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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

To Catch Black Money , Ask Google ?

For over a year , I have been sending emails to NDA ministers / Secretaries / MPs / MLAs etc , to persuade them to come out with NEW PLASTIC notes ( Rs 500 / 1000 ) , which are embedded with RFID micro-chips ( thinner than human hair and costing 30 paise each )

This simple / cheap innovation , based on GPS / IoT / IndiaStack based technology platform, will then enable IT / ED departments to visualize on their mobiles / tablets / desk-tops , any accumulation of ( say ) , 1000 notes of Rs 2,000 denomination, in an area of ( say ) one square meter, anywhere in India !

Then , there will be no place for any such ACCUMULATION / CONCENTRATION , to hide !

Now I suggest another ALTERNATIVE where Google can help IT / ED to locate such hoards of BLACK MONEY

Scientists at MIT ( including NRI , Ramesh Raskar  /  email = raskar@mit.edu ), have developed a TERAHERTZ CAMERA that can " read pages of a book, without opening the book "

If our Policy Makers were to request Google , to modify its Mobile Operating System ( ANDROID ) , in such a way that it converts cameras built into any Smart Phone , into TERAHERTZ CAMERAS , our problem gets solved !

And all that RBI has to do , is to provide to Google , the Serial Numbers of ALL of our NEW , high denomination notes , for storing in Google Cloud Database

Now , this TERAHERTZ CAMERA of an ANDROID based smart phone ( some 80 % of smart phones are Android-based ) lying in my pocket, will " read " the Serial Numbers of all currency notes ( also lying in my pocket ), compare each with the Google Cloud Database , compute the TOTAL VALUE of the high currency notes in my pocket and send an ALERT to IT / ED departments !

But then, rarely a huge amount of the HIGH DENOMINATION notes , are carried in shirt / pant pockets

These are lying in steel cabinets at home or in bank lockers

There is NO technical problem in equipping these Cabinets / Lockers with small internet connected and GPS enabled , TERAHERTZ CAMERAS , talking to IT / ED departments !

Of course , embedding Rs 500 / 2000 notes with RFID sensors has other advantage of being able to DETECT any large amount of Rs 500 / 1000 notes getting transported in any vehicle

NDA government has already " mandated " , Indian Automobile Manufacturers to install RFID chips into all vehicles ( from 2018 ) , so that these vehicles do not need to stop at toll nakas and that the toll gets collected automatically.

So , those RFID chips built into the vehicles ( for toll purpose ) can also be configured to talk to the chips embedded into the notes being transported and alert the IT / ED !

And what is the difficulty for the government to mandate all manufacturers of STEEL CABINETS / BANK LOCKERS , to pre-install RFID chips in their products ?

When it comes to catching the BLACK MONEY hoarders , leave no stone unturned !

A report from LIVESCIENCE ( http://www.livescience.com/56054-new-tech-could-read-closed-books.html )  describes this technology as follows :

Using technology akin to X-ray vision, scientists can read CLOSED  books, identifying letters printed on stacks of paper ......
The researchers used a TERAHERTZ camera to scan a STACK of card-size, 300-micron-thick sheets of paper. Each had a single letter about 0.3 inches (8 millimeters) wide written on only one side in pencil or ink.
Another possibility of greater use in daily life may be "future scanners that can scan through large amounts of documents WITHOUT HAVING TO  MECHANICALLY SEPARATE  THE PAGES, which could be useful for libraries, BANKS and others," Heshmat said. " Such a future scanner wouldn't use terahertz waves, but perhaps infrared light."
Other potential industrial applications may include analyzing any materials organized in thin layers, such as layers of paint or coatings on machine parts or pharmaceuticals, Heshmat said.
The scientists detailed their findings online today (Sept. 9) in the journal Nature Communications.

It is high time we find technological solutions to the problem of elimination of Black Money , where there is no scope for human interpretation / intervention / influence !

I have no doubt , Minister for IT , Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad can get his team to implement these solutions , within 3 months


14  Dec  2016

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