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27 June 2013

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Spirit of Israel

Recently following very informative news reports appeared:

·         Economic Times / 19 Feb 2017

Extract :

A small country of over 8 million people — mostly immigrants — with no natural 
resources, no local market and surrounded by enemies, Israel is a political startup
where survival instinct is part of the DNA.

It has 6,000 active startups, 350 MNC R&D centres, has seen exits worth $ 9.2 billion and venture funding worth $ 4.8 billion in 2016

How does Israel do it ?

Lessons from the tiny, closely networked country may not be directly relevant for India.

Yet, in a year when India’s startup world is on a rough ride, both the NDA government and the industry stakeholders would do well to look for some inspiration there

Government as Catalyst 

Our biggest job is to not stand in the way of the hi-tech private sector,” says Simhon.

For example, he says, a lot of Israeli startups focus on DEFENCE-RELATED TECHNOLOGIES

And there was a view in the government that a committee should vet
which countries can buy these Israeli companies and which cannot.


“Restriction in itself wasn’t bad but it would have unnecessarily created hurdles for the startups. Let’s just say that as of now we have no such committee,”
says Simhon with a smile.


·         Business Line / 20 Feb 2017

Extract :

Start-up nation

Israel is the original start-up nation.

And almost all are tech enterprises: from cyber security to artificial intelligence and robotics, Israel’s entrepreneurs are right up there. The numbers are mind-boggling.

The country has something like ,
·         6,000 start-ups,
·         90 venture capital funds
·          200 angel funds,
·         25 incubators
·         70 accelerators,
·         16 tech transfer offices
·         350 multinationals

that have set up R&D centres in the country.
 MY   TAKE  :

In terms of population , India is 162 TIMES BIGGER than Israel . If we emulate how Israel managed its START – UP eco-system , ( Getting Out of the Way ) , we can become the biggest START – UP NATION on the earth 

When our  neta  ( Shri Narendra Modiji ) meets the Israel neta ( their PM , Netanyahu ) later this year , it is possible that he might ask :

“ Sir ,  are you not afraid that the defence technologies that your Start Ups develop , might land up in the hands of your enemies , enabling them to copy it ? “

I suppose , Shri Netanyahu might reply :

“ May be !
  But there is no way they can copy the Spirit of Israel

20  Feb  2017