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27 June 2013

Friday, 9 June 2017

Urban Transport Policy

Times of India ( 08 June 2017 ) carries following news report :

“ You may soon have to pay more for new cars , parking “

The Maharashtra Government has come up with a new Urban Transport Policy draft

Highlights of the policy are :

·         Introducing additional charges to the cost of vehicle

·         Fixing parking charges based on location / high parking fees / reducing overall supply of parking ( ? )

·         Reduce private vehicles in urban areas / discourage use of personal motor vehicles

·         Boost public transport

·         Transit oriented development ( ? )

·         Prioritizing funds for sustainable motorized transport projects

·         Equitable public transport fare structure

·         Annual revision of fare structure to account for inflation

·         Subsidies to cover the viability gap for public or private operators of public transport services

·         Infrastructure development for WALKING , CYCLING and Public Transport

Public suggestions / objections are invited ( to send to which email id ? )


·         Do not frame rules / regulations which cannot be implemented . Any un-implementable / un-enforceable rule will only increase  CORRUPTION

·         As far as possible , eliminate the “ human intervention “ in the implementation of rules / regulations . Instead resort to use of impartial / unbiased technology , eg :

#   e-challans through CCTV cameras as done at several junctions in Mumbai

#   video-capture of speeding vehicles by drones on Mumbai-Pune highway

#   automatic deduction of toll without stopping of vehicles at toll naka ( through
     installation of prepaid RFID sensors )

#   Proposed introduction of End of Train telemetry ( EoTT ) equipment on 6000
     railway engines ( of 1000 Freight Trains ) , eliminating the need for Guards .

    EoTT equipment is used to establish communication between the loco driver and
    the last wagon of the train, to ensure that the train is running with all coaches and
    wagons , as complete unit

    The equipment is designed to do the “ Guard’s Job “ by notifying the loco driver in
    case any coaches detach from the rear of the train

·         The transport policy should provide for PENALTIES or INCENTIVES , depending upon :

      #   Petrol-Diesel  Vs  Electric – Hybrid

#   Running on crowded city roads Vs running on wide open highways

#   Running during peak traffic hours Vs lean traffic hours

#   Parked on public roads Vs parked inside building compounds

#   Parked in a parking plot Vs parked in a “ No Parking “ zone

#   Parked at night Vs parked during day

#   Carrying ONE passenger Vs carrying many passengers (no of smart phones ?)

#   Private  Vs  Ride-sharing Taxies

·         Through embedding of RFID chips / sensors in vehicles ( make this MANDATORY for all vehicle manufacturers , from 01 April 2018 )

If someone has any doubt ( as to, how any human can track so many “ Use Cases “ , in order to figure out ( automatically too ) , whom to “ punish “ and whom to “ reward “ , he  should read :

·         Internet of Vehicles ( IoV )


·         Who Says, IMPOSSIBLE ?

10  June  2017