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27 June 2013

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Thank You , Shri Jayant Sinhaji

For what  ?

For accepting my suggestion to install “ Safety Chips “ in drones which will enable Regulator to disable a drone remotely in case it turns rogue

Where did you find this acceptance ?

Today’s Economic Times carries following news report :

-          which reads :

  The government wants drone manufacturers to add a chip at the hardware level to ensure that security agencies can disable the drone remotely in case it turns rogue “

What precisely was your suggestion ?

On 03 Sept 2018 , I sent to Shri Sinha, following email :

-      where , one of my suggestions [ among many ] , was :

   Controllers ( sitting in DTC ) will have facility to immediately “ Ground /
     Immobilize “ any drone at any time , if security is about to be compromised or if

     any drone is flying outside of its “ Geo Fence 

{ DTC = Drone Traffic Control   /  Geo Fence = Designated Air Space for  a given drone }

Did you make any other suggestions  ?

There were quite a few – important ones  being :

·         Each drone to be assigned a unique Drone Number

·         Each drone would be embedded with GPS and Internet Connection

·         Using a Mobile App , drone owner to file its flight plan  / location / duration /
          height / drone category / purpose etc and the Regulator Web site grants clearance

          for take off

·         Web site of the Drone Regulator will continuously track / monitor the flight of

     each and every drone ( all over India ) on a monitor screen ( similar to tracking

     of Airplanes in an Air Traffic Control ( ATC ) room . Constant contact is the key !

·         National Trust Centre , to develop a software and make it mandatory for all drone

     manufacturers to pre-install this software into the drones before shipping out . This

     is described at : Swarm-O-Drone      

·         Frequent violation of the Flight Rules , should lead to “ Black-listing “ of any

     particular drone and it should be “ immobilized “ ( for varying periods , depending

     upon the frequency / severity of violation )

·         A very important “ Security Feature “ must ensure that the device ( drone ) by itself

     on its own , does not transmit any data to the drone manufacturer nor to any

     owner / licensee of an Operating System ( eg : Google’s Android / Apple’s iOS etc )


Does it seem that your other suggestions too, might get accepted  ?

I get a feeling that Shri Jayant Sinhaji is favorably inclined to implement all of my suggestions , as evident from following recent news reports :

     Drone policy 2.0: India pitches for optimum utilisation of drones   

Extract :

The draft note has suggested developing designated 'drone corridors' for uninterrupted movement of drones, developing airworthiness standards independent of operational and environmental risks, limiting life-cycle of drones, obtaining "Proof of Concept" certificate to operate drones during night and obtaining professional certificates for operating independent drones.

"A UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system should be devised  to provide hyper-local and real-time information for managing UAS induced traffic, especially in the Drone Corridors," the document read.

    Civil aviation ministry moots corridor for flying     drones  

    Drones may soon be used as taxis, delivery vehicles  

Thank You , Shri Sinhaji,

As of today , India has barely 40,000 drones

But you have laid a solid foundation through Drone Policy 2.0 , to reach by 2023 , following targets :

#   1,000,000   drones

#      500,000   drone pilots

#          1,000   Manufacturers

#      100,000   drone operators


This email is being sent to the following :




18   Jan  2019

Rsvp :  hcp@RecruitGuru.com


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Reversing Bad Publicity ?

Dear Shri Modiji,

Despite its many positive / beneficial outcomes , De-Monetization continues to have proved totally “ ineffective “ in curbing the menace of BLACK MONEY

There are even indications that introduction of Rs 2000 currency note has helped the parallel economy !

With less than 3 months to go before the General Elections, it may neither be possible , nor perhaps advisable , to withdraw Rs 2000 notes from circulation

But , before the “ Election Code of Conduct “ kicks in , how about making this ( embedding RFID sensors in Rs 2000 notes ),


-      No need to fix a target date – subject to full fledged implementation of this innovation

But , such an announcement before the election , will re-assure 900 million voters about your sincerity to get rid of BLACK MONEY

You may even include it in BJP Manifesto

After reading the following report , there need not be any doubt re the feasibility :

“ This tiny Bluetooth chip doesn’t need a battery because it harvests energy from the air “

Can such a TINY chip hold a GIANT promise ?

A promise to eliminate BLACK MONEY - and , therefore , CORRUPTION ?

It seems so 

For over 3 years, I have been sending emails to our Cabinet Ministers to consider embedding Rs 1000 / 2000 currency notes with RFID micro-sensors

But the technical problem was :

…….need for also embedding , a nano-scale BATTERY for powering RFID

Wiliot blue tooth chip could solve that problem

For details of this concept, read :

 Will China save the World ?   [  21  Oct  2018   ]


17  Jan  2019

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Thank You , Satya Nadela

At a meeting in Delhi on 16 May 2016 , you said :

" It is about really celebrating the technologies that you all in India create. In fact, I want us to be the platform creators that foster the ingenuity of what is happening in India


Hopefully , the proposed DATA  PROTECTION  BILL will get re-drafted to incorporate what I suggested in the following E Mails that I sent to Cabinet Ministers / NITI Aayog :

·          Privacy  for  Sale   …………………………………..[   26  Aug  2017   ]
·          Only answer : a Statutory Warning  …………[  10  Nov  2018  ]


My proposal prevents the Social Media and other web sites from :

#   collecting any amount personal data of users ( whether required or not )

#   storing such data permanently ( even after you cease to be a user ! )

#   sharing it with third parties ( under the guise of , “ I Agree / Accept “ )

#   making a ton of money by misuse of such data ( literally impossible to catch )

   My proposal requires all web sites to :

     #    Enable users to allow ,

           “ Log me in with www.IndiaDataCustodian.gov.in 

     #    Enter into a legally binding CONTRACT with Data Protection Regulator

     #    “ Access “ all user data only from www.IndiaDataCustodian.gov.in  

     #     Carry on their home page , a STATUTORY  WARNING as described in my email

     #     Purchase User Data from www.IndiaDataCustodian.gov.in , at “ Data Level wise “

     #     Deposit in User’s Jan Dhan Bank account, the purchase price amount, at once


Microsoft has started working on a project , which has uncanny resemblance with what I suggested in my above E Mails


Highlights of the following news report :

·           Project is designed to give users control of data collected about them

·           New personal data bank which puts users in control of all data collected about them

·           The bank will enable users to store all data ( raw and inferred ) generated by them.

·           It will allow the user to visualize, manage, control, share and monetize the data.

·         An item of personal information is inversely private if some party has access to it, but the creator / user of it does not

·         The developers are focused on helping users aggregate personal data from various
     websites and have an ability to view the data.

·         Project has a good chance of becoming a commercially available entity at some point. 
Source :

Dear  Shri  Ravi  Shankar  Prasadji,

If you have any doubt what-so-ever regarding the practicality / feasibility of my suggestion , I urge you to forward it to the following luminaries for their opinion :

Tim  Burners Lee ………………… timbl@W3.org

Satya Nadela……………………….  satyan@microsoft.com

Nandan Nilekani………………….  nandan.nilekani@nic.in

Sundar Pichai………………………  sundar@google.com

Rishad Premji……………….. rishad.premji@wipro.com

I have no doubt that coming from you, these “ domain – experts “ would readily come forward with their views

I urge you to postpone introduction of Data Protection Bill , by a few weeks till you get their views

16  Jan  2019
Rsvp :  hcp@RecruitGuru.com

PS :

TRAI has just issued an order under which DTH TV channels and Cable TV operators , will have to ,
#  Publish on their web sites , full list ( even 571 for TATA SKY ) of channels
#  Against each , enable a subscriber to pick-and-choose ANY 100 channels for Rs 153 per month
Then deliver those precise channels on ( may be 20 million ) TV screens spread all over India - and " debit their individual accounts " , accordingly . 
All told , this ALA CARTE selection PLATFORM , could translate into TRILLIONS of unique permutations / combinations !
Still no problem , No mess up , uniquely configured " Content Delivery " as per User Request
What I have suggested in :
Only Answer : a Statutory Warning 
is no different !
Technology exists . No rocket science !

rsvp >  hcp@RecruitGuru.com