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27 June 2013

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Acid Test for Bureaucrats ?

Acid  Test  for  Bureaucrats  ?

The title of a news report appearing in Business Line ( 25 May ) is :

“ Modi’s new acid test for bureaucrats

It says that the government has introduced , what is called  “ 360 degree feedback mechanism “ , as a tool for elevation

Jawahar Sircar , a former IAS officer who has held key positions as Secretary at the Centre including as Culture Secretary and CEO of Prasar Bharati, feels the new evaluation system is more effective

He says, “ It’s a good thing . Earlier , we had a routine system of sending annual reports where points were given . It was highly subjective

Vivek Rae, who was a member of the Seventh Pay Commission, says :

“ Earlier what mattered was what your boss thought about you ; now, it also matters what your subordinates think of you and the stakeholders. This will bring in behavioural changes and enable better assessment of each officer “


Does evaluation of the performance of an officer become “ better / objective “ , just because , instead of only your boss evaluating you , your subordinates also get to evaluate you ?

Can there ever be a truly “ Objective Assessment “ of an officer’s performance , in the absence of ,

·         Performance Targets ( Measurable Objectives ) are set at the beginning of the year by the boss , in consultation with the subordinate and agreed upon by both ?

·         Actual achievement against these targets are measured and reported , on a monthly basis ?

·         Such measurements are carried out by a “ Third Party “ ( and not become, YOUR WORD against MY WORD ? ) or based on PUBLISHED  DATA

I think , it is high time Shri Narendrabhai insists that a beginning ( towards such objectivity ) is made , based on :

·         Management by Objectives  

·         Another ( welcome ) First

·         An Unprecedented Budget Reform

11  June  2017