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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Health Data Vault

Times of India reports :

Extract :

Ø  Moving towards complete digitisation of health records of all citizens, the government has mooted an ambitious plan to introduce interoperable electronic health records ( EHR ) , based on consent which will enable all citizens to access their health records within 5 clicks

Ø  The plan is part of the National Digital Health Blueprint unveiled by the Health Ministry

Ø  The key objectives include establishing and managing the core digital health data and the infrastructure required for its seamless exchange ; creating a system of personal health records based on international standards, which is easily accessible to citizens and service providers based on citizen-consent  

Ø  It also aims to use it for health data analytics and medical research


Congratulations , Dr Harsh Vardhanji,

(  Minister for Health  /  hfwminister@gov.in )

Your initiative will change the face of Health-care for our citizens

I wish to thank you for considering the following suggestions emailed ,earlier :


Extract :

     The scheme must cover,

        #    Supply of Medicines / Medical Devices ( both , preventive and curative )

        #    Delivery of Services ( Diagnostic /  Nursing  /  Hospitalization )

        #    Pregnancy / Delivery related medicines / investigations / hospitalization

        Prices for each / all of these must be fixed and published , not only on the web
        site of the Health Ministry but at ALL places where medicines or services are
        getting delivered

·         Each eligible family member to be issued a “ Ayushman Card “ ( linked to Aadhar ID )

Ayushman card will have inbuilt memory capacity to store that person’s health data from “ Cradle to Grave “ ( Privacy advocate need not worry ! )

All the Health Data of all 50 crore beneficiaries to be stored on a Central Server for BIG DATA analysis , in order to “ PredictWHO might become susceptible to WHICH ailment and WHEN

As an alternative , a GPS enabled / NFC capable Smart Phone pre-loaded with AYUSHMAN MOBILE APP , could be considered to replace the card

Ayushman Eco System shall consist of :

#    50   crore poor beneficiaries

#    All Medical Practitioners of India  ( Allopathic - Ayurvedic – Homeopathic )

#     All Medical Shops of India  ( including  E – Pharmacies  )

   #     All  Nursing Homes / Hospitals / Diagnostic Centres / Health Centres etc

   #     All Pharma Companies

   #      Health Ministry

   #       All India Medical Association

   #       All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists ( AIOCD ) 

    #       Drug Controller General of India

    #       All  Medical  Colleges /  Medical Research Centres

    #       Any other entity which I might have missed out


·         Beneficiary getting AYUSHMAN Card after authentication from nearest Health Centre

·         Beneficiary approaching any Registered Medical Practitioner ( RMP ) for ailment

·         RMP entering Diagnosis / Prescription in Mobile App ( or in Card using Card Reader )

·         Beneficiary presenting card at the premises of delivery of Medicines / Devices / Services as prescribed by RMP

·         Person delivering medicines / service , entering the details in Card and delivering service ( including no of items / unit price / GST etc )

·         Beneficiary “ sign off “ ( in Card ) for having received medicine / service

·         Person delivering service ( or medicine ) , uploading data on Central Server of Health Ministry

·         Health Ministry updating PATIENT HISTORY in the database and effecting DIGITAL PAYMENT to person delivering medicine / service [ DBT ]

·         There will be NO CASH TRANSFER to a beneficiary ( to avoid fraud / fake cases )


·     If meticulously designed and aggressively / speedily implemented as outlined above , AYUSHMAN has the potential to,

    #   Save millions of premature deaths annually

    #   Save billions of man-hours lost due to preventable illnesses

    #   Bring down the cost of Healthcare / Medicines / Services

    #   Vastly improve the quality of life for 50 crore persons

    #   Invigorate many industries and generate huge employment

    #   Enable BJP to return to 2019 Lok Sabha with 400 + seats


Ayushman Bharat : Think Big  [  23  Sept  2018  ]  

Extract  :


What is in it for Ayushman Bharat  ?

Consider this :

·         Doctor takes the readings of the patient using these internet connected devices

·         Devices transmit these data to the smart phones of both , the doctor and the patient

·         These phones transmit these data to the Central Health Care Server of Ayushman Bharat
          and update the LIFE TIME MEDICAL HISTORY of that person

·         This history can be accessed only by the “ Authorised “ health centres / hospitals /
          nursing homes , which are official partners of the Ayushman Bharat scheme

Imagine all the Medical Devices ( including ECG / EEG / PET Scan ,  located in private clinics / health centers / hospitals / nursing homes / Path labs / Diagnostic centers  etc ), transmitting to a Central Server ,

·         medical diagnosis

·         treatment

·         administered drugs

·         surgical procedures  

for all 50 crore citizens covered by this scheme

And imagine such petabytes of health data being subjected to BIG DATA analysis using AI  !

Ayushman Bharat has the potential to usher this Health-care Revolution

When that happens , expect the AI to do the following :

·         guide your family doctor to prescribe the best-suited medicine for each member of your

·         recommend some “ preventive “ medicines before a disease manifests itself !


Personal Health History : NHS  [  11  Aug  2018  ]

Extract  :

 But some critics of the NHS say :

“ This is invasion of privacy of the citizens. Why should citizen’s Medical History get recorded in a Central Computer ? “

Those critics should be told :

“ Look , we all share our most private medical data with our family doctor . In many cases, he keeps this record in a file ( hard copy or a computer ) , and refers to it before prescribing further medication

Unknown to us – and subconsciously even to himself – that doctor mentally compares your symptoms with hundreds of similar cases he may have attended earlier for his other patients , what medicines he had prescribed for them and which / how many patients responded to which medicines and how well

At the end of a few seconds , he reaches a conclusion as to which medicine will work best for you in the present instance and prescribes it

But even the most popular / successful doctor , has no more than a few hundred patient-histories to “ recall “ mentally ( - how many can he remember over 30 years of practice ? )

NHS will change this dramatically !

It will compile “ cradle – to – grave “ medical histories of a billion Indian citizens and subject this massive data to some BIG DATA ( AI ) algorithm , which will process it in a matter of seconds and guide your family doctor to prescribe the best-suited medicine for each patient

In many cases , AI software may even be able to recommend some “ preventive “ medicines before a disease manifests itself !

And , in any case , no doctor / health centre / hospital etc will be able to access your ( individual ) personal data , without your express permission

All that they can access will be your “ anonymized / aggregated “ data


16  July  2019

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Saturday, 13 July 2019

How to launch EARTH MISSION , V.2 ?

Late to night MOON MISSION V.2 will take off and after 52 days, it will land a rover on the south pole of the moon – a first for any nation

India will become the 4th country to accomplish this very complex , unprecedented task

Thing to be proud is : 10 women Scientists will design / monitor / guide , various phases of this mission

I congratulate them . They have made all of us , mighty proud !

Here is a shining example of what our Scientists are capable of achieving if :

-   Given a TARGET

-   Provided necessary  RESOURCES

-   Left to manage entire project on their own, without so much as a phone-call from Delhi!

Could this process be duplicated ( Earth Mission V.2 ), to achieve following TARGET ?
·     With 15,000 existing Training Centres , we are currently managing to train some 10 million apprentices every year

·     For the next 4 years ( including 2019 ) , our target is to train 68 MILLION per year ( 7 times current )

·     We just don’t have funds ( or time ) for constructing 100,000 Training Centres ( 7 times current )


YES , of course !

By training workers using AR ( Augmented Reality ) headsets , as being rapidly adopted by all kinds of companies around the world

For details, read :

Highlight :

-  With the HoloLens, it’s just you and the directions,” Mr. Bouska said. He said he had picked up his first new task in about 20 minutes.

-  Perhaps no tech company, though, is more aggressive than Microsoft at pursuing so-called frontline or firstline workers, who do the actual production, sales and service work for customers.

-  Microsoft estimates that two billion frontline workers have access to fast internet connections and are, in theory, potential customers.

-In a call with investors this year, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, said selling products for firstline workers expanded the market Microsoft could tap into.

-  More than 500,000 organizations use Teams, though Microsoft doesn’t break down how many use the version designed for frontline workers. That version can sync with programs that schedule workers, letting them swap shifts, or only send messages to people working at a particular time
On 08  Feb 2019 , I wrote :

Extract :

     Transform millions of  MSME  into “ Skill Training Centres 

         -   Deliver online Training Courses for development of various skills through the
              Computer provided by the Labor Ministry for implementation of MaanDhan

         -   Some of these may be VR based training, requiring VR headsets ( to be provided
              FREE to MSME by this Ministry ) .

             These can be used not only by the apprentices, but also by the MSME’s own

         -   As an incentive / motivation for the MSME to undertake to train at least 2
              apprentices per year ( under the Apprentice Act ) , following may be considered :

          -   Government subsidizing the stipend payable to the trainees by 50 %

          -  No obligation to absorb the trainees after completion of training

     Convert every existing establishment ( factory / office / shop / open yard  ) into a Training Centre

·     Remove all restrictions as outlined in my above-mentioned suggestions

·     Enable the unemployed youth ( 12 million / year ) to acquire online training from their homes , using government-gifted VR headsets [ much cheaper than granting Unemployment Allowance of Rs 3000 pm ( Rajasthan ) / Rs 1000 ( Andhra ) / many other States )

·     Subsidize Start Ups ( operating in the field of online Education ) to develop VR based training modules

Dear Shri Dharmendra Pradhanji ,

min.sde@nic.in )


The very first point in his 10 point VISION STATEMENT for India , Shri Modi has listed :

“ Build physical and social infrastructure for a $ 10 trillion economy “

And building that “ Social Infrastructure “ means , training 68 million youth every year

I believe , my above-mentioned suggestions will go a long way to achieve that



Dear Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangiji ( Minister for MSME ),

Training / Skilling / Re-Skilling, of 68 million youth , EVERY YEAR , needs the same approach as MOON MISSION  V.2

Leave the project to the Scientists / Technocrats / Engineers and keep your hands off !

Email sent to :

14  July  2019
Rsvp :  hcp@RecruitGuru.com