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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Another { Welcome } First

In his budget speech yesterday, Shri Jaiteley said :

This budget is unique in that , for the first time ,

·          It merges the erstwhile Railway Budget with the main budget

·          It is being presented on 01 February instead of on traditional 28th Feb

·          It does away with the distinction between the Plan and the Non Plan expenditure

What the media – and most listeners – missed , is his passing reference that , for the FIRST TIME ever , this budget annexure carries  OUTCOME  TARGETS  for a few Ministries / Departments

Thank you , Shri Jaitleyji , for

*  accepting my suggestion ( outlined in my following E Mails ) and introducing an  UNPRECEDENTED  REFORM , having long term consequences on our SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE  

*  making Ministers accountable / answerable for the actual ACHIEVEMENTS vs TARGETS , set in advance for their Ministries


An Unprecedented Budget Reform   [  09  Dec  2016 

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Of course , your critics will argue that ,

{A }   None of the  TARGETS  are “ QUANTIFIABLE / MEASURABLE  

{ B }    There is no mention of which THIRD PARTY agencies will MONITOR THE ACTUAL ACHIEVEMENTS { eg: CMIE / ICWA / PRAJA / ADR / ArthKranti / IIM / ISB etc }

{ C }   Where / When / How often , will the  ACTUAL PERFORMANCE  get reported

Dear Shri Jaitleyji :

While welcoming such well-meaning criticism , ask them for specific suggestions on how / what they would want you to do in respect of A / B / C , in your next budget

Then tell them :


What is important is that a beginning has been made




The “OUTCOME BUDGET” reflects the endeavour of the Government to convert "Outlays" into "Outcomes" by planning expenditure, fixing appropriate TARGETS and quantifying DELIVERABLES of each scheme.

The “OUTCOME BUDGET” is an effort of the Government to be transparent and ACCOUNTABLE to the people.

In addition to an Executive Summary, the OUTCOME BUDGET 2016-17 contains seven separate sections relating to seven Demands under Ministry of Finance for which the OUTCOME BUDGET is to be prepared.


The payment to IDA will assist World Bank Group to carry out programs of Poverty Reduction in IDA countries


The payment of instalments of India's subscription to the sixth General capital Increase of AfDB is to fulfil India's international obligation and to maintain India's voting share in the bank.


The payment to AfDF is to assist Poverty Reduction in African Countries through Projects and Programs of the AfDF.


After the completion of subscription to these shares by India and other countries, India will become the 7th largest shareholder in IBRD with voting power of 2.91%. Before this revision, India's voting power was 2.77% at 11th position among shareholders.


IFAD is a Specialised Agency working to enable rural poor to overcome poverty and hunger. IFAD's policies and programme have great relevance at a time when Poverty Eradication remain a major concern of the International Community. India's contribution will help further to this cause. India is also utilising the resources, and domain knowledge and expertise of IFAD in order to achieve the goal of eradication of poverty.


India's grant fund is being utilized to assist AfDB and ADF in the preparation and implementation of development projects and programmes.


The GAVI is a public-private global health partnership committed to saving children life by access to immunization. India is benefiting from this programme. Outcome: As of 30th October, 2014 South-South facility exchange has involved India as a knowledge provider and recipient making India one of the top 10 countries both as recipient & provider.


India's grant fund is being utilized to assist AfDB and ADF in the preparation and implementation of development projects and programmes.

02  Feb  2017