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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nuclear Power Accident ?

Of course, all types of accidents kill – and nuclear power plant accidents are no exception.

25 years ago, Chernobyl ( Russia ) accident killed a few hundred people.

Recently, reactor meltdown at Fukushima ( Japan ) has killed 3 workers.

Thankfully, there have been no nuclear power plant accidents in India so far, although we have been producing nuclear power for over 25 years.

This must be seen in the perspective of the number of people being killed by motor-vehicles during road accidents in India, as follows:

Ø  In 2009 ………………. 125,000

Ø  In 2010  ……………….160,000

Does that mean we should stop making some 10+ million motor-vehicles per year and switch over to traveling by trains ?

But then , even local trains are killing 10+ persons per day on the tracks of Mumbai alone !

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Hemen  Parekh

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Not an April Fool Story !

DNA of April 01,2011 reported following :

Business woman Riya runs a flourishing hotel business with an annual turnover of Rs. 2.4 millions.

She filed a suit for getting a divorce from her jobless husband, Amitabh.

While granting divorce, Delhi High Court ordered Riya to pay Amitabh, a monthly alimony of Rs. 20,000 , saying,

“ Law is equal for both. When husband is unemployed and becomes a destitute after separation , wife who is working and capable of maintaining him, should maintain him.”

Court also ordered Riya to give to Amitabh, a Maruti Zen car under section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act.

Who says there is no gender equality in India !

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hemen  parekh

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Miserable Mothers of India

On Mothers Day [ 08 May,2011 ], Times of India quoted following findings of “ State of the World’s Mothers – 2011 “ report , with reference to Indian women :

Ø  1 in every 140 women runs the risk of death during childbirth

( every year, 68,000 women die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth )

Ø  A typical Indian woman lives for only 66 years compared to 75 years in China

Ø  Only 49 % women use some form of contraceptives

Ø  Women occupy only 11 % of the seats in government

Ø  Only 53 % of women are helped by trained health workers during childbirth ( could this be the reason why 2 million newborns die annually ? )

And where does India rank as a “ Place to be a Mother “ ?

75th in 79 “ less developed countries “ surveyed !

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hemen  parekh


27 Sep 2011


Times of India [09 Sept 2011 ] reports as follows :

Government will soon implement a decision under which, bureaucrats face,

·     a 10 % loss of pension for 5 years for minor cases of corruption

·     a 20 % cut for life-long, for major infringements that lead to compulsory retirement from service

Now which corrupt babu ( bureaucrat ) is ever bothered about getting or not getting a pension ?

Do corrupt babus ever depend upon their ” pensions “ to live a decent retired life ?

If anything, babus must be rejoicing and celebrating this news !

If they can keep their ill-gotten wealth, this punishment is peanuts !

Does Govt think it can fool 1210 million people thru such half-hearted measures ?

No wonder Govt has not learned any lesson from 2G or may be the new rules do not apply to Cabinet Ministers !

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Monday, 26 September 2011

A Million Vacancies ?

In Economic Times [ 25 Aug 2011 ], Devika Banerji writes abot failure of the Central Government to fill up following vacancies :

Ø   Police force  …………………………………..  530,580

Ø   Defense  …………………………………………. 188,224

Ø   Doctors and Medical Staff ……………..  178,801

Ø   National Rural Health Mission…………. 148,361

Ø   Faculty and Researchers  ……………….   17,739

Ø   Income tax department …………………..  16,331

Ø   Field Investigators  …………………………     1,300


Health Minister and Defense Minister cited following reasons for failure to fill up these vacancies :

Ø   Global job market

Ø   Vast private sector

Ø   Govt recruitment rules

Ø   Rigid hierarchies in Govt

Ø   Unnecessarily high eligibility criteria

Ø   Poor quality of teaching

Ø   Skills shortage

As and when Lokpal Bill is passed, they will need to add one more reason, viz:

Ø   Lack of opportunity for corruption

Then, there will be 10 million vacancies !

With regards

Hemen  Parekh

Lodge Your Police Complaint

Here is how the latest “ Innovation “ of Mumbai [ India ] police will work, when you want to lodge a police complaint ( Source : DNA / May,08,2011 ) :

Ø  SMS your complaint ( obviously, less than 140 characters ),to toll-free phone nos. 77381,44144   or   77381,33133

Ø  An inspector will note down its contents and forward it to the Deputy Commissioner of Police ( Operations )

Ø  After verifying ( ? ) the complaint, DCP ( Op ) will forward it to the Joint Commissioner of Police ( JCP )

Ø  JCP will relay it to the concerned police station

Ø  If the complaint is genuine ( ? ), the Senior Police Inspector will call you to the police station

Apparently, the “ Innovation “ is all about dramatically bringing down the number of police complaints !

With regards

hemen  parekh