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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Nightmare ? #Aadhar #Privacy #DataProtection

Imagine this scenario :

·         A mischief-monger types in Google :  Justice Dipak Misra

·         Selects :   Videos

·         Finds    :    About 40,700 results ( 0.12 seconds )

·         Downloads  Video :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEa9iE5tbCY

·         From this video, extracts  Audio profile “ of Justice Misra’s speech , using :

      Audio Converter

·         Pastes this “ Audio Profile “ into :

     Lyrebird { https://lyrebird.ai/  } , to generate a “ Digital Voice “ of Justice Misra
     which sounds exactly like Justice Misra  ! ( You too can try this for fun ! It is free )

·         Or , for an even better sounding / much more realistic voice of Justice Misra, pastes this at :


·         Now he looks up :

           This will help him replace the stage and the persons sharing the dais with
           Justice Misra ( from the above-linked video ) , with the background of the
           other Judges sharing the Supreme Court bench !


·         What he now needs , is a “ judgement  speech “ that he wants Justice Misra’s fake / re-mixed, video to deliver in his realistic sounding “ digital voice “ , using indistinguishable facial features / gestures / mannerism / expressions etc that would “ fool “ the most tech-savvy

Here  is  a speech drafted by me :


Dear Petitioners and Opponents :

For past few months, we have heard arguments from the learned advocates of , both the petitioners and of the government , in respect of the legitimacy of linking Aadhar ID to a large number of government schemes

We have been told that such universal linkages will take away a citizen’s fundamental “ Right to Privacy “ and lead to a “ Surveillance State “ having draconian powers over the citizens

At the same time, we have been keeping a close watch on the following developments :

#     With each passing day , millions of Indian Citizens are getting access to

#     These millions are daily downloading millions of Mobile Apps ( including
       Mobile wallets ) and providing personal data to millions of E Commerce web
       sites  /  Search Engines  /  Social Media web sites / Messaging applications /
       Fintech services / Travel services etc , using GPS enabled Smart phones /
       Glasses / Wrist Bands / Smart Watches / Home Assistant Devices  etc

#   According to one study, people typically touch their phones 2,617 times per
     day , leaving a particularly enticing trail of data to mine

#   Facebook is even scanning user posts in the US and some other countries for
     signs of possible suicidal thoughts, without giving users a choice of opting out
     of the scans .  Who has access to that information ?

#   Mindstrong Health, a mental health start-up has developed a research
     platform to continuously monitor users’ phone habits , looking at changes in
     taps and clicks for hints about mood and memory changes associated with
     depression .

     Thousands of AI start-ups are daily launching hundreds of such
     mobile-based services which are offered FREE to anyone

#     The data provided by Indian Citizens for getting an Aadhar ID, is miniscule
       in comparison with the personal / private data that the Citizens are already
       providing to these non-state agencies


#     Most citizens , while accessing such services are agreeing that the service
       provider can use their personal data in any way it deems fit and share it with
       anyone else , without telling / informing the user as to the actual usage or
       its sharing

#    The number of Internet-connected devices ( without doubt , GPS
      enabled ) are growing exponentially and expected to reach 50 device per
      person by 2020

#    Each of these device will be embedded with micro-sensors which will pick-up
      all the personal / private conversations of a user and transmit it to the
     Central servers of , not only the device manufacturers but also of the Internet
     Service providers involved .

     At this stage , we urge the Petitioners to remember that many of tomorrows
     Internet Service Providers , would be beaming internet from Satellites and
    balloons , located thousands of kilometres above India and will not be subject
     to any Indian Regulatory Authority

   For collecting / transmitting the personal / private data of the users , these IoT
   devices will carry an automatic “ Activation Clause / Terms“ which will grant to
   these devices, unfettered rights ( by the user ) to do so , the moment it gets
   switched on for the first time or the moment the packaging box is opened !



#   European Union is preparing legislation to force companies to turn over
    customers’ personal data when requested, even if it is stored on servers
    outside the bloc . The planned law would apply to all companies around the
    world that do business in European Union

#   Digital borders are a growing global issue in an era where big companies
    operate cloud networks of giant data centres which means an individual’s data
    can reside anywhere

           #   Advances in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / AR / VR / Hepatic
                 Devices / Holograms etc are progressing so rapidly that  , as per recent
                scientific predictions, by 2022  Robots will become commonplace in most
                middle-income homes, able to reliably read lips and recognize face, mouth
                and hand gestures. All toys will be  “smart” with built-in machine learning

#   Scientists also seem to agree that content in all of its form ( textual - audio –
     video – sensory ) , generated by all human beings on the earth will get
     captured automatically / continuously and flow seamlessly , across billions of
     internet connected devices and will no more remain confined to a few servers

     All of this will happen involuntarily and an individual will have neither any say
     on this nor will anyone be able to opt-out from this scenario. This flow of a
     person’s private data will start from birth

#   Technology has advanced so far – and continues to accelerate even faster –
     that it is possible to treat “ Content ( personal  / private data ) “ like an air
     molecule , which keeps travelling freely around the earth and gets inhaled a
     trillion times ( content consumption ) by a billion humans . Introduction of 5G
     and Li-Fi technologies  will speed up this process even further

#   With the arrival of Quantum Computing , it will soon become possible for the
     same content ( personal / private data ) , to exist simultaneously at multiple
     places , but in differing formats

     A “ Text Posting “ on Facebook may well appear on different media as
     Voice  or  Image  or  Smell  or  Touch !

In light of these considerations, this court has reached following conclusions :

#   For delivering of different kind of services by the Government to the citizens , Aadhar
     ID is essential

#   The data required to be submitted for getting Aadhar ID is minimum and poses no
     danger to the privacy of the citizens

#   For obtaining services from private parties , it is up to the citizen concerned to decide
     if he wants to furnish his Aadhar ID or not . In case of his unwillingness, he may
     have to forgo such service

#   It is up to the Legislative wing to examine as to what extent it can protect the
     private / personal data of a citizen from getting “ mis-used “ by Private parties , and
     whether enacting an appropriate DATA PROTECTION LAW , can serve this purpose ,
     in a situation where the citizens are willingly parting with such data to all-and-sundry
    , and explicitly authorizing these Private parties for unfettered / unlimited use of such

     While considering to enact such LAW , government should consider the enforceability
     of such a law and whether it should be government or the aggrieved citizen who need
     to lodge a complaint for a breach of the agreement entered into by the citizen and
     the private party and to which , the government is NOT a party , nor has any
     knowledge of the terms and conditions of such an agreement

#   The court directs the government to ensure that requirement of Aadhar is restricted
     only to the essential services being delivered by various government agencies and
     not extended to non-essential services in a frivolous manner

#   The court further directs the government that even in case of essential services , no
     citizen is ever denied a service just because he is unable to provide Aadhar ID

#   The petition stands dismissed

SIGNED  :  Justice  Dipak  Misra

Date      :   05  March  2018



     Parallel to the Theory of Thermodynamics , I would like to propound the
     following  as far as the “ Theory of Information “ is concerned :

       Like Entropy , content keeps growing with each and every human
     interaction , either with other humans or with his environment , and content
     can no longer remain hidden , nor can it be destroyed 

Now , I await some IT geek to create a Video as described by me here ( clearly marked “ fake “ ) , and send to me on……hcp@RecruitGuru.com

05  March  2018

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