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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

“ Corona Kavach “ Insurance

Context :

(  07 July 2020 )

Extract :

Ø  ..a first of its kind standard Corona insurance product, Corona Kavach, will be available in the next couple of days.

Ø  ..all general insurers and standalone health insurance players have to offer this indemnity product compulsorily by July 10.

Ø  Atul Sahai, CMD, New India Assurance and Chairman, GIC, said the general rates are high and the new rates would be about one-fourth of that.

Ø  “ Now, the insurer will know how he has to pay to the hospital while a policyholder will have clarity on how much he will get from the insurer,’’ Nerurkar said.


Insurance business is based on the same mathematics ( Theory of Probability ) as the business of a Gambling Casino

In a Gambling Casino , when 10 persons lose a lot of money, one person may hit a jackpot at the roulette table or a slot machine ( one-armed bandit ) . But, over any long enough period, these machines are “designed “ to operate “ in favor “ of the Casino .

Chances ( probabilities ) of “ Winning “ are much smaller than the chances of “Losing “ !

It is very much the same in Insurance business

When ten persons “ pay “ insurance premium and never fall sick , one sick insurer files a “ claim “

So , overall , the Insurance Company makes more money ( through premium payments ), than what it gives out to settle “ Claims “

But there is one BIG DIFFERENCE between these two businesses

When a stranger walks into a Casino and starts playing, Casino-Owner has no idea / no background “ win-lose history “ of that person

Hence, the machines are so designed that, for that stranger, the probability of winning, is VERY VERY small . Odds are stacked against him ! Odds are in favor of the Casino

But , as far as issue of an Insurance Policy to a citizen is concerned , it is an altogether different ball-game

Insurance Company goes all out to collect as much data as possible ( about a person applying for an insurance cover ), in order to statistically calculate those “Odds / Chances / Probabilities “, of that person falling sick and for the company to be required to settle a claim

It does not even issue an insurance cover ( ie; issue a Policy ) if you are above a certain age or have past / current history of certain illnesses

It , even makes you undergo – and pass -  a stringent Medical Examination, before issuing a policy



Now here is the dilemma

Insurance Companies want to make as much profit as possible

By collecting far more insurance premium than the amount of “ payout claims “

Hence , it wants as its customers, those citizen who have VERY LOW PROBABILITY of getting infected by Covid

As against this, the NDA government which is wedded to the concept of SOCIAL JUSTICE – especially for the poor / vulnerable / disadvantaged sections of our society, wants the Insurance Companies to provide CORONA KAVACH , to these sections of people who have a VERY  HIGH  PROBABILITY  of getting infected by Covid

It is simple . These poor people without jobs and regular income, have NO MONEY for hospital expenses, should they get infected.

They should have the HIGHEST PRIORITY among the applicants for CORONA KAVACH

In my yesterday’s blog ( sent as email to Cabinet Ministers ) , I had suggested compilation of following comprehensive DATA ( for those infected as well as those not infected ) , to establish priorities for administering COVAXIN vaccine.


               Ø  Name / Birthdate ( for Age ) / Gendre / Contact Details / Aadhar number


              Ø  Permanent Address / Current Address ( State – Jilla – City – locality ) / Red Zone /


              Ø  Details of Parents / Siblings


             Ø  Details of recent illnesses - morbidity / Medicines given ( including for Covid
                 treatment ) / Hospitals where treated / Names & License Number of Doctor who


            Ø  Race / Religion  / Language ( Mother tongue )


           Ø  Graduate – Under Graduate – Illiterate etc


          Ø  Employed – Unemployed – Self employed


         Ø  Monthly Income ( to determine whether RICH – MIDDLE CLASS – POOR )


Dear Dr HarshVardhanji,

I urge you for :

Ø  Central Govt paying the CORONA KAVACH insurance premium for those 80 crore ( 800 million ) poor persons who you have just covered for giving FREE ration for July – November . Make CORONA KAVACH free for them

Here is an alternative :

No need for Govt to pay the insurance premium. 

At the end of the year, whatever total amount that any Insurance Company pays ( directly ) to the hospitals for Covid related treatment of those 80 crore poor ( insured ), to be set-off against the CSR obligation of that Insurance Company . 

If that amount exceeds CSR obligation, unadjusted portion can be carried forward to following year

Ø  Central Government to mandate the Insurance Companies to include above-mentioned DATA FIELDS in their Online Application Forms. These data to get instantly / automatically transmitted to the Central Server of the Health Ministry

Ø  If for any reason it becomes necessary for the Insurance Companies to fill in the application in a paper form, then the same should get transcribed digitally ( through “ VaccineVend “ app , mentioned in my yesterday’s blog ? )and transmitted to Health Ministry , in order to receive Insurance Premium, directly into their bank accounts

Dear Dr HarshVardhanji,

At any other time ( like 12 months back when political debate was raging re CAA – NRC – NPR etc ), such a mandatory compilation of Exhaustive Data about our citizen, would have invited opposition from all and sundry

But, under present situation, no one will raise a finger against delivery of SOCIAL JUSTICE to poor people

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With regards,

Hemen Parekh  /  hcp@RecruitGuru.com  /  08 July  2020

Monday, 6 July 2020

Rationing of Covid Vaccine ?

Hopefully, on 15th Aug., Bharat Biotech will commercially launch COVAXIN

In months to follow, some more pharma companies may launch similar ( preventive ) vaccines

Hypothetically, we may need to quickly vaccinate 50 % of our population ( approx.. 700 million )

But, production / supply may be no more than 7 million dozes per month

So, it could take 100 months ( 8 years ) for supply to meet the demand !

Whenever for any item, demand far exceeds supply, black marketing becomes inevitable, with supply-chain operators ( medical stores ) and rich people finding ways to corner that limited supply
This would prevent the persons most in need of the vaccine, from getting vaccine

Who are those “ most in need “ ?

People deserving highest priorities are :

Ø  Healthcare Workers ( Doctors – Nurses – Lab Technicians etc )

Ø  Police personnel

Ø  Personnel from Essential Services

Ø  Home Delivery persons…… (  This is not a comprehensive list )

How to determine these priorities , scientifically / un-biasedly , for 700 million people ?

Now, if you ask 10 healthcare experts, there is a good chance that they agree on the above-mentioned 4 categories of persons

Those categories might add up to ( say ) 50 million persons ( needing 7 months’ supply )

But what about the remaining 650 million persons ?

I have a feeling those ten ( human ) experts will come up with very different priority lists !

No human expert , no matter how intelligent , can process and co-relate ALL the data , quickly and continuously ( since data keeps changing all the time ) for the following :

Ø  Data about “ Persons already infected ( cured / died / under treatment ) “

Ø  Data about “ Persons not infected so far “ – and needing vaccination

But , if meticulously compiled and centrally processed ( with help of Artificial Intelligence ), following data, compiled uniformly at source, could determine those



Ø  Name / Birthdate ( for Age ) / Gendre / Contact Details / Aadhar number


Ø  Permanent Address / Current Address ( State – Jilla – City – locality ) / Red Zone / Containment


Ø  Details of Parents / Siblings


Ø  Details of recent illnesses - morbidity / Medicines given ( including for Covid treatment ) / Hospitals where treated / Names & License Number of Doctor who treated


Ø  Race / Religion  / Language ( Mother tongue )


Ø  Graduate – Under Graduate – Illiterate etc


Ø  Employed – Unemployed – Self employed


Ø  Monthly Income ( to determine whether RICH – MIDDLE CLASS – POOR )

Why should we compile such data for all Indians ( suffering from Covid or not ) ?

Quote from : 

As more data about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic becomes available, it is increasingly clear that the disease is hitting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in the U.S. the hardest.
Although racial and ethnic information is currently available for only about 35% of the total deaths in the U.S., even this limited sample shows that Black Americans and other historically disadvantaged groups are experiencing infection and death rates that are disproportionately high for their share of the total population.

For example, while Black Americans represent only about 13% of the population in the states reporting racial/ethnic information, they account for about 34% of total Covid-19 deaths in those states. Asian Americans and Latinx Americans also show elevated impacts in some regions.


Besides using such exhaustive data for all ( Covid infected or not ) in order for AI software to tell us the “ priorities for vaccination “, what else should the Government do ensure that there is no “ black marketing “ of the limited supplies of the vaccine ?

Answer :

Ø  Today , each strip / bottle of a medicine carries “ batch number “

Ø  For vaccine , each bottle / vial , besides carrying Batch Number , must carry UNIQUE bottle number / vial number . Vaccine Manufacturer will record which bottle got dispatched to which drug store / when. Data will get automatically transmitted to Govt’s Central Server

Ø  Pharmacy Stores to maintain Computerized Record of who ( which person ) was sold a given “ Vial Number “ . This data will get automatically transmitted to Govt’s Central Server

Ø  No vial to be sold to anyone unless a Mobile App ( VaccineVend  ? ) clearly displays that person’s priority  ( as determined by AI ) , as HIGH / MEDIUM / LOW . No person without such Mobile App will be sold the vaccine

Ø  Chemist will enter sale-details in customer / buyer’s Mobile App , which will get automatically transmitted to Govt’s Central Server


Dear Dr HarshVardhanji,

If implemented , my suggestion ( for using AI to process trillions of bytes of data ) , will help not only in establishing who ( out of our 700 million citizen ) gets first / second / third , chance to get vaccinated, but it will also prevent black marketing of the vaccine

With regards,

Hemen Parekh  /  hcp@recruitGuru.com /  07 July 2020

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Thank You, Shri Thawar Chand Gehlotji

Thank You, Shri Thawar Chand Gehlotji

( Social Justice and Empowerment Minister / tc.gehlot@sansad.nic.in )

For what ?


Ø  Examining the possibility of promoting herbal and medicinal gardens

Ø  Exploring the improvement in the prospects of Street Vendors by providing them credit at accessible rates “

Ø  Formulating strategies for promoting rural manufacturing

[ source :  Govt plans measures to create more jobs /  06 July ]

Extract :

Ø  Several other measures, including a National Employment Policy, a National Electronic Employment Exchange and building of a skill based database, are also in the pipeline


Following are some of the E Mails that I sent to the Cabinet Ministers in the past :

Ø  How About Herbs that Heal ?  ………………………………………………( 26 May 2017 )

Extract :

I suggest that the government goes out of its “ normal helping ways “ to enable our tobacco-growing farmers to grow HERBS ( MEDICINAL PLANTS ) and SPICES, for which , India has :

·         Rich traditional knowledge ( read  “ Charak Samhita “ )

·         The right kind of climate

·         Domain expertise in processing for high “ value addition “ ( for exports ? )

I urge our well-established Ayurvedic Industry to take a lead in this matter and form Farmers Cooperatives , along the lines of AMUL


Congratulations , Shri Mahesh Kumarji   ………………………………………….[ 20 June 2020 ]

Extract :


Ø  Do away with condition of “ who have been vending on or before March 24 “

     {  Unfortunately , this suggestion does not seem to have been accepted }

Ø   Give loan to ANY unemployed person who “undertakes “to become a Street Vendor { whether he is already been registered as a vendor, or not }

     {  This appears to have been accepted  }


Billions  in  Change   …………………………………………………………………….[ 06 Oct 2017 ]

Extract :


Ø  And talking of “ Jobs Generation “ , let the government come out with  special MUDRA bank loans , only for rural youth who want to set up roadside “ Power Pack Charging Stations “  , using HANS Solar Brief cases , to recharge those 4 Crore Power Packs in 5 hours !

Ø  Each youth may be given a loan of Rs 1 LAKH , enabling him / her to buy 10 Solar Brief Cases !  This will generate ONE MILLION new “ Self Employment

Ø  Today ( 07 Oct ) afternoon , Shri Narendra Modiji will “ felicitate “ :

“ Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan [ PMGDISHA ] “,

with the following objectives :

·         Impart digital literacy to 6 CRORE citizens in rural India

·         Provide access to information , knowledge, healthcare and livelihood generation

None of this is possible without Smart Phones / Tablets / Desk Tops

And the Power Pack can provide electricity to all of these through a 12 volt port !


Dear Shri Gehlotji ,

Your proposals could well be that  light at the end of the tunnel

Thanking you once again,

With regards,

Hemen Parekh  /  hcp@RecruitGuru.com  /  06 July 2020