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27 June 2013

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Congratulations, Pawan Goyal


Congratulations, Pawan Goyal

( Chief Business Officer – Naukri.com )



Context :

India Inc's hiring activity up 57% in September, according to Naukri's JobSpeak    /  Eco Times / 09 Oct


Naukri JobSpeak, a monthly hiring activity index based on job listings on Naukri.com, grew for the third consecutive month in September to hit a record high of 2,753, growing 21% over September 2019 levels and 57% year on year.

"India is witnessing a never-seen-before activity in hiring," said Pawan Goyal, chief business officer of Naukri.com.


My Take :

Ø  For looking up JOB STATISTICS for any particular month, look up :



Ø  Here is a place where you can find / read all the JOB STATISTICS , in an elaborate manner :


Obviously, the job-statistics presented are based on the actual “ Job Listings “ found on Naukri , month after month ( jobs posted by 76,000 employers registered on Naukri website )

But that is an incomplete picture , since there are hundreds of other Job Portals , which may carry , many more job-postings

If ,

Ø  Job Data from all the job-portals were to be available , on an on-going basis


Ø  If these data was subjected to BIG DATA ANALYTICS / PREDICTIVE AI Software,


-     -  then , what insights can we have ?  


Ø  Here is a glimpse :

            ANNUAL   EMPLOYMENT   SURVEY  ? ………..[ 26 Oct 2015 ]

Extract :

Ø  Who ( which Companies ) are advertizing and when ?


Ø  What jobs / vacancies / positions are being advertized ?


Ø  What is the frequency with which a particular job gets advertized ? By entire industry ? By a given Company ?


Ø  Which regions / cities have max / min no of new jobs ?


Ø  What are regional disparities due to ?


Ø  Which Industries are advertising most – creating most jobs ?


Ø  What Edu Qualifications are in max demand ?


Ø  What kind of jobs demand what kind of Edu Qualifications ?


Ø  What is the level of co-relation between , Position and the years of Experience demanded ?


Ø  For identical positions being advertized , how much do “ Job Descriptions / Desired Profiles “ differ, from company to company ?


Ø  Are there significant differences in the “ No of years of Experience “ being demanded , for identical positions ?


Ø  What is the probability of finding the “ Keywords “ in “ Job Description / Desired Profile “ ?


Ø  What is the extent of duplication ( redundancy ? ) between , “ Job Description “ and “ Desired Profile “ ?


Ø  What percentage of Advts fail to make any mention of , Compensation Offered ?


Ø  When a company posts an advt for same / identical position , at different points of time , are there any differences in values ( fields ) ?


Ø  From an analysis of all the advts posted by a given Company ( over past 7 years ) , can any conclusion be reached as to the changing nature of that company’s business (by co-relating the “ Skills related Keywords “)?


Ø  Can the algorithm predict what job a company will advertize next – and when ?


Ø  Is there any correlation between , “ Designation / Position “ and the “ Keywords “ ?


Ø  From analyzing this huge data , can software auto-generate , a complete / editable job advt , as soon as a Recruiter simply types the “ Designation / Position “ ?

I believe , so far , no one has undertaken such a Data mining project

If carried out diligently , I am sure , the outcome would be of immense benefit to :

Ø HR Managers


      for Manpower Planning / Compensation Planning


Ø Recruiting Managers


      for framing Man Specifications / Job Description Manuals


Ø Educationists


      for deciding what Edu Quali are in demand and tailor the Courses


Ø Students


      to figure out what “ Skills “ are in demand by Industry and prepare


Ø Planning Commission ( NITI Aayog )


      for allocating Resources to States / Regions , based on imbalances


Ø  HRD Ministry


       For long term Macro-Planning in respect of Education


Ø National Skills Development Commission


      for chalking out Skills Development Programs in collaboration with Companies / Industries

What can / will such a project yield ?


Without exaggerating , it would be safe to assume that , this vast database of job advts would contain :


Ø  50 million phrases / sentences


Ø  500 million words


Obviously , each word / phrase / sentence , is nothing more than a


“ Database of Intentions “ of the Employer Companies


( to borrow from John Battelle’s well-researched book about Google )


Our goal shall be to make this ( Data mining Algorithm ) a dynamic / continuous “ Process “ , so that , we can measure the changing nature of these “ Intentions “ , over a long , long period


And we must enable a “ Researching Visitor ( of web site ) “, to benefit from these trends / patterns


Even though 5 million job advts may contain 500 million “ words “ , these are not Unique


Most of these are used again and again , hundreds or thousands of times


Thru data mining , it is not difficult to compute their “ Frequency of Usage “


And then , these frequencies can be graphically plotted against any particular time-period


Such Graphical Representations can be further broken up by ,


Ø  City Names


Ø  Company Names


Ø  Industry Names


Ø  Function Names


Ø  Designations ( Vacancy Names ).. etc


And such graphical analysis can be done , not only for “ Keywords “ but even for “ Key Phrases “ and “ Sentences “ !




With regards,

Hemen parekh  /  hcp@RecruitGuru.com  /  17  Oct  2021

Friday, 15 October 2021

Dear Shri Goyalji : Logistics Cost can be 5 %


Context :

Gati Shakti to assist economy, help save ₹20 lakh cr: Goyal  /  HT  /  15  Oct  2021

Extract :

The integrated digital platform for infrastructure development—PM Gati Shakti—has the potential to reduce logistical costs from 13% to 8% in the next four-five years, which may lead to savings of about 20 lakh crore for an economy of $5 trillion, commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal said on Thursday.


The minister said initially the idea to create a platform was primarily to reduce logistical costs, which is currently quite high at 13%. But gradually, the scope of it was extended. “Our aim is to bring it down from 13% to 8%,” Goyal said.


He said the platform will be opened for the private sector eventually so that they can also take benefit of integrated planning and execution of projects.


Currently, PM Gati Shakti portal is not open to the public.



Dear Shri Goyalji,

Your guess is that the Gati-Shakti geo-spatial digital platform will :

Ø  Bring down our LOGISTICS COSTS , from 13 % to 8 %

Ø  Save Rs 20 lakh crore ( in next 4 – 5 years )

But, could Gati Shakti help bring down the logistics costs to ( say ) 5 % by 2023 ?

It can, if we implement :

Ø  A New Way to E-Way ?...................... [ 15 July 2017 ]


Extract :

My request / suggestion to GST Council :

       Aim to turn India’s highways into friction-less “ Conveyor Belts of Commerce “

      Look up conveyor belts in the warehouses of Amazon / Flipkart / UPS / FedEx etc , which carry hundreds of packages per minute – with each package carrying dozens of different items ( can we replace “ packages “ with TRUCKS and “ conveyor belts “ with HIGHWAYS ? )

      Each item within each box , has RFID chip and QR code ( interlinked )

      Sensors placed along the conveyor belt “ reads “ each package and each item inside each package . No need to stop the flow of the packages

      E-way Bill too , will have all the QR Codes / RFID data , of each item loaded onto the truck ( Price / Origin City / Destination City / Supplier with GSTN registration number / Recipient with his GSTN registration number / GST – ISGST – SGST amount for each item / Date of Dispatch / Validity of E Way Bill etc )

      Just like today’s Mobile Apps of UPS / FedEx enable online tracking of each package and of individual items within each package , that “ high technology interface “ being proposed by the Government should incorporate the following technologies :

   #   QR code / RFID chip

   #   GPSbased NaviC 


   #   Internet of Things ( IoT )

   #   Internetof Vehicles ( IoV )


   #   BlueTooth / NFC

By implementing my suggestion

Internetof Vehicles  /  https://myblogepage.blogspot.com/2017/07/fast-forward-to-iov.html  )

technology will SHUT DOWN the truck engine , upon detection of a violation !

And automatically unlock the engine when the violation gets corrected by EDITING the E-Way Bill , on GSTN web site !


Dear Shri Piyush Goyalji,


As if this ( bringing down logistics cost to 5 % ) is not enough, I urge you to consider using the Geo-Spatial capability of Gati Shakti ( to track each and every of our 240 million vehicles , 24x7 ) , to :

Ø  Earn Rs 20 lakh*crore per year

Ø  Vastly reduce premature deaths from Air Pollution ( currently, 12 lakh / year ),

-        by implementing :

Ø  Transport : an Integrated Logistic Plan ? ……………….[ 20 Nov 2018 ]



With regards,

Hemen parekh / hcp@RecruitGuru.com  /  16 Oct 2021


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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Thank You, Dear Prime Minister



Context :

Gati Shakti IT interface to store infrastructure projects data   /  TOI   /  14  Oct  2021


PM Modi unveils Rs 100 lakh crore Gati Shakti plan: All you need to know  /  TOI  / 13 Oct 2021


PM Narendra Modi to unveil Gati Shakti master plan next week  /  TNN   /  10  Oct  2021



Extracts :


The IT interface for Gati Shakti Master Plan will capture all details of existing and upcoming projects and will also highlight the gaps for last mile or missing connectivities


Officials said a detailed presentation on the IT interface and data capturing was made before officials and representatives from private sector on Wednesday after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the scheme


TOI has learnt that implementation of the scheme will also be monitored at three levels , including the level of an apex panel headed by Cabinet Secretary



One of the key focus areas will be monitoring of the progress and resolving issues as there is a strict timeline for the plan’s execution


Currently, the biggest challenge is to bridge the gap and complete the missing link between different infrastructure projects


The data and details fed by all agencies in the system is crucial  


As the multi-modal connectivity plan will focus on shifting from “ disjointed planning “ to “ integrated planning “ of centrally sponsored infrastructure projects , officials don’t rule out the government also right-sizing the plans to meet the requirements


Though the government hasn’t specified the size of the programme in financial terms, it will subsume the Rs 110 lakh crore National Infrastructure Pipeline,  which was launched by the PM in 2019


Under Gati Shakti, a digital platform has been created which will bring 16 ministries including Rail and Roadways together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects


The platform will provide high resolution satellite images, infrastructure, utilities , administrative boundaries , land and logistics



PM Gati Shakti, an initiative to be launched by PM Narendra Modi on Oct 13, is a comprehensive Geo-Spatial Digital Platform , intended to break silos that often confound government decision making and bring about a fundamental shift in PROJECT PLANNING and EXECUTION


The core of the Gati Shakti will have 200 layers that the GIS system offers


Official sources said the platform will help private players who are part of the Central Government projects, too. The government wants to look upon them as partners , not just contractors


Accessing a COMMON  DATABASE  of information , will deliver planners a significant advantage




Following are the e-Mails that I sent to our Cabinet Ministers , over the past 6 YEARS :



Nothing prettier than PERT ! ………………………………………… [ 04 Dec 2015 ]


Extract :

My suggestions  :

*    When any Ministry submits any Project Proposal for Cabinet approval, it must

      be accompanied by a PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique ) chart

     , clearly showing all the " Activities " lying along  the CRITICAL PATH ( earlier

      known as the CRITICAL PATH METHOD )

      That PERT Chart must accompany a tabulation showing, for each " Activity ",

         #   " Pessimistic Time "

        #    " Optimistic Time " , and the

        #    " Most likely Time "

      Since Admiral Rickover , introduced this mandatory requirement for awarding

      tender to build the first nuclear submarine, some 50 years ago , all US

      government departments follow this procedure for all govt contracts

*    Insist that all the government departments / contractors, responsible for

       execution of any of these "activities", update the PERT chart status online on

       the web site of the Project Monitoring Group

*   PERT charts for all the projects should be made visible to the general public

*   If there is any " slippage " in any activity lying on the CRITICAL PATH , the

      name of the department or contractor responsible , must appear in bold RED

      letters , against that activity

      This is the only INNOVATION that we need , to ensure that the projects get

      completed in time and within budget




Remembering Admiral Rickover ! …………………………….[ 04 June 2017 ]


Extract :

Decades ago , Admiral Rickover ( US Navy ) introduced the concept of PERT and

insisted that all future bids ( for Navy Contracts ) be accompanied by a PERT chart

If Defence Acquisition Council wants to ensure that this procurement does not

 meet the fate of many of our earlier attempts to develop indigenous technologies

 , where a 4 year project went on for 24 years , then DAC should seriously

 consider my following suggestion ( earlier sent as email to all Policy Makers )



PERT for Digital Dashboard………………………………………… [ 27 Feb 2018 ]


Extract :

Very soon, the Chief Minister will be able to monitor the status of all development projects in the state, in real-time, on his mobile, laptop and other digital platforms via a digital dashboard.

The State Directorate of Information Technology has been working on an electronic interface that aggregates and visualizes data from multiple sources.

In the second phase, members of the public can access a portion of the live dashboard, giving the workings of the projects transparency.

The digital dashboard will also help the CM fix loopholes, curb scams and anticipate and lift roadblocks.

My Suggestion :

If this “ digital dashboard “ has to become an instrument for fixing

accountability of officers / agencies responsible for project delays , then I urge

Shri Fadnavisji to employ project planning and review technique described in my

following blog


Monitoring Projects in Real-time ? ……………………………….[ 11 Aug 2020 ]

Extract :

After a long wait , this suggestion seems to be on the verge of “ acceptance “

Suggestion :

          Ø   Getting all Infrastructure Projects Status updated in real time

          Ø   Enabling “ Distributed Updating “ of Project Status by different Ministries /


          Ø   Allowing all citizen to view latest status of any project, online on a Govt



No More Delayed Projects ? ……………………………….[ 26 Aug 2021 ]

Extract :

Dear Narendrabhai,

I hope those “ dossiers “ help you in fixing the responsibility of delays on specific officers – and take appropriate actions ( stagnation – transfer – demotion – dismissal ? )

But then, you just won’t have time to read hundreds of dossiers ( one for each delayed project )

In fact, this ( preparation and review of dossiers by you ) should NOT even be necessary, if the following suggestion ( which I have been e-mailing to all Cabinet Minister for past 6 YEARS, ) gets implemented :

Simply enable millions of citizen to openly VIEW on some website, PERT charts for each and every Infra project, which clearly highlights, dynamically / every day :

       Ø  Amount of “ Time-Delay “ and “ Cost Over-run “ , as compared to the targets

       Ø  Name of the Officer responsible ( along with his Mobile No / Email ID ) for

           each ACTIVITY on PERT

PERT technique was introduced in USA, some 50 years ago

Today, India’s software geeks are capable of :

       Ø  Developing a much superior technique ( with DELAY-ALERTS being delivered

           on Mobiles )

       Ø  Punishment / Promotion of concerned officers, as outlined at :

      Artificial Intelligence to fix MP / MLA Salary ?................ [ 22 Feb 2018 ]

 Let the entire process be available for REVIEW by citizen in an open / transparent


 Things will improve dramatically



Dear Narendrabhai,

Will Gati Shakti digital platform, bring back people’s faith in the government’s capability of EXECUTING infra projects , without over-runs of TIME and COST ?

Yes, it can , provided ( and pardon my repetition ) :


The entire process on the DIGITAL PLATFORM ( a portal ), is made “ accessible “ for VIEWING by citizen in an open / transparent manner



With regards,


Hemen Parekh  /  hcp@RecruitGuru.com  /  14  Oct  2021