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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

World War 3 ?

Somewhere I had read :

" I do not know how the third World War will get fought but I am sure , the fourth world war will be fought with stones "

Obvious reference was to the Nuclear Weapons which , if employed in World War 3 , would totally destroy the civilization as known to us and leave behind a heap of stones and rocks , on the surface of the Earth

However , over the past few months , and especially over the past 3 days , there have been Cyber Attacks on computer networks , all over the World , paralyzing transport , banks , industrial establishments and global businesses

It seems that the 3rd World War , after all may not get fought with Nuclear Weapons !

It could well get fought with INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY , as envisaged in my following 1989 report to L&T Management :



in whose introduction , I wrote :


January 5, 1989

Mr. S.R.Subramaniam 


20th Century saw two world-wars between super-powers. The aim of both was territorial expansion. 21st Century will witness similar war of global dimensions -but with difference

It will be :

-  war of expansion of economic -territory involving nations, large and small,
-  fought by mega-corporations

-  employing world-wide network of space-age technologiesalliances/resources/markets. 
-  unrestrained by national boundaries

-  without an end


It will be business-war in which the unprepared will be wiped-out and even those who have made definite survival-plans will find going tough.

am happy to enclose report which goes beyond survival. 

For many thousand L&T-ites, it will offer hope for growth in the 21st Century. 

I suggest that the Corporate Management sets aside one full day during the forthcoming Strategic-Plan Meetings, to debate this report and take necessary decisions.

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CC : Mr. N.M.Desai


29  June  2017

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