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27 June 2013

Monday, 13 February 2017

Simplicity : The Ultimate Mobile Wallet ?

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 I had imagined the following dialogue between a BUYER and a SELLER , using V 2.0 of Mobile Wallet BHIM :


Buyer  buys something worth Rs 100 from a shopkeeper

*  Buyer and the Seller , look into their own mobile-cameras ( of  smart phones
   loaded with M-Rup ) for biometric Aadhar identification / linked to Jan Dhan a/c 

*  Seller speaks in his mobile : " Muze Sau Rupiah dedo "

*  Buyer speaks in his mobile : " Inko Sau Rupiah dedo "

*  Message flashes in the mobile screen of Seller :

   " Tumhare account-me Sau Rupiah

   Jamah ho gaya / GST bhi kaat ke Sarkar-ko bhej diya "

*  Message flashes in the mobile screen of Buyer :

   " Tumhare account-se , Sau Rupiah inko

     Bhej Diya . Abhi balance me teen sau sath rupiah bacha hai "

I request all concerned , not to insult our engineers / scientists / geeks , by doubting if such SIMPLIFICATION ( based on day to day spoken language ) is possible

Doubting Thomas may want to look up ... PILOT   

{  http://www.waverlylabs.com/  }

This is the only way rural India can bypass the Jurassic Age of Plastic Cards to usher into a CASH-LESS society !


My idea was very basic . A billion Indians cannot “ type “ in a Smart phone screen

But they have been “ talking “ to their Mobile phones for long

Therefore , I believe , the next version of BHIM has to become “ speech enabled “ .

Nothing more

Now comes the following news report in today’s Economic Times , which will enable our Start Ups to bring out that version in the next few weeks

I suppose , BUYERS and SELLERS will simply “ wear “ the Senstone device as a wristband !

Senstone, the Intelligent Wearable Voice Recorder

{ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/835264493/senstone-the-intelligent-wearable-voice-recorder?ref=category  }

AI powered pendant that lets you take smart notes on the go. Just tap and speak. Anytime, anywhere.

Senstone is a new way to create notes — five times faster and much more convenient than any smartphone app. With Senstone you no longer have to pull out your phone to take notes on the go. Just capture the things in your daily life that you don’t want to miss. It automatically converts your voice notes into text and organises them for easy access.

We check smartphones 150 times a day, every day. But what if there was plainly easier way to capture those precious words ?

Senstone lets you record your thoughts quickly and conveniently. Senstone is a notepad size of a bottle cap. Imagine walking in the busy street or driving a car and taking those notes, reminders with the speed of thought.

Tap on the Senstone to start recording and speak. Tap again and it stops. All audio and text notes are synced into the Cloud seamlessly.

We bring a new level of intelligence to your voice notes.  The moment you start a recording, it’s stored on your smartphone and backed up in Cloud, even if your app is in background. The Cloud software platform converts voice memos into text, extracts keywords, to-dos and analyses your speech patterns. 

It's like having an AI to organise your notes. What is the topic of the note? What was your mood at the time? What was happening around you? Where were you? You can then find your notes by hashtags, their content or time and location to replay original audio, edit them or export to other apps.

14  Feb  2017