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27 June 2013

Monday, 30 April 2018

#SolarIndia #MNRE #SECI #RoofTopSolar

Transmission  Capacity is  the  Culprit  !

Economic Times ( 30 April ) carries following news :

Transmission Capacity Deficit may Cap Reach of Green Power

Lack of coordination between ministry, CEA and Power Grid seen as reason for under-capacity

·         The Economic Times
·         30 Apr 2018
·         Kaavya.Chandrasekaran @timesgroup.com

Renewable energy developers are worried that transmission facilities are not keeping pace with power generation even as 12,000 MW of solar projects are under construction...

Developers expressed fear that completed projects might not be able to start functioning because all bays at the nearest substations are already occupied and transmission lines already carrying their full capacity ….

The main reason is that so far there has been no coordination between Ministry of New and Renewable Energy ( MNRE ) , Power Grid Corporation of India ( PGCIL ), and Central Electricity Authority ( CEA )

Solar Energy Corporation of India ( SECI ) , which is under MNRE, has been merrily holding auctions for both wind and solar projects without making sure that enough evacuation facilities are available

Read this in the context of another news just 2 days back , which said :

MNRE is about to come out with fresh tenders for 20 GW ( 20,000 MW ) of Solar projects

Now 1 GW of Solar needs approx. $ 1 Billion of investment

So , we are talking of $ 20 Billion ( approx. Rs 130,000 crore )

I am afraid the response would be very poor due to following reasons :

*   Non availability of Transmission Capacity , as mentioned above

*   “ Non Risk “ attitude of Private Sector finance ( due to falling tariff of Solar )

*   No bank wants to fund these projects when its own NPA are a huge concern

     Loans of Rs 1.77 Lakh*Crore to 75,000 MW of Coal based power plants have
     already turned NPA !

*   Uncertainty re Safeguard Duty on imported Solar Panels pushing up costs

In light of this , it would be much better for MNRE to encourage Roof Top Solar projects , which enjoy following advantage over Ground-Based projects :

Each residential building will produce / store and consume its OWN power , without having to depend upon DISCOMS

No need for metering /  transformers / substations / cables / transmission lines !

No need for DISCOM to maintain the infrastructure ! or worry about thefts ! or sign Power Purchase Agreements – and then worry about rescinding !

Now , recognizing that it is just not possible to switch-over to ROOF  TOP  SOLAR , overnight, we must appreciate what the government is doing

But what I fail to understand is :

Why is govt not going all out to encourage ROOF TOP SOLAR ?

I urge the Policy Makers to read :

Solar Roofs ?  Why not ?   [  06  Feb  2018  ]

roof top installations , currently govt gives 30 % subsidy

Change this as follows :

#   30 % by way of subsidy

#   70 % by way of interest free loan , repayable over 10 years

Why not save all the funds required for the above-mentioned infrastructure and use for the interest free loans / subsidy for Solar Roof Tops  ?

01    May  2018

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#SC #ST #OBC #BackwardCaste

Bankruptcy  of  Imagination ? or a Conspiracy  ?

Hindustan Times ( 30 April ) carried following news :

Excerpt :

District officials, who did not want to be named, explained that the initials — SC for scheduled caste, ST for scheduled tribe and O for OBC, or other backward class — were put on the chests of male candidates from these categories as they have different selection norms under the reservation policy.

This, they said, was done to identify one section of candidates from the other and avoid any mix-up.

Elsewhere , there have been cases of similar shameful ways of tracking people

Eg :

and ,

After staying in a US prison for 18 months, Rajat Gupta , former MD of McKinsey , was

confined to his apartment and required to wear an ankle bracelet that monitored his


Some years back , a few Indian students studying in

 US , were also forced to wear such

bracelets - ostensibly for tracking their movements


It is a pity that the country which prides itself as being “ Software Super-power “ , could not use technology as described below :

*  Some time back , there was a news report that all foreigners entering India , will be given special SIM cards that they must install in their smart phones - enabling Indian Authorities to track their movements and to quickly locate a foreigner who overstays his stay

*  GPS satellites of USA / Russia / China enable their militaries to locate objects on earth , just ONE CENTIMETER apart  !

*  RFID sensors inserted in clothes worn by candidates

*  Smart watches , worn by candidates

*  QR  Codes  printed on ID cards of candidates or any papers carried by them

Or , was this a case of those examiners finding some sadistic pleasure in humiliating those SC / ST / OBC candidates ?

Or , is someone trying to create embarrassing situations for the NDA government , in order to provide fodder to the opposition parties ?

If such incidences were to repeat , NDA has bleak future in 2019  !

01    May  2018

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Going after Tax Evaders ?

Today’s Times of India carries following news :

According to this report , out of 4524 prosecution cases filed in court , 75 got convicted ( 2017-18 )  !

Now , read this news :

Excerpt :

Separately, officials said, the text messages and emails were targeted at close to 1.75 crore  "potential assessees"  of which 1.07 crore have voluntarily filed returns so far. 

That means , some 70 lakh have not responded to the notices served by IT dept !

Or, maybe these 70 lakh replied as per “ draft “ in my following suggestion :

IT Notice : What will it say ?  (  06  Jan  2017  )

01       May  2018
    www.hemenparekh.in / blogs

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Not Funds : They need Freedom

DNA ( 01 March ) carries following news :

The government has identified 12 service sectors for promoting their development and realising their potential for job creation and GDP generation. It has also decided on an investment of Rs 5,000 crore in the identified sectors to develop them.

Cabinet approved the proposal by the Department of Commerce on Wednesday to give attention to the 12 areas being termed as champion services sectors. This move is aimed at generating 50-75 lakh jobs by the year 2022.

These sectors are Information Technology & Information Technology enabled Services (IT & ITeS), Tourism and Hospitality Services, Medical Value Travel, Transport and Logistics Services, Accounting and Finance Services, Audio Visual Services, Legal Services, Communication Services, Construction and Related Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Financial Services, and Education Services.

"Services sectors in India has immense employment potential. The proposal will enhance the competitiveness of India's services sectors through the implementation of focused and monitored action plans, thereby creating more jobs, contributing to a higher GDP and services export to global markets," IT and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said during the Cabinet briefing on Wednesday.

The share of India's services sector in global services exports was 3.3 per cent in 2015 as compared to 3.1 per cent in 2014. Based on this initiative, the goal is to achieve 4.2 per cent exports by 2022. The action plan has been considered keeping the GDP goals in mind.

The Cabinet has directed concerned ministries / departments to draft action plans and implement them in the days to come.

"A dedicated fund of Rs 5,000 crore has been proposed to be established to support initiatives for sectoral action plans of the Champion Sectors," a PIB statement said.


 First :

This recognition ( though somewhat , belated ) of the importance of “ Service Sectors “ in creation of jobs ( - really speaking , self employment ) , is welcome

Next :

Whereas allocation of funds do help in long term , what would kick-start this frenzy of “ Self Employment “ in SERVICE SECTOR , would be to liberate them from a plethora of regulations

Remember , a self employed just wants to find a 60 sq ft work-space ( on foot-path or in his own zopad-patti / dilapidated shack ), to set up shop ( to shave or to sell Pan-Beedi ) and get going , without having to fill up a form and find some government office , to apply for permissions !

How  ?

Please go through my following suggestions :










30  April  2018


What are “ side effects “ of Ethanol ?

Economic Times  ( 31  Jan 2018  ) carries following news :

Use of ethanol as primary fuel for running vehicles could transform the farm economy of the country, road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday.

The minister said that India has already set standards for using of ethanol and other biofuels. "We've asked the petroleum ministry to make ethanol readily available," Gadkari said while unveiling the Bajaj made three wheeler and motor bike that run on both ethanol on petrol (flexi fuel) 

"Flexible fuel will not only curb pollution but will give a huge push to the farm sector. Farmers can make ethanol from rice bran and sugarcane waste. It will be a cost effective solution and an alternate mode of income," the minister said.

He also urged Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who was present at the event, to push vehicles with flexi fuel in his state and also make farmers aware about the benefits of producing ethanol. 

No doubt , Shri Gadkari has the benefit of advice from any number of “ Experts “ on this subject

He must have himself studied the subject in depth before making above pronouncement

But it is possible that he may have overlooked the “ unintended consequence “ of large scale use of ethanol in vehicles , viz :


There are good reasons why , even the advanced / developed countries which have stringent laws on air pollution caused by vehicles, are “ turning back “ on ethanol !

I urge Shri Gadkariji to once more go through my following blogs ( sent as emails. Earlier ) :

WASTED GRAINS ?  [  09  Sept  2011  ]

Not a straightforward Answer !  [  03  Sept  2017  ]




30  April  2018

#HouseForAll #AffordableHouses

Only  a  partial  acceptance  ?

Today’s Hindustan Times carries following news :

  DP 2034 : BMC to take over selling of low-cost houses “

Highlights :

*      BMC – which is the planning authority- will fix the cost and allot these houses through a
       lottery system

*     Construction will have to be undertaken by the land owners but the civic body will be the
       final authority to fix the cost , conduct the lottery and allot these houses

*     These houses will not be sold by builders / developers in the open market

Following are excerpts from my blog / email to CM ( Maharashtra ) on 01 SEPT  2015 :


     *   Neither SPV , nor Maha Govt to pay any royalty to WinSun for
          transfer of technology

     *   Maha Govt to act as the agency for allotment of flats to eligible public
          in Maharashtra thru a " Lottery System "

     *   Selling Price of flats will be fixed by the Maharashtra Government
         once a year , based on a pre-agreed cost - escalation formula, which
         will be explained in detail on SPV web site

          Calculation of each upward revision shall be made public

     *   SPV to hand over possession of flat to the allotee upon receipt of
         full payment

     *   SPV shall not be permitted direct selling of any flat in Maharashtra

     *   SPV would be free to set up factories in other States and be free to
          sell flats built there, thru Open Market Sale

For full proposal ,read :

DREAM HOUSE BY 2020 ?  [  01  Sept  2015  ]

If it takes 2- ½ years just to come up with a “ Partial Acceptance “ of my suggestion , how long will it take to construct those 10 LAKH affordable houses ?

29  April  2018