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27 June 2013

Monday, 31 December 2018

Mukesh has the last laugh !

A few days back , Commerce Ministry announced FDI norms / guidelines in relation to E Commerce

This was done, even as DRAFT of the new E Commerce Policy is yet to be released ( - a “ work in process “ for past 2 years )

Briefly ,  it reads :

·         E-Marketplace players cannot sell products of companies in which they hold a stake. Such an ownership or control over the inventory will render the business ( market-based model ), into an “ Inventory-based “ model

·         Inventory of a vendor will deemed to be controlled by an e-commerce marketplace entity if more than 25 % of purchases of such a vendor are from the “ marketplace entity “ or its group companies

·         E-commerce marketplaces to furnish certificate and report of statutory auditor annually to RBI confirming compliance

·         E-commerce marketplaces are allowed to support services to sellers, such as






·         E-Commerce companies with foreign funds have to compulsorily operate as a “ marketplace “, as FDI is allowed only in such models, and not in “ inventory-based “ ones

[  Under an “ Inventory-based “ model, companies can sell their “ own “ items , whereas in a “ marketplace “ model, they can only serve as the link between buyers and vendors  ]

·         E-commerce “ marketplace “ entity should not mandate any vendor to sell any product exclusively on its platform



·         What is the E-Commerce “ model “ of  Reliance Retail [  RR  ]-

Is it a “ Marketplace “ model or an “ Inventory-based “ model ?

Ask Mukesh Ambani and very disarmingly , he will say :

“ Oh , ours is a “ Hybrid Model “ and therefore it is outside the purview of the guidelines / norms just announced

It makes us “ F-Commerce “ – short for FUTURE of COMMERCE 

F-Commerce for the following reasons :

[As envisaged in :


All of your merchandize will be available for selection / ordering on our ONLINE web portal 

This online presence of your merchandize will expand / extend your " reach " to thousands of consumers in your neighbourhood

You will need to only focus on OFFLINE ( across-the-counter ) sales to consumers who walk into your store

For OFFLINE sales , we will install in your stores , all the necessary Computers / POS terminals / Routers / Internet Connections / Mobile Wallet Payment systems and an end-to-end , RETAIL MANAGEMENT software 

All of your OFFLINE sales data will get transferred to our Central Server


We will deliver to your store , all merchandize on " Consignment " basis

This means , you do NOT need to pay us for what we deliver to you store !

Till sold , all goods in your store will be our " stock "

This way , you do NOT need any " Working Capital " as far as your stocks are concerned 

We will also tie-up with the manufacturers

You don't need to have any interaction / dealing with the manufacturers


On a continuous basis , our web server will keep a track of each and every item of merchandize sold from your stores

Our Server will calculate , your " Stock Movement " 

Based on this data , our Server will compute / set for each item :

#   Minimum Stock Level

#   Alarm Stock Level

#   Stock Re-Order Level

#   Re-Order Quantity ( Minimum Batch Size ) 

Based on this logic , our Server will instruct the relevant " Merchandize Manufacturers " ( or their dealers / stockists ) , to deliver the stipulated " Re-Order Quantities " to your stores

A " Re-Order Instruction intimation " , will get delivered to your computer

Upon arrival , you will need to update the data

From time to time , our Software will also figure out your current stocks of " Extremely Slow Moving " and " Obsolete / Expired " items , and arrange for " Return Delivery " , which you will need to enter in your database


Not only we will deliver the merchandize to your store , but we will also pick up " Ordered Items " ( for ONLINE orders only ) , from your store and deliver the same to your customers  !

Initially we will employ manual " Delivery Persons " for this but , before long , we will deploy a fleet of autonomous DRONES for this purpose 

This fleet will cover " Kirana Stores " and " Online Customers " , located in pre-designated areas , covering 4 sq km ( 2 km x 2 km )

We are in talk with www.What3Words.com , to enable precise delivery through your 10th floor window  !

These drones will get their " Delivery Instructions " directly from our Web Server , for all ONLINE orders

When these drones arrive at your Store to pick up the items ( to be delivered ) , they will transfer ( Blue Tooth / NFC ) and display on your Computer screen , following data :

#  Online Order Number / time / date

#  Items covered with description / value of each

#  Customer Name / Address 

#  Mode of Online Payment / Bank Details

#  Your online account CREDIT details , giving,

     ( Sales Value ) - ( Purchase Price )  

    " Purchase Price " of goods in your stock will be
     based on FIFO method


As explained earlier , you will have a bare minimum need for " Working Capital " , since all of your stock will be on " Consignment " basis

We will collect the " ONLINE  PAYMENTS " directly from the customers and " Credit " the same to your " online sales account " with us

Against same account , we will " Debit " the " purchase price " ( price at which you purchase the merchandize from Reliance ) of the goods sold

Our server will also take care of all GST payments and filing of GST returns

As far as OFFLINE sales is concerned , all the data captured through POS terminal will get transferred to our Central Server


Not only will we carry out all marketing for your ONLINE sales , we will help you with your OFFLINE marketing , through introduction of the following technology-enhanced features :

#   Arranging a better display of merchandize on your shelves / re-arranging of shelves

#  Introducing Augmented Reality ( AR ) for clothes / fashion goods in " Trial Rooms " for giving the customers , an experience of " touch - feel - looks "

#   Introducing Robots to answer customer inquiries

#   Eliminating " Check Out Counters " , based on " Payments through Bio-metric Recognition " of customers

#   Embedding RFID sensors in each item of merchandize and RFID readers embedded in Shopping Carts

#   Improving your window display thru rotation

#   Introducing music

#  Eventually replacing " Physical " merchandize with " Holographic Display " of merchandize on your store shelves !


Apparently , Mukesh seems to have come up with his “ F-Commerce “ model , after reading the following :

[ source :

E- Commerce and Foreign Direct Investment " are the " Special Theory of ECONOMY " , whereas " Commerce and Investment " are the " General Theory of ECONOMY "

The best that the Committee can recommend is adoption of the following ,

Parekh's , " 3  Laws of E-Commerce Economy " 

- to be incorporated as 123rd Constitutional Amendment

( with apologies to Isaac Asimov's 3 Laws of Robotics ! ) :

LAW  #  1 :

Asimov :

   A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

Parekh :

Rules / Regulations of E-Commerce shall not come in the way of unfettered creation of SELF EMPLOYMENT
 Any existing Law / Rule / Regulation that hinders a person to become Self Employed, shall be treated as ultravires

Further , any Law / Regulation of " E-Commerce / FDI " which slows down Investment ( Foreign or Local / Official or through channeling of BLACK MONEY ), shall be treated as " bad in law " and struck down

LAW  # 2

Asimov :

   A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

   Parekh :

   Laws / Regulations governing " E-Commerce / FDI " shall be subservient to Laws / Regulations governing " Commerce / Investment " .

   Whenever any Public Authority / Court finds conflict between the two ,  laws / regulations governing " Commerce/ Investments " , shall prevail under all circumstances , and in favor of the self employed

     LAW  #  3

     Asimov :   

   A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

   Parekh :

   Laws / Regulations of " E-Commerce / FDI " which get over-ruled under LAW # 2 , shall immediately " Self Destruct " in favor of unobstructed progress of TECHNOLOGIAL ADVANCES



01    Jan  2019

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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Start Up ! Make a Difference !

Today’s Business Today carries following news report :

Highlights  :

·         There are about 80 lakh blind or visually impaired people in the country, who are likely to benefit from the initiative of the central bank.

·         The device/mechanism should be able to identify the denomination of a banknote with handheld operation, when the banknote is held in front of it / near it / inserted in it / scrolled across it, within a few seconds (preferably 2 seconds or less) and read out in English/Hindi the denomination, said the tender document.

·         In case of a software-based solution, the document said: "The solution can be either total software based capable to run on mobile phones or hardware driven or a combination of both... ."

·         Also, it should not require a data connection and should function in offline mode, as per the document.

·         In the case of a hardware-based solution, the device "should be battery operated, rechargeable, small and handy" for ease of operation and should not require additional light source including daylight

·         The tender document also said it should be amply made clear to the user that the device/mechanism does not authenticate the genuineness or otherwise of the banknote and the user may ascertain the same separately.


Dear Start Up :

Here is your opportunity of a lifetime . Carpe  Diem  !

On 17 July 2016 , I had sent following email to Cabinet Ministers / NITI Aayog etc – although it was in the context of the menace of fake notes :

Fak - e - Mon 

Highlights :

·         Govt to develop a mobile app , to be aptly called , " Fak-e-Mon " and insist its pre-install on all smart phones

·         Whenever presented with a Rs 500 / 1000 note for payment , a citizen simply takes a photo of that note with his mobile . He has to do nothing more !

·         Fak-e-Mon transmits that photo to the Central Server of the Treasury which has the MASTER DATABASE of  those unique Serial Numbers of Rs 500 / 1000 currency notes

·         Software compares the Serial Number sent ( as photo )  with the Database and determines whether that note is Genuine or Fake

·         This information is instantaneously relayed back to the sender and appears as a GREEN dot ( for genuine note ) or RED dot ( for fake note ) , on his mobile , so that he can refuse to honour it !

·         Fak-e-Mon also transmits the GPS location of the place of transaction , to figure out " where " are these fake notes entering the circulation

·         Central Server records / logs , full details of ALL the good and ALL the fake notes processed through each Fak-e- Mon / mobile phone , to develop CURRENCY VELOCITY and CURRENCY MAP of India

·         Just print those unique / hidden Serial Numbers on currency notes with INK containing RFID micro-sensors

     ( Yes , these are nano-scale , so no problem to flow with ink ! )

·         Then tell millions of unemployed young Indians :

     "Go out on the streets of your city with your GPS / NFC enabled and Fak-e-Mon
      installed smart phones

          As you keep walking , now and then , on your mobile's screen , you will see images
          of FAKE currency notes popping up , out of the pockets of total strangers ! Just touch

          those images and earn Rs 10 !

         (of course, instantly deposited in your Jan Dhan Bank Account ! Only DBT - no cash )

·         Pokemon is so passe !  Fak-e-mon is THE FUTURE !

     Is anyone listening ?


Dear Start Up,

In the 30 months since I sent this email , technology has made huge strides ( AI – ML – Big Data etc )

It should not be too difficult for you to modify my suggestion so that :

#   It is useful , not only for blind persons but also for seeing persons

#   It recognizes the “ Denomination “ ( from Serial Number ) and loudly announces it

#   It need not be used / activated “ consciously / deliberately “ by any one.  Using
     BlueTooth / NFC , it  will “ figure out “ the total number of high denomination notes
     on the person of the user and relay that data to the central server of IT Dept / ED
     etc  [  End of BLACK  MONEY  / CORRUPTION  ]

    To know how this technology works , read :

           To Catch Black Money , Ask Google ?         [  13  Dec  2016  ]


31  Dec  2018

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