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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Congrats ! - and a note of Caution !

Dear  Piyush Goyalji  :

MINT ( 07 Feb 2017 ) quotes you to say :

·          India’s solar power generation capacity stood at over 9 gigawatt ( GW ) as on 31 Dec 2016

·         State owned NTPC Ltd has decided to shut down its old polluting power plants of capacity totalling 11 GW and replace those with new ones which are highly efficient

During his budget speech , Shri Jaitleyji said , target for new Solar Power plants for 2017-18 , is 20 GW

Congratulations for achievements on the Solar front  !

And a word of “ Caution “ as far as those 11 GW of coal based NTPC plants

I reproduce below , an extract from book “ Clean Disruption “ ( page 227 ) by author, Tony Seba ( www.tonyseba.com ) :

India has a growing coal-induced human catastrophe of its own. Outdoor air pollution caused 600,000 deaths in India in 2010

The country has about 120 GW of coal today, but has proposed building 519 GW of additional coal power plants

India’s coal deposits are mainly composed of lignite, also known as brown coal . Lignite is considered the lowest quality coal, according to industry classifications

Lignite has up to TEN TIMES the number of volatile organic compounds as US anthracite

Because has a lower heat content, more needs to be burned to get the same amount of energy as anthracite

If the additional 519 GW of coal power capacity is brought online in India, the country will quadruple its coal capacity infrastructure using lignite, the lowest quality coal

Lignite generates TEN TIMES the particulate matter of anthracite coal

The human death toll in India because of coal pollution could be an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE higher than it is today, as many as  SIX MILLION  deaths per YEAR

Moreover, the water needs of the coal industry would devastate a country already ravaged by water mismanagement and desertification

Indian reports on soil degradation have increased by a factor of SIX, according to the United Nations Convention to combat Desertification

On pages 229-231 , Tony Seba  writes :

“Typical new coal plant will produce power for 12.8 CENT per kwh(Rs 9) “

Last month , a new Solar Plant in MASDAR City came up at 2.59 CENT / kwh ( Rs 1.8 )

Dear Piyushbhai :

Is it too late for NTPC to re-invent itself ( otherwise known as “ Making yourself obsolete before someone else does “ ), by becoming NSPC ( National Solar Power Corporation ) ?

During 2015-16 , NTPC suffered a loss of Rs 11,000 crore

To set up those 11 GW of new coal plants , it will need an investment of Rs 77,000 cr , - and need 10 years to put up - all of which will become non-productive / dead investment within a few years !

For the same amount , we can put up  11 GW of Solar plants in ONE YEAR – plants which will still be 99 % efficient after 20 years !

ADANI Group recently commissioned a 648 MW Solar in Tamilnadu , at Rs 7 Cr per MW – ( Rs 7,000 cr or $ 1 Billion per GW ) - all within 8 months !

Recently , a small nation like Indonesia managed to bring out into the mainstream economy , some $ 300 Billion of BLACK MONEY , through an Amnesty Scheme ( 4 % tax / no penalty ! ) – enough for putting up 300 GW of Solar plants !

Is there a way to save all of the misery / cost / human lives , associated with coal ?

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Do correct me if I am factually wrong / erroneous in assumptions or conceptually incorrect !




08  Feb  2017

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