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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The March of Algorithms

The following news appeared in Times of India ( 06 July , 2016 ) :

 In a bid to improve the quality of data service for Indian mobile users, telecom regulator Trai has launched an application to help consumers check real-time internet speed on their handsets and report the same to the regulator.

" Through the application (Trai Myspeed app), we will get real-time data from customers. This will be put on Trai Analytics Portal. It will show mobile data speed of each operator in a given area on a real-time basis," Trai chairman R S Sharma said here.

Remember , what George Orville predicted in his book , " 1984 " ?

No matter where you go , the BIG BROTHER ( the Establishment ) will be watching you - and will know exactly, what you are doing / saying , through ubiquitous CCTV cameras

This prediction is gradually being realized in a few cities of the World - with still , a long way to go

But can you believe that the arrival of TraiMyspeed App , opens up the possibility of eliminating the scourge of BLACK MONEY ?

Consider the following :

#  For over a year now , I have been advocating replacing paper notes of Rs 500 / 1000 , and replacing these with
    plastic notes with embedded RFID micro-sensor ( thinner than a human hair ) and each note assigned a unique
    IP V 6.0 URL address , linked to its own unique printed Serial Number

    This sensor will announce its physical location to the Central Servers of IT / ED departments , thru Internet ,
    where , any accumulation of ( say ) Rs ONE CRORE worth of these notes in an area of 1 Sq Meter , will show
    up as a TAG CLOUD !

That was old hat !

Version 2.0 of that suggestion stands modified as follows :

#  Every man carries currency notes in a wallet kept in his pocket , with his mobile in another pocket ( - a lady
    carries her mobile as well as cash in her purse , in closer proximity with each other )

#  RFID embedded currency notes and the mobile , are both connected to the internet ( Internet of Things ? ),
    capable of exchanging data about their GPS location ( among other data )

#  Mobile will count the Number of all those high denomination currency notes and add up their total value

#  Mobile will transfer this DATA to the Central Servers of IT / ED ( much like TryMyspeed app ) - total value , as
    well as Serial Numbers of each and every high denomination notes ( linked to specific Mobile Number )

#  During CASH transactions , a Rs 1000 currency note moves from pocket of Mr A, to the pocket of Mr B

#  And the Mobile of Mr B , will now tell the Central Server : I just received a Rs 1000 note , bearing Serial No
    9GP 487136

#  That would enable the Central Servers to keep track of EACH and EVERY note , as it moves from one person to
     another ! And the Velocity with which a given note is changing hands ( pockets ) !

Of course , I know that this suggestion will be summarily thrown out as an Invasion of Privacy !

In 1999, Sun Microsystems' then-CEO, Scott McNealy , infamously declared,

“ You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it ”

There is no way , any Government will be able to " Arrest the March of Algorithms "

Day is not far when Algorithm ( AI ) will become ,


There is no use fighting !

06  July  2016

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