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27 June 2013

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Recruiters threatened by AI ?

Are hiring managers threatened by AI ?   Or , could they get empowered by AI ?

Whichever way you look , one thing is certain : their job is about to undergo a major change

Why ?

Because , new technologies described below have potential to synergize !


First let us get to know  Elias

The robot recognises the pupil’s skill levels and adjusts its questions accordingly. It also gives feedback to teachers about a student’s possible problems.

Next, learn how how “ Vera –the – robot “ ,  is interviewing blue collar workers , at ,

Robot Vera can cut the time and cost of recruiting by a third, its creators say. Now they’re teaching it to recognize anger, pleasure, and disappointment.

A Russian startup is using Robot Vera, artificial intelligence software designed for recruiting, to help its 300-odd clients—including PepsiCo, Ikea, and L’OrĂ©al—fill vacant jobs. (Yes, with humans.)

The Benefit

Vera speeds the vetting of high-turnover service and blue-collar positions (clerks, waiters, construction workers), cutting the time and cost of recruitment by as much as a third, according to its creators.

 The software can interview hundreds of applicants simultaneously via video or voice calls, narrowing the field to the most suitable 10 per cent of candidates.


Vladimir Sveshnikov (28) and Alexander Uraksin (30), co-founders of Stafory, a 50-person startup in St. Petersburg

The co-founders, with a background in human resources, two years ago found themselves making hundreds of calls to candidates who’d lost interest in the given job or couldn’t be located. “We felt like robots ourselves, so we figured it was better to automate the task,” Uraksin says.


Vera, named after Sveshnikov’s mother, combines speech recognition technologies from Google, Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Russia’s Yandex.

 Programmers fed 13 billion examples of syntax and speech from TV, Wikipedia, and job listings to expand the software’s vocabulary and help it speak more naturally and understand responses.


The robot started working in Russia in December 2016, and Stafory has since added clients in the Middle East and pilot projects in Europe and the U.S. The company says its revenue will top $1 million this year.

The Verdict

Human recruiters still vet the candidates cleared by Vera.

Sveshnikov and Uraksin are working to teach the bot to recognize anger, pleasure, and disappointment, but even if it can gauge emotions, Vera shouldn’t be viewed as a substitute for traditional HR departments, says Mikhail Chernomordikov, a Microsoft Corp. strategist in Dubai. “Final decisions on hiring,” he says, “are reserved for humans.”

Now, let us turn to Alexa , and wonder :

How long before some smart Indian Start Up , comes up with a “ Voice  App “ which turns on its head , the  current role of Alexa to provide answers to questions / commands of the owner ?

How long before you tell Alexa :

“ Alexa , can you ask me  interview questions for the job of a BUSINESS ANALYST ? “

And , not only will Alexa ,

·         shoot off those questions from its vast database of Interview Questions

·         listen and record your answers  ( “ Speech – to – Text “ conversion database )

·         tell you your “ Raw Score “ and “ Percentile Score “

·         advise you of a few , most suitable job-vacancies ( picked up from job portals ) , based on matching of your “ Skills – Domain Knowledge “ with “ job description “

·         and if you say , “ go ahead and apply “, also email your resume ( with the score ) to the concerned job-advertiser !

And who knows . how long before Alexa can turn itself into a “ Candidate Bot “ ( an avatar of the candidate ) and even appear for that job interview on your behalf  !

( ala  https://oben.me/  )

Building a voice app is a different ballgame as compared with building a regular Android or iOS app. A developer needs to build a mental roadmap of how a user could potentially converse with a voice app.

"There is no visual element for these ‘skills’. You have to plan the conversation in your head and translate it into code.

You have to think of utterances. What is the user going to say?" said Priyankar Kumar, a third-year computer science student at a private college who has developed seven app .. 

Amazon, globally, has also launched a tool for developers. "We have a self-explanatory skill-builder tool of sorts. We launched a new version of it last month. It is as simple as drag and drop. For example, if you want to build a joke ‘skill’, you can use our templates and change the content. The entire ‘skill’ gets published in five minutes," said Dilip. 

And here is how I believe , the above-mentioned TECHNOLOGIES will redesign  Online Recruitment  Industry  in next 5 years :

Will Chatbots take away Jobs ?  [  24  June  2017  ]

how an INTERVIEW BOT can replace human interviewers to interview millions of candidates

Of great relevance to Indian Railways which just received 300 lakh applications
for 1 lakh vacancies , to be filled within 6 months .

 Read :




 a completely automated online platform where thousands of Video Interviews ( Skype /  Face-time etc ) , will take place simultaneously

For Software Architecture of this portal , read :



an online platform which will allow any Employer / Recruiter to download and install , absolutely FREE ,

*  a  RESUME  PARSING  engine ( to convert millions of text resumes into a database )

*  a  RESUME  SEARCH  engine  ( to search that database for best rated candidates )

*  a  feature which synchronizes daily , local databases of ALL USERS , so that the local
   servers of each user has MILLIONS of parsed resumes , donated by each user daily !
   Through this “ peer – to – peer “ sharing of resume databases, no employer / recruiter
   , will ever need to subscribe to Naukri – MonsterIndia-TimesJobs – Shine etc  !



PROJECT FORE COURT  (   05   Oct   2003  )

Consider this as a “ limited edition “ of OnlineJobsFair , suitable for a large single
Corporate with operations spread around the Country or the World

Goal of this concept is :

Jobs  For  All   =  Peace  on  Earth

I believe , something like this is already attempted by :

·         HireVue  (  https://www.hirevue.com/  )

·         ArcticShores  (  https://www.arcticshores.com/ )

·         Talview  (  https://www.talview.com/ )

·         InterviewAir   (   https://interviewair.com/  )

·         iPredictt   (   http://ipredictt.com/  )

I wish  good luck and god-speed to all of them  !

01    April  2018

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I did not !

Following news report appeared in yesterday’s Mumbai Mirror :

Nearly a year-and-a-half after the BMC offered citizens parking space on the roads for a fee, it claims it has found no takers and the policy could be abandoned altogether.

“We have the NOCs from the traffic police for 34 more applications but the housing societies have not shown interest. As of now, only two societies have taken up the parking spots. The policy has not taken off as expected,” Assistant Municipal Commissioner (A Ward) Kiran Dighavkar said.

“From the feedback we have received, it seems people find it irritating that they have to move their car from the parking spot at 8 am. But we can’t allow them to park beyond that as there is hardly any space on the roads during the morning and evening rush hours. Also, with several roads dug up due to Metro construction, there’s absolutely no space available,” a BMC official said.

Narwekar claimed the BMC may have wanted to scrap the policy so that it could dole out pay-and-park contractors. “It appears the parking mafia is pressurising the BMC,” he said.

All I did was to point out this scheme as :

But in my blog , I did suggest an “ unbiased and corruption proof “ technology-based solution which could earn BMC, nearly Rs 10,000 crores per year , from parking fees !

How much could my suggestion earn all the Municipalities of India , every year ?

Considering that our total ( country wide ) population of vehicles is more than 60 times the number of vehicles in Mumbai , this could well be Rs 6 lakh*crores

For an investment of just Rs 50 crore !  No “ April fool “ this  !

You don’t have to believe me .  Just ask Dr K Sivan , Chief of ISRO


01  April  2018

Friday, 30 March 2018

#HousingForAll #AffordableHouses #RERA

A   Housing   Miracle  ?

It would be, if it is :

*     a house consisting of Bed Room + Living Room + Kitchen + Bathroom + Porch

*    having an area of 650 sq ft

*    costs Rs 2.6 lakh ( @ Rs 400 / sq ft )

*    constructed within 24 hours , using recycled construction debris

Like all the readers , I too was a disbeliever till I read :



Here is why this technology should be of great interest to Shri Hardeep Singh Puriji ( Housing and Urban Affair Minister ) :

*     Govt is committed to “ Housing for All by 2022 “ ( - some 55 lakh houses ? )

*     Even those so-called “ Affordable Houses “ being constructed currently , cost  Rs
       5,000 / sq ft

*    Present construction methods are not only too slow but also very time-consuming

*    Lakhs of already constructed flats are lying vacant because poor cannot afford Rs 30
      Lakhs flat

*   In Mumbai alone , some 1,500 tons of construction and demolition debris is
    generated daily and  BMC is facing great difficulty in finding places to dump this.

    Illegal dumping is killing mangroves . 3 D printing will utilize all of this debris !


I request Shri Puriji to examine the possibility of re-designing the “ Housing for All “ program along the lines of :

Dharavi Remaking SPV 


31  March  2018