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Job Melas are NOT an answer !

Business Line ( 13 Feb 2017 ) carries a news report titled :

“ 5 Crore jobs by 2020 : Dattatreya “

It goes on to read :
“The Centre will ensure jobs for 5 crore unemployed people in the country by 2020, according to Bandaru Dattatreya, Union Minister for Labour and Employment.

He was speaking at a press conference after his ministry entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Department of Posts (DoP) to make post offices as employment registration centres for unemployed rural youth, here on Sunday.

The target of providing 5 crore jobs will be achieved by a combination of measures such as digital solutions and regular job melas, the Minister said adding that job melas will be conducted across the country from next month on a large scale.

As per the MoU, a national career service portal will help the unemployed to register themselves. It will provide them access to a repository of career content on over 3,000 occupations across 52 sectors.

That answer is a Online Jobs Fair , as described in my following blog ( 05 Aug 2016 ) :

Job Fairs : Offline or Online ?

Recently , NICS ( National Institute of Career Services - Noida ), conducted a ground-based job fair

NICS plans to conduct one such job fair , every month , with the next one planned in Hyderabad

Recruiters from three dozen companies sat in small cubicles , handing out forms and registration numbers and asking some candidates to go to a nearby hostel building for a written or oral test

For 5,000 vacancies , some 11,000 jobseekers turned up but only 640 got shortlisted ( just 6 % )- utter chaos !


#  Recruiting companies did not disclose the profiles on offer or the salary structure

#  Had to spend nearly entire day at the venue, after travelling hundreds of kilometers

#  Had to return without knowing the result of the interview

#  There was a lot of confusion as some Company recruiters never turned up for the interview

#  There was ambiguity in the entire selection process since the Company Display Boards and the Profile
    Requirements mentioned during the registration process did not match

#  Overcrowding required hundreds of job aspirants to stand in the sun, for hours !



#   Candidates were not job-ready . Even after interviewing 15 candidates , could not zero in on one !

#   English language proficiency of the candidates was very poor


#  In 25 years ( between 1991 - 2012 ) , employment in Organized Sector grew by 2.85 million jobs

   ( just above 1 lakh per year as against addition of some 120 lakh jobseekers entering job market per year ! )

#  In 2014, eight key manufacturing sectors created 4.2 lakh jobs and in 2015 , just 2 lakh jobs

MY   TAKE  :

#  Whereas ground based Job Fairs have been around for many years , there is no way these can provide a
    solution to matching available jobs to available jobseekers ( 120 lakhs per year )

#  India has close to 50 million MSME . Assuming that only 10 % of these need to hire just ONE person each year,
    ( either by way of replacement or for growth of business ) , that amounts to some 5 million jobs per year

    These MSME do not advertise their vacancies, either in newspapers or on online job portals . These vacancies
    get filled by word-of-mouth


#  Sure ! The answer lies in " Online Jobs Fair " - a job portal with a difference !

#  An " Online Jobs Fair " , does NOT suffer from the following limitations of an " Offline ( ground-based ) job fair :

   *  No physical space limitations . Unlimited number of VIRTUAL INTERVIEW CABINS can be created on the fly

   *  Unlimited numbers of jobseekers and recruiters can come ONLINE , at any given instance(millions, if you will )

   *  Since this platform also enables FOREIGN COMPANIES to interview INDIAN CANDIDATES , such interviews
      can take place round-the-clock ! This platform will vastly improve overseas recruitment of Indian jobseekers

   *  Thousands of INTERVIEWS can be going on SIMULTANEOUSLY , in total privacy ( from anywhere in World )

   *  4 interviewers ( belonging to same company ) , located in 4 different cities , can interview the same candidate
      jointly by logging in at the same time in the same INTERVIEW CABIN ( password protected entry )

   *  Neither the candidates nor the interviewers need to travel , saving millions of wasted man-hours

   *  Interviews can be pre-scheduled and candidates will be emailed in advance , when to log into which cabin.

       The SCHEDULER SOFTWARE will do this automatically

   *  Candidate Assessment Forms will get filled in ONLINE and made available to concerned candidate by email

   *  Offer letters ( or Offer Intention Letters ) or Rejection Letters will get emailed as soon as CANDIDATE
      ASSESSMENT form gets mandatorily filled in online  !

  *  Company Display Boards will be visible to ALL visiting jobseekers to decide which jobs to apply for

  *  Resume Rating software will automatically " rate and rank " resumes of all candidates applying
     against a particular vacancy and arrange applicant-resumes in descending order of " Raw Score " and send out
     Interview Schedule to shortlisted candidates , without human intervention

  *  All online interviews will take place using Audio-Video chat thru Skype / FaceTime ( from Smart phones )

  *  All interview " Conversations " ( questions and answers ) will get recorded and made available to candidate
     being interviewed for his study and improving his " Interviewing Skills "

There are many other advantages , not listed above  but which you can read at : > Reports > OnLineJobsFair

Should Ministry of Labour desire , I would be happy to design / develop and hand-over such a online platform without any charge / fees , provided ,

#   Labour Ministry hosts and maintains it  

#   Makes it available for use ( by Recruiters and Jobseekers ) , FREE  OF  COST

Neither the governments ( Central + States ) , nor the Organized Sector , is in a position to " CREATE " 12 million  
jobs per year . 

By creating OnLineJobsFair ( a kind of Virtual Employment Exchange ) , we can help our youth to
enter Job Market of entire World

A beginning  of  " 

Last ( but not the least ) :

OnLineJobsFair will enable millions of young Indians to offer their " Remote Services " to Foreign Companies !
Services such as " Coding " / " Caring " / " Consulting " / " Curating " / " Controlling " etc

It may even become a " Business Meeting " platform !

13  Feb  2017

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