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27 June 2013

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Fak - e - Mon

In India , fake / counterfeit money , is a big problem , with hundreds of crores worth of fake currency notes ( mainly Rs 500 / 1000 ) , in circulation

In 2015 alone , 632,000 pieces of fake notes were seized ( may be 5 % of those in circulation )

Bank branches do have table-top machines to detect fake notes but for ordinary citizens , it is next to impossible to figure out whether a note is fake or genuine , despite introduction of some security features recently

Is it possible to enable ordinary citizens to detect a " forged / fake " note, in matter of seconds in a foolproof way ?

Yes . By taking cue from Shri Narendra Modiji's JAM ( Jan Dhan - Aadhar - Mobile )

Here is how :

#  A secret / hidden / unique Serial Number , to be embedded / printed, in the images of all Rs 500 / 1000
    currency notes, using Steganography ( art of " hiding in plain sight " ) . This could be IP V 6.0 URL number

#  Govt to develop a mobile app , to be aptly called , " Fak-e-Mon " and insist its pre-install on all smart phones

#  Fak-e-Mon can also be downloaded from Android / Apple Stores

#  Fak-e-Mon can be activated by the phone-owner , only after entering his ,
    *  Jan Dhan account number ( J ) /   Aadhar Number ( A ) /    Mobile Number ( M )

#  Whenever presented with a Rs 500 / 1000 note for payment , a citizen simply takes a photo of that note with
    his mobile . He has to do nothing more !

#  Fak-e-Mon transmits that photo to the Central Server of the Treasury which has the MASTER DATABASE of
    those unique Serial Numbers of Rs 500 / 1000 currency notes . Software compares the Serial Number sent ( as
    photo )  with the Database and determines whether that note is Genuine or Fake

#  This information is instantaneously relayed back to the sender and appears as a GREEN dot ( for genuine note )
    or RED dot ( for fake note ) , on his mobile , so that he can refuse to honour it !

    Fak-e-Mon also transmits the GPS location of the place of transaction , to figure out " where " are these fake
    notes entering the circulation

#  Central Server records / logs , full details of ALL the good and ALL the fake notes processed through each Fak-e-
    Mon / mobile phone , to develop CURRENCY VELOCITY and CURRENCY MAP of India

Why would ordinary citizens take the trouble of using Fak-e-Mon ?

Sure , so that he does not get stuck with " fake " notes which no one accepts

Good incentive , but not enough !

But tell him the following and see what happens !

" Dear Citizen :

  Every time , your phone / Fak-e-Mon , transmits ( to the Central Server ) , an image of a FAKE currency note ,
  your Jan Dhan Bank Account will get credited as follows :

  *  Rs 5 / - for detecting / catching a Rs 500 fake note

  *  Rs 10 / for detecting / catching a Rs 1000 fake note

Still not good enough ? No problem

Just print those unique / hidden Serial Numbers on currency notes with INK containing RFID micro-sensors

( Yes , these are nano-scale , so no problem to flow with ink ! )
Then tell millions of unemployed young Indians :

"  Go out on the streets of your city with your GPS / NFC enabled and Fak-e-Mon installed smart phones

      As you keep walking , now and then , on your mobile's screen , you will see images of FAKE currency notes
   popping up , out of the pockets of total strangers ! Just touch those images and earn Rs 10 !
  ( of course, instantly deposited in your Jan Dhan Bank Account ! Only DBT - no cash ! " )

Pokemon is so passe ! Fak-e-mon is THE FUTURE !

Is anyone listening ?


18  July  2016

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