2013  )

Saturday, 28 September 2013

A 100 years Stand-off ?

Only yesterday , our PM Man Mohan Singh declared in the UN General Assembly ,

Ø  State of “ Jammu and Kashmir “ is an integral part of India

Ø  There will be no compromise with the territorial integrity of India

Ø  The only basis for negotiations is Simla Agreement

Ø  India does not recognize earlier UN resolutions as a basis

On earlier day , Pak PM Nawaz Sharif had raised the Kashmir issue in the General Assembly during his speech ( I presume repeating earlier UN resolution re conducting a plebiscite ! )

Over the past 65 years , following opinions have been expressed ,

Ø  Various Indian Prime Ministers :
Ditto as Man Mohan Singh

Ø  Various Pak Prime Ministers :
Ditto as Nawaz Sharif

Ø  Right Wing political parties on both sides :
Let us invade the enemy country ( ala Israel ? ) and re-occupy our lost territory

Ø  Separatists on both the sides :
We want an independent country of Kashmir

Ø  Farooq Abdullah :
We must resolve Kashmir issue thru dialogue with Pakistan

Ø  Omar Abdullah :
Kashmir only “ Acceded “ to India. It has never “Merged” with India

Ø  Vasant Sathe :
The only workable solution is to convert existing LoC to an International Border between India and Pakistan

Ø  Sundry ordinary citizens :
Make both parts of Kashmir , a UN governed territory , where people of both India and Pakistan can travel freely ( without passports ) as “ Tourists “ – and get a warm welcome by people of Kashmir 

Rhetoric ( meant for public consumption ) apart , one thing ought to be clear to people – and politicians - of both the countries that any attempt to re-occupy the territory “ lost “ to the enemy ( ? ) country thru an armed invasion , would result in an all-out Nuclear War , which will,

Ø  Kill millions of innocent citizens

Ø  Get halted by American / Russian / Chinese intervention

I hope this realization looms large when Sharif / Singh meet today in New York

Vasant Sathe’s suggestion may prove to be the only practical – and peaceful , solution

It appears to me that only other Indian with a moral courage to translate this suggestion into pragmatic action , is Rahul Gandhi !

Or else , prepare for a 100 years stand-off !

·          hemen  parekh  (  29  Sept  2013  ) 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Glad Day ?

Yesterday , I wrote about “ Sad Day / Bad Day / Mad Day “ , not knowing that by evening , it will turn into a “ Glad  Day “ !

“ Glad  Day “ for 2 reasons :

Ø  Late in the afternoon , in a press-meet , Rahul Gandhi said,

“ My opinion on the ordinance is that it is completely nonsense and it should be torn up and thrown out. I personally feel , that what our Government has done as far as this ordinance is concerned, is wrong “

Ø  Supreme Court said,

“ The voter has the right to negative voting by rejecting all the candidates in the fray by exercising the option of ‘ none of the above ‘ in the EVMs and ballot papers “

Now only if the politicians ( whether clean or tainted )

Ø  dare to meet the people of their constituencies

Ø  care to ask them what are their further “ Expectations “

voters will tell them , ( Citizen's Charter of Demand ? ) ,

Ø  Scrap the ordinance / bill pending in the Standing Committee. Based on Supreme Court verdict , prevent convicted MPs / MLAs from attending Lok Sabha / State Legislatures

Ø  Scrap amendment to RTI Act , which keeps the political parties outside its purview

Ø  Accept all donations / contributions to a political party by cheque only ( irrespective of the amount ) and display these on your web sites , along with quarterly statement of all expenditures

Ø  Display on your web site complete declaration ( financial as well as criminal ) of each candidate / elected MP / MLA , filed with Election Commission – and every year , if elected

Ø  Pass the Jan-LokPal bill ( Anna Hazare version ) before the 2014 elections

By owning-up the “ mistake “ committed by UPA Government ( as far as the Ordinance is concerned ) , not only Rahul Gandhi showed unprecedented courage ( could be political hara-kiri ? ) , he has silenced / disarmed his critics and won over millions of young admirers

If only he continues to display similar “ Courage “ in respect of what I have listed above , I have no doubt , on its own , Congress will win 300+ seats in the 2014 National Elections


Remember , your " Pre-poll Actions " on the ground , will send a very powerful " Message of Hope " to the disillusioned / frustrated youth of India 

Neither Narendra Modi , nor Arvind Kejriwal will be able to match such a challenge !

·          hemen  parekh  ( 28  Sept  2013 )

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sad Day / Bad Day / Mad Day

Sad  Day

Ø    If – and when – President Pranab Mukherjee succumbs to “ His Master’s Voice “ and signs the Ordinance , nullifying Supreme Court verdict on “ convicted “ MPs / MLA s

Bad  Day

Ø    Despite protests / walkouts by BJP and Left parties , if and when , Lok Sabha converts that ordinance into a law in next 2 months

Mad  Day

Ø    If , we the voters , decide to vote back to power  once again , Congress & Co , in 2014 national elections ( and in the State Elections , later this year ) and choose to suffer in silence , the rape of our Motherland for the next 5 years , at the hands of the criminals

Die Democracy , die slowly but surely !

 We the people , deserve the Brown Sahibs we elect to rule our destiny !

·          hemen  parekh  (  27  Sept  2013  )

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Tale of Two Countries



Ø  Bo Xilai was a member of Central Politburo of the Chinese Government ( equal to a Central Cabinet Minister in India )

Ø He was arrested a year back and tried for corruption / taking bribes / misusing official position. Not granted bail ( unheard of in China )

Ø Trial lasted 5 days – at the end of which , he was convicted , and punished for 20 years of con-current prison terms

Ø He can appeal but in China , there is no precedence of a higher court setting aside , an order of a lower court !


Ø Of our 4500 MPs / MLAs , approx 1500 ( 30 % ) , have criminal cases pending against them

Ø Of these , some 600 have , “ Serious Criminal Cases “ ( murder / rape etc ) pending against them

Ø A few hundred are already “ Convicted “ and have appealed in higher courts

Ø All are out on bail and attending Lok Sabha / State Legislatures

Ø Our Supreme Court considered this ( freedom ) as “ Unconstitutional / Illegal “ and passed an order that MPs / MLAs , who have received punishments of 2 years or more , cannot be granted bail ( even if they have appealed ) and must stay in jail. Neither can they vote , nor contest an election

Ø Central Government filed a “ Review Petition “ in Supreme Court , which refused to change its earlier ruling

Ø So , as expected , Central Government decided to bring out an Ordinance to nullify Supreme Court verdict !

What  Next  ?

Ø Within 2 months , Ordinance must be converted into a proper law , by passing it in Lok Sabha

Ø Since ALL parties have  “ Criminal “  MPs / MLAs , you bet , the law will be passed unanimously !

Voters  of  India

The only political party which is not a party to this heinous conspiracy against Democracy and therefore against the People of India , is the Aam Admi Party ( not having a single MP / MLA so far ? )

Let us vote it to power . That is the only way to test their promise of a corruption-free government

May be we can still stop this rape of our Motherland !

·          hemen  parekh  ( 25  Sept  2013  )

Monday, 23 September 2013

Why can’t they say ?

When our politicians – and other sundry celebrities – get questioned about their opinion on everything happening in the remotest corner of our country , why can’t they say ,

“  I have no opinion , no views , no comments about that event or that statement by my opponent , because ,

·         I don’t have enough genuine , firsthand , true information about “ what “ was said or happened , nor about the “ Why “ and “ Who “ of it


·         I am not an expert on that subject (eg: What causes foreign exchange fluctuations or creation of Higgs-Boson particle )

 All that I can say is that if someone , anyone has broken the law of the land , then he must be booked , proved guilty and punished – even if he is my son or my party man . Period .

In today’s India of 1200 million people , do not expect me  to know who is doing what , when, why and where

Unlike God , I am neither Omnipresent , nor Omnipotent , nor Omniscient

And with ever-changing moral standards , what I might have considered “ Wrong “ just 10 years back , may have come to be accepted as “ Right “ today by the society !

So , please allow me to remain silent “

Dear Politician,

You don’t have to have an opinion about everything !
Try this . You will earn people’s respect for being honest

·          hemen  parekh ( 24  Sept  2013 )

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Silence the Critics / Disarm Them !

Why does any mention of Gujarat Model of development , immediately invites a lot of critics ?

Why does it create an allergic reaction , even amongst other BJP-ruled states ? And certainly amongst BJP leaders from other states ?

Such allergy and criticism from Congress and its allies is quite understandable , but nothing to worry about

What Narendra Modi – and his staunch supporters , must ask themselves is :

“ By making too much noise about Gujarat Model , are we rubbing it in too hard ?

Are we projecting ourselves as “ holier – than – thou “ ?

By endless repetition of Gujarat story are we alienating , even our ardent admirers ? “

An emphatic answer is , “ YES “ !

And this attitude spells bad – very bad – omen for NaMo and his campaign , over the weeks and months to come

It is high time NaMo and his team start declaring publicly :

“  Gujarat Model is NOT perfect 

Like any other state , we , in Gujarat too, have corruption / scams / murders / dowry-deaths / suicides of farmers and the jobless / land mafias / illegal mining / malnourished children / school drop-outs / communal tensions , etc

All that we are saying is that , we have less of these now than what we had 10 years ago – and , in many cases , less than in other states

We even know that we may never succeed in eliminating these problems completely

All that we are saying is that , we are acutely conscious of our limitations / shortcomings .

We are ashamed of what we do have , and are working very hard to reduce these problems still further

We are open to any constructive criticism , while admitting that we are bound to have slipped-up , here and there

We welcome – from friends and foes – sharply-worded specific suggestions as to what we need to do going forward

We are eager to learn from experiences of other states in tackling the problems of governance – even from currently UPA-ruled states !      “

I believe , only such candidness on part of NaMo team can win friends and silence the critics

You need to win over millions of fence-sitters who are suspicious of your tall claims – even fed up of your trumpeting it endlessly !

Only way you can do so is by giving up your “ High Moral Ground “ ! 

By placing NaMo on a very tall pedestal , you will make it almost impossible for him to live up to the expectations that you are raising !

What is so terrible to admit that even Gods have feet of clay ?

A generous dash of humility will earn you , people’s respect – and their votes

·      *    hemen  parekh  ( 22 Sept. 2013 )

Friday, 20 September 2013

Reach - Out Time ?

Narendra Modi claims that the Muslims of Gujarat have buried the ghost of Godhra and a great majority of them voted for BJP in the recent State election

There have been many communal ( anti-minority or anti-majority ) riots in most of the States of India since independence

It does not serve any purpose to keep doing post-mortem , again and again

It is obvious that the new generation ( including the descendents of the victims ) want to close the chapter and move on to a better / peaceful life

If , development of Muslims brought about a harmonious communal relations in Gujarat , surely it could be replicated on a national scale , all over the country

Narendra Modi has a fantastic opportunity to drive across this message by incorporating the following ACTIONS in BJP’s 2014 Election Manifesto :

Ø  Resettling of riot victims ( belonging to any community and residing in any state ) , in Government-built houses , within one year of coming to power

Ø  Simultaneous dismantling of , so-called “ Minority Ghettos “ , thru dispersal of minorities throughout the cities , for better integration within a city’s majority population

Ø  Granting Cabinet Minister status to the Chiefs of Minority Commission / Women’s Commission / Human Rights Commission

Ø  Providing for greater representation in the Central Cabinet to the people of the North-Eastern States and the Naxal affected areas
Ø  Up gradation of the educational institutions belonging to the minorities

Ø  Greater representation to Minority Youth in “ Skills Development Program “ under NSDC

Ø  At the disputed Ayodhya site , creation of a “ World Peace Complex “ comprising of :

·         Ram Temple    ( for Hindus )

·         Mosque          ( for Muslims )

·         Church          ( for Christians )

·         Temple          ( for Buddhists )

·         Synagogue     ( for Jews  )

·         Akshar-Dham  ( for Jains )

*         Gurudwara     (  for  Shikhs  )

·         University for Comparative Studies of World Religions

·         Hospitals ( like Netralaya / Hridayalaya )

·         India Heritage / History Museum

·         Business Convention-cum-Industry Exhibition Centre

·       *        Tourist Complex

·              And right in the center of the complex , a giant statue of the “ Father of the Nation

I invite readers to add to this list

Even if for all the wrong reasons [ viz; 2014 Elections ], let BJP not miss this opportunity to initiate steps for integration of the minorities into the mainstream of political / economical / social development of our country

It is about time to exhibit , BJP’s  truly “ Secular “ nature ( non-UPA  variety ? )

It is time to stop mere Congress-bashing ( with which , people are fed-up ) and promise some genuine positive actions to the minorities

And of all the leaders of BJP , who is better placed for such “ Pro-Activism “ than Narendrabhai ?

Carpe Diem ( Seize the Day ! )

·         hemen  parekh ( 21  Sept  2013 )