Saturday, 24 June 2017

Will Chatbots take away Jobs ?

No one knows for sure but there are strong indications that , much sooner than we would like to think , CHATBOTS may replace some humans , in SERVICE SECTORS where ROBOTS are unlikely to appear anytime soon

For example :

·         Hotels / Hospitality

·         BPO / Call Centres

·         Customer Support

·         Public Relations

·         Advertising / Branding

·         E Commerce

·         Online Trading…etc


I think they can !

For example in the Service Sector of  “ Online Recruitment / Job Portals

Some 3.5 million students graduate from our Colleges , every year

But no more than ONE MILLION get “ interviewed “ by Recruiters , either Online or Offline !

Rest do not even get an interview call !

Simply because HUMAN recruitment managers / interviewers , in the large organized sector , just do NOT have time to interview 3.5 million jobseekers and evaluate their “ suitability

And owners of 40 million MSME just do not have the INTERVIEWING SKILLS or INTERVIEW TOOLS , for evaluating hundreds of candidates , for just one or two vacancies

Nor can they call these graduates for personal / face – to – face , interview , for the following reasons :

·         They don’t know where are the “ suitable “ candidates and how to contact them

·         They do not have funds to reimburse these candidates for travel expenses

But there is a way out !

In the form of a INTERVIEW BOT ( to be hosted by National Career portal ? )

Since all of those graduating 3.5 million have smart phones , they can download the INTERVIEW BOT , appear for an INTERVIEW ( Skype / WhatsApp / Google Duo ) on their mobile and record ( audio / video ) their answers ( to questions being asked by the INTERVIEW BOT , based on the Educational Qualification / Experience / Job preference / City preference / Industry preference etc of the concerned candidate )

INTERVIEW BOT will record / assess the answers and evaluate the soft skills ( expression / communicating skills ) , and assign a “ Employability Score “ ( of course for the “ Job Preference “ selected by that candidate )

[ And the beauty is : with every “ answer “ ( from millions of candidates ) , INTERVIEW BOT will continuously become smarter and smarter ! ]

A Candidate may appear for being interviewed ( by the INTERVIEW BOT of course ) for more than one “ Job Preference “ ( or even a repeat interview for the same Job Preference )

Those MSME who have registered on National Career Portal and entered their VACANCIES , will get lists of the candidates found “ suitable “by the INTERVIEW BOT ( based on some cut-off score ), along with their INTERVIEW SCORES and contact details

Just imagine the satisfaction of 3.5 million graduates that ,

·         Someone interviewed them / assessed them

·         Someone will automatically forward their details to potential employers

And the satisfaction of 40 million MSME that they can now find / appoint the most suitable candidates , without hassle !

If anyone has doubt that AUTOMATED INTERVIEWING of millions on their smart phones , using INTERVIEW BOT is possible , let him look up :

[ closer at home Rohit Taneja is moving in this direction through his portal :

And should Shri Prakash Javadekarji ( Minister , Human Resources ) or Shri Bandaru Dattatreyaji ( Minister , Labour ) were to request Beerud Sheth ( ) , he may even agree to develop such an INTERVIEW BOT for FREE , for downloading from National Career Portal !

That alone can provide to the NDA government ,

Business Line ( 13 Feb 2017 ) carried a news report titled :

“ 5 Crore jobs by 2020 : Dattatreya “

It goes on to read :
“The Centre will ensure jobs for 5 crore ( 50 million ) unemployed people in the country by 2020, according to Bandaru Dattatreya, Union Minister for Labour and Employment.

Dear Shri Bandaruji :

INTERVIEW BOT  is the only way to even think of interviewing 50 million candidates in next 3 years !

25  June  2017

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