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27 June 2013

Friday, 26 May 2017

Twitter Seva ( V 2.0 ) ?

Times of India ( 23 Feb 2017 ) carries following news report :

Centre to launch ' Twitter Seva ' to reach citizens

The Union home ministry will soon launch its own 'Twitter Seva' forum to capture citizens' grievances aired through various social media handles related to the ministries and have them addressed, where actionable, through its departments and divisions.

According to a home ministry official, the ministry will identify some keywords relating to public services rendered by its various departments as well as issues directly handled by the ministry.

Each time a citizen tweets a grievance or complaint relating to the keyword, it will reflect on a central server within the home ministry.

Where these grievances and complaints are found actionable, the department concerned will initiate process for their redressal and accordingly inform the complainant on Twitter.

The authorities concerned will be assigned to resolve problems and difficulties of people on a real-time basis, said a home ministry official.

Another news in Times of India ( 26 May 2017 ) gives following statistics in respect of the Tweets received :

·         6 / 7 lakhs per month ( through 7,500 handles )

·         #Mociseva ( @DIPPGOI ) processed 750 cases

·         Indian Railways processes 7,000 tweets per day

·         MEA received 10,000 complaints since launch in Dec 2016

Twitter India head of policy , Mahima Kaul said :

“ Many ministries have used their accounts for GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL … the Indian government’s holistic use of Twitter is a pretty good example for citizen engagement “

Moral  of  the  Story  :

If , at first , no one seems to listen to your suggestion for reform , do not give up

Keep sending emails ( to NDA ministers / Secretaries ) , again and again ( remember that childhood story of a spider trying to climb and repeatedly falling until success ? )

Give them a credit for being “ overburdened “ – not curses for being “ clueless “ ! .

I have no doubt that , one day soon , Twitter Seva will graduate into the following full-fledged Mobile App that I have been urging Centre / State Governments to implement , since past 4 YEARS  !  ( - at least 10 emails since 18 Aug 2013 ! )

27  May  2017