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27 June 2013

Friday, 30 December 2016

When BHIM is here, can ARJUN be far away ?

Yesterday , PM Shri Modiji launched a Mobile Wallet App , called BHIM

He went on to say :
The country already had more than 100 crore Aadhaar holders with most of the adult population covered.

There was a time, he said, when illiterate people were called "angootha chap". But now, the thump impression would make way for a person's bank, identity and even business, he said.

 "After two weeks, when the new (Aadhaar-based) system will be launched, BHIM will be the BIGGEST WONDER OF THE WORLD," Modi said. 



However, in our tests we found that while money sent to UPI addresses with a mobile number worked seamlessly, all attempts to transact with a custom UPI address couldn't get through. Also the transactions don't happen as fast as they claim.

There have been reports of app freezes and "device binding failed" errors. Some users say their back button don't work.

Even though for an app that has just been launched, some of the processes - such as verifying an user or making a payment - took us much longer than expected. Also the lack of on-screen confirmations confuses. All messaging happens as notifications, which adds additional steps and also increases the chances of a users failing to notice them.


The USP of the app is its simplicity and it might make cashless payments more appealing for more people if the little creases are ironed out soon.


Dear Shri Narendrabhai :

No doubt , this is a great initiative which will help citizens to migrate to DIGITAL PAYMENTS

But , if BHIM has to obsolete Credit- Debit cards / Card Swiping Machines / Point
 of Sales ( PoS ) machines / ATMs etc , and truly become THE BIGGEST
 WONDER OF THE WORLD, then it would have to be SPEECH ENABLED , as
 suggested in my following email :

Friday, 9 December 2016

Google Can Read Your Mind ?

May be not yet , but it can most certainly read every blog and every email !

And even take " ACTIONS " , if it contains any useful suggestion

In my blog ( sent as email to NDA Ministers / Secretaries etc,  on 02 Dec 2016  ) , I wrote :


Dear Shri Amitabh Kant :

There is no doubt , you will encourage PRIVATE SECTOR players to launch Mobile Wallet apps

But you have this opportunity to SIMPLIFY the use of Mobile Wallet Apps - the use , which appears " daunting " to rural folks

Here is how :

*  Based on UPI / Indiastack , come out ( in next 6 days ? ) , with M-Rup ( RuPay based 
   mobile app , linked to Jan Dhan A/c and to Aadhar Biometric verification of the user )

*  Citizen can download M-Rup ( whether on Smart phone or on feature phone ) ,from
   Google App store 

*  M-Rup can be activated only after user enters his Jan Dhan A/c number / his Aadhar

   Card number and his Mobile number , in the App

*  At the time of " Activation ", let the M-Rup wallet get filled up with Rs 100 ( as a freebie )

*  This initial loading of M-Rup with Rs 100, to happen, even if the user has no Jan Dhan a/c

*  This initial loading will enable the users to " experiment " transferring or receiving digital
   money ( even between friends , none of whom have Jan Dhan accounts !). Make it FUN !

I am sure , you will say :

" How does this make M-Rup any DIFFERENT from any other Mobile Wallet app ? 

  Where is that SIMLIFICATION of use ? "


Dear Shri Amitabh :

Like you ( and of course , Shri Modiji ) , I have a great faith in the ability of Indian software engineers ( local or NRI ) to come up with revolutionary solutions / innovations !

Just ask Sundar Pichai , Sam Pitroda , Satya Nadela , Sachin Katti , Pranav Mistry , Sanjay Sarma , Nandan Nilekani etc , if they will help implement the following :

*  Buyer  buys something worth Rs 100 from a shopkeeper

*  Buyer and the Seller , look into their own mobile-cameras ( of  smart phones
   loaded with M-Rup ) for biometric Aadhar identification / linked to Jan Dhan a/c 

*  Seller speaks in his mobile : " Muze Sau Rupiah dedo "

*  Buyer speaks in his mobile : " Inko Sau Rupiah dedo "

*  Message flashes in the mobile screen of Seller : " Tumhare account-me Sau Rupiah
   Jamah ho gaya / GST bhi kaat ke Sarkar-ko bhej diya "

*  Message flashes in the mobile screen of Buyer : " Tumhare account-se , Sau Rupiah inko
   Bhej Diya . Abhi balance me teen sau sath rupiah bacha hai "

I request all concerned , not to insult our engineers / scientists / geeks , by doubting if such SIMPLIFICATION ( based on day to day spoken language ) is possible

Doubting Thomas may want to look up ... PILOT   

{  http://www.waverlylabs.com/  }

This is the only way rural India can bypass the Jurassic Age of Plastic Cards to usher into a CASH-LESS society !


Dear  Shri  Amitabh  Kant  :

While congratulating you - and your entire team of dedicated professionals - I request you , not to stop with launch of AEPS mobile app

Please, do come up with a version which enables millions of not-so-savvy Indians to just give a " Voice based Instructions " to AEPS app , for all of their Digital Payment transactions, in language of their choice


Question :  Did Sundar Pichai ( Google )  read this email ?

Answer   :

Absolutely ! In case of doubt , read following news appearing in today's ( 09 Dec 2016 ) , Hindustan Times :


Internet giant Google on Thursday said it was bringing Google Actions to its powerful artificial intelligence platform, Google Assistant

Called Actions on Google, the development interface will allow companies to integrate direct actions or directly embed the Google Assistant in a range of devices....

" Coming soon : Build Conversation Actions using API.AI and other tools ", the web site said

" The bot landscape has grown exponentially in the past year , enabling a world where intelligent , conversational interfaces will be all around us : at work, at home, on everyone of our devices and appliances " , Beerud Sheth , CEO ,Gupshup said

In view of the ongoing shift to CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS , banks and NBFCs can take advantage of the move to build  INTERACTIVE  VOICE-DRIVEN  apps


Besides Google , I hope members of the Chief Ministers' Committee appointed to advise the government on DIGITAL PAYMENTS , will read this email  - then call up Beerud Sheth on,


31  Dec  2016

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