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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Yesterday , in my blog , I had suggested a solution for collecting “ Parking Charges “ from 20 lakh vehicles that get parked on Mumbai streets at night

And collect fees from 30 lakh ( or whatever number ) vehicles that ply on these streets , during the day time

Then extend this E-Governance to 200 MILLION vehicle population in the entire country

A suggestion that could earn , City Municipalities / State Governments and the Central Government , ( may be ) , Rs 100 crores per day !

You can find the detailed proposal at :

·          Leveraging  Navic  ?

It is quite possible that some of the readers may entertain doubts as to the feasibility of my suggestion

For them , I reproduce below , a news report from Economic Times ( 31 May 2017 ) :


A British company is planning to launch a network of satellites that can take high resolution coloured images and videos of the Earth, which could be used to track individual vehicles from space. 

A prototype spacecraft is set to be launched later this year for testing. Five more such platforms will follow in 2019.

The train of satellites will deliver rapid, high- resolution imagery of the planet in still and video formats. At best resolution, the images will capture features just
under a meter across  

The images would enable 3D models of the ground to be constructed, and videos could be used to track moving objects such as cars and other vehicles, according to UK-based company Earth-i.

UK-based manufacturer Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) has developed a new class of Earth observation spacecraft codenamed Carbonite. 

The first in this series was built in just six months and was launched in 2015. The lessons learned from that experience were then applied to the new satellite of the Earth-i constellation.

"We worked on Carbonite-1 with SSTL and studied the performance to help develop the technology for Carbonite-2 which we will be calling EiX2," said Richard Blain, CEO of Earth-i. 

"As for the constellation, we will launch that in batches of five," Blain told 'BBC News'. 

"Our baseline plan is for the first batch to go into one orbital plane, and then for the following batches to go into different planes, so that not only do we get a high-frequency revisit to places on Earth but we also get to see places at different times of the day," he said. 

Earth-i's constellation would be the first European system to provide HD video of activity on the ground. 


Dear Shri Gadkariji ,

Here is your opportunity to change the face of  TRANSPORTATION  in India ! 

Please , grab it  !

01   June  2017

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Leveraging NaviC ?

{ Source : Times of India / 29 May 2017 }

Navic = Navigation with Indian Constellation

That is the “ Operational Name “ for :

The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System ( IRNSS ) , currently being tested for accuracy and likely to be available in market “ for public “ , early next year , as per Tapan Misra , the director of Ahmedabad-based Space Application Centre

IRNSS is our very own GPS system , with a position accuracy of 5 METRE , as compared to the American GPS ( which we currently use ) with an accuracy of 20-30 METRE  !

Adds Tapan Misra :

“ We have developed digital chips to miniaturize technology ( for use in mobiles and handsets ) and experiments are on them . The system is being tested all across the country

This indigenous navigation system , which cost ISRO,  Rs 1420 crore, will aid terrestrial , aerial and marine navigation , VEHICLE TRACKING and FLEET MANAGEMENT , disaster management , mapping and geodetic data capture , VISUAL and VOICE NAVIGATION for drivers “


A news report ,two days back said that Mumbai Municipality collected Rs 40 crore in April 2017 , under its new PARKING POLICY , from operation of 18 Parking Plots in south Mumbai

This compares with Rs 21 crore collected in March 2017 ( a 90 % increase )

I presume , each of this parking plot could accommodate , 100 cars

So , for 18 plots , that would work out to 1,800 cars ( round of to 2,000 )

But ,city of Mumbai boasts of 30 LAKH vehicles , of which , close to 20 LAKH are parked on the streets ( outside the compound walls of buildings )

That means , 1000 TIMES more vehicles are still to be covered ( needing 18,000 Parking Plots ? )

And , if some magical way can be found ( to collect Rs 2,000 per month from each vehicle which gets parked in those parking plots – and that too , only for parking at night !  ) , that could yield MCGM , a neat sum of Rs 400 CRORE per month !



There is no way , MCGM can find those 18,000 Parking Lots anywhere in the city !



Just ask Shri Tapan Misra :

“ Sir , can you get NaviC to track all the vehicles in Mumbai ( to begin with – and to extend to all the cities of India , by 2020 ) , as recommended in :

Where , I have said :


Let vehicle owners park any number of vehicles , anywhere and at any time and for any period – if they manage to find a parking slot !

As long as vehicles are installed with pre-paid RFID chips , our Geo Satellite will keep collecting parking charges and transfer to the bank account of Mumbai Municipal Corporation !







Dear  Shri  Gadkariji  :

What I have suggested can become a reality , only through your celebrated  “ Out – of – the – Box “ , thinking !

31  May  2017

An Idea Ahead of its Time ?

Following news appeared in Economic Times ( 27 May 2017 ) :

“ Google will soon find you a job as the tech giant refines its mastery over AI “

As a conclusion when Pichai came back to stage, he announced the biggest incremental feature that Google Search has ever got - Google for Jobs.

A Google's take on simplifying job search for both blue and white collars across skills and experience.

They are doing this in collaboration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster among others and of course it uses Machine learning to make the job hunt easy for users. 

When I sent the following letter ( hard copy ) to Ashish Kashyap ( the then ) Country Manager – Google India , some 12 YEARS ago , obviously, I was ahead of the times :

December 21, 2005

Mr. Ashish Kashyap

Country Manager

India Sales & Operations

Google  Online India Pvt. Ltd.

Odd. No. 211, Level 2, Raheja Centre Point

294 CST Road, Near Mumbai University

Off Bandra Kurla Complex, Kalina, Santacruz ( East)

Mumbai – 400 098.


Dear Mr. Kashyap,

                                      Classifieds  For  Millions

I refer to my earlier emails ( Dec. 2 / 9 and 13 )

Indian  “ Online Recruitment”  industry is approx.. Rs. 300 Crores, with MonsterIndia  and Naukri  expected to contribute Rs. 100 cr and Rs. 90 cr respectively during 2005-06.

Altogether, there are about 500+ jobsites in India ( - most operated by brick-and-mortar placement agencies, for the purpose of collecting resumes.)

Should Google decide to offer  “ classified”  jobsearch / resume search, it is possible for you to corner a market-share of

·         50% by end of first year…………………………… Rs. 150 cr.

·         80% by end of second year………………………  Rs. 250 cr.

From an Indian Context, that is a lot of money  !

More importantly ( from Google’s viewpoint) getting 44.5 million unemployed ( registered with some 939 employment exchange  around the country ) to visit and conduct job-searches on Google, can be even much more valuable.

You are aware that Yahoo already offers “ Jobsearch” to visitors, by partnering with timesjobs.com

I invite you to overtake Yahoo India, by partnering with


Through your own career-website,

I have created this website for your exclusive use.

I have no intention to use it myself nor will I allow anyone else to use it.

You can log into  www.Googlejobs.in  and experience how it gets powered by the webservice  of 


After you had an opportunity to go through enclosed folder, I would like to meet you personally to further discuss my proposal. Please feel free to phone me

With regards,

Hemen Parekh

Those interested in the details of my proposal , may want to refer to :

·         Google  Jobs  

All of the above is history !

My only hope is that Google does not take another 12 YEARS to implement :

·         Online Jobs  Fair


I am glad the Labour Ministry has decided to implement my following suggestion ( earlier sent as emails ) , in order to create such a FEDERATION of job portals :

·         National Career Service Portal  (  21  July  2015  )

·         Towards  a  National  Job  Portal  ?  ( 07  Feb  2016  )


Today’s Business Line reports :

“ Labour Ministry has inked strategic Memoranda of Understanding ( MOU ) , with leading job portals , placement organizations and institutions of repute

The NCS project also involves setting up of 100 Model Career Centres to deliver quality employment services and these Centres are being set up in collaboration with States and institutions

Over 3.87 crore ( 38.7 million ) candidates , 14.8 lakh ( 1.48 million ) establishments are registered on NCS ( National Career Service ) Portal….. around 540 job fairs were organized in 2016-17 “



While congratulating you on your laudable initiative to create the National Job Portal , I urge you to implement my following earlier request :

·         Quarterly Labour Survey : A Still – Born  Child ?  ( 22  March  2017  )


·         Annual  Employment  Survey  ( 26  Oct  2015  )


If you write to Sundar Pichai  [ CEO , Google ] , he will not take more than 12 HOURS  to respond positively !

31  May  2017