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Unlimited Power : and round the clock ?

Most countries have National Power Grids , which ferry power across the country , from one region to another , depending upon regional demands and the power generating capacities of its power stations located in power-surplus / power-deficient regions

I believe , in EU , countries export and import power across national borders , using international transmission grid

But imagine if it was possible to export / import power , to and from , anywhere in the World , using a World Power Grid !

Then imagine this :

Sun is shining on some or other part of the World , during its local day-time

Nearly 20 % of the World's surface is receiving Solar Energy , at all times , including on vast tracts of sea / desert / forests or other un-inhabited regions , where there is no local demand / consumption of power

Installing Solar Power generating panels in such regions can generate , a huge amount of power

And , without bothering to " store " such power into storage batteries , it can be exported to other regions of the World , which are facing night and have no capacity to " store " whatever solar power it may have produced during its own day-time

All this can happen if we have a World Power Grid ! A power-sharing eco-system for the entire World !

In that case , all through 24 hours , regions in daylight will keep generating solar power and keep exporting to regions under night sky - without bothering to store !

Of course , there will be many practical / technical problems to be faced - and solved

But if a person in a dark / remote corner of the Earth can make his voice reach , another corner of the Earth , travelling through a complex network of dozens of Telephone Service Providers ( Landline as well as Mobile ) , strung over thousands of kilometers , then transmitting Solar Power across the World , is entirely feasible

When we make a phone-call across the World , we do not know , through how many local networks it travels or whether it travels over land or under the oceans or through the air !

And , not only it travels fast but the networks concerned ( through which that call travels ) , have figured out and also agreed on how much of the revenue generated , each service provider will share , and instantaneously too !
All automatically , without human intervention !

World's problem of fossil fuel pollution causing climate changes ( and consequent devastation ) , is solvable

Provided our politicians stop fighting ( within and across countries ) and start working for the poor  !

Fortunately for us in India , Shri Piyush Goyal ( Minister for Power ) is one such politician

His ministry ( MNRE ) is examining a proposal submitted by the Power Grid Corporation of India , to generate Solar and Wind power in the deserts of Rajasthan / Kutchh / Lahul and Spiti / Ladakh

These deserts have , between them , the potential to generate 315.7 GW of Solar plus Wind power !

And when this becomes a reality , sun shining over Ladakh will light up a lamp in Andaman-Nikobar islands !

For the entire project , the investments envisaged are :

#  By   2022............. Rs  2    lakh*crore

#  By   2032..............Rs  16  lakh*crore

#  By   2050...........   Rs  43  lakh*crore

Now , if Shri Goyal is worried where and how to find these huge funds , he may want to look up my following email, sent to him on   01  Oct  2015  :



In my blog of 18th Sept , I had estimated BLACK MONEY disclosure of ( may be ) , Rs 40,000 crores , under

Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets Act - 2015

That would have netted Government , Rs 24,000 Cr by way of tax / penalty

I was way off the mark !

The 3 month opportunity window closed two days back , with a disclosure of Rs 3770 cr , by 638 persons , netting Govt Rs 2262 cr  !

Quite like , " Digging the Mountain to find the Mouse "

Now , some knowledgeable persons / organizations have estimated that the amount of BLACK MONEY stashed away domestically , could be close to, Rs 25 Lakh*Crores !

But then , man-on-the-street guesses that to be Rs 100 Lakh*Crores  !

Time and again , that common man have proved the pundits wrong !

I suppose , the common man knew all along that half-hearted amnesty schemes are bound to fail , as in the past

But pundits refuse to learn from their past mistakes  !

They refuse to recognize that nowhere in the World , any Government has succeeded at any time to legislate the GREED away !

And the common man fails to understand why NDA government is hesitating to harness the unlimited power of SUN - the almighty SUN of GREED

By :

*    Abolishing Personal Income Tax ( source of the DARKNESS of

*    Stop asking any questions as to the " Source " for all cash deposits
      made into bank accounts opened under Jan Dhan Yojana

*    Levy a Bank Transaction Tax ( BTT ) of 2 % to yield revenue of
      Rs 15 lakh*crores , which would be 5 times the loss of revenue due to
      abolition of Personal Income Tax

*    Encourage deposits made into Jan Dhan bank accounts to be invested in
      SOLAR POWER SPV Farms , by direct depositing of income derived (
      from sale of electricity to DISCOMs ) into those bank accounts

NDA is planning to harness 100 GW of Solar Power by 2020

If above-mentioned suggestion is implemented , India could harness ,

1000 GW of Solar Power by 2020 !

Just imagine what that could do to GDP / SELF-EMPLOYMENT / CLIMATE

Let us harness  GREED  to make India  GREAT  !


30  July  2016 / blogs

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