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27 June 2013

Monday, 5 December 2016

Message from Moradabad ?

NDTV.com ( 03 Dec 2016 ) , carries news report titled :

" Your Phone Is Your Wallet, Says PM Narendra Modi In Moradabad "

The report quotes Shri Modiji to have said at a rally :


" If we can give power to the poor, poverty can end tomorrow. This is my country's strength, the poor don't beg, they give.

The rich are now pleading the poor. They say, the kids are grown up now. You have been so nice to us. Why don't you deposit my 2-3 lakhs in your Jan Dhan account.

The powerful, the honest are queuing outside banks. The rich are secretly queuing up outside the houses of poor, requesting them to deposit their money in their Jan Dhan accounts.

Whoever's money you have put in your accounts, don't withdraw a penny. See how they will make rounds of your houses. Plead you. Fall at your feet.

If someone threatens you, say do not, or else I would write a letter to Modi.

Promise me that you will not withdraw and give that money. If you don't, I promise I will find a way. A way to send these people to prisons and the money to your houses. "


I have no doubt that those listening to Shri Modi , got the message , loud and clear !

Those listeners are unlikely to be waiting for Shri Modi till he " finds a way " to send money to their houses, not knowing how long that might take !

Those Jan Dhan account holders ( out of a total of 25.78 crore , including those 4 lakh NEW accounts that got opened in past 27 days ) , who deposited the Black Money of those " rich " into their Jan Dhan accounts , have started asking of themselves :

"  If and when , RBI allows me to withdraw the entire deposit , that " rich " man will give me only 25 %  as my commission , even as I run the risk of being put behind the bars for 7 years , under the new BENAMI Act

On the other hand , Shri Modiji is clearly " hinting " that I should declare this deposit as MY OWN  UNDISCLOSED  INCOME , pay 50 % tax , keep 25 % for immediate personal use and get another 25 % after for 4 years , locked up in Gareeb Kalyan Yojana

In long term, Shri Modiji is giving me 50 % against rich man's 25 % !

And 25 % of the deposit becomes MINE , right now , officially , legally and without going to jail  !

And  that " rich " guy dare not threaten me , because if he does , I can report him to the IT dept / Enforcement Directorate "

Dear Shri Narendrabhai :

Please , ensure that the IT / ED too , interpret your " Message " as you have intended !

If they do , there is a good chance that , out of those Rs 28,685 cr deposited in Jan Dhan accounts since 09 Nov , Govt will get

#   Rs 14,000 cr by way of taxes , right away

#   Rs  7,000 cr in Gareeb Kalyan Yojana bonds

and , you will be " sending to the houses of those poor " , Rs 7,000 crores !


06  Dec  2016

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