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27 June 2013

Friday, 3 February 2017

Can Indian IT Re-invent itself ?

It is not a question of,  “ Can ? “

It is a question of , “ When ?

And the answer is , Now

Business Line ( 04 Feb 2017 ) carries a news report with following headline :

“  Trump forces  IT  Inc  to face its Y2K moment “

It goes on to read :

“ It could be the end of India’s Information Technology (IT) services industry, as we know it.

If  Y2K  gave wing to a fledgling industry in the early part of this millennium, making it one of the biggest recruiters of young talent, the big boys of the Indian IT industry are now being forced to  TRANSFORM THEIR BUSINESS MODELS  in a bid to counter any potential downside from US President Donald Trump’s call for tighter immigration laws and a stricter H-1B visa regime.

According to executives in the IT industry, the  CHANGE IN STRATEGY  is two-pronged —
* abandon the path of TAKING TALENT FROM INDIA ON WORK VISAS to dip into the local labour pool, and
* speed up the transformation to a business model that is less reliant on headcount and more focussed on ADOPTING NEW TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS.

“ The industry had already embarked on this journey. Now, this will be done faster to ADOPT TO THE NEW PARADIGM,” said the Chief Executive Officer of a leading IT company.

This model was fine until now, as Indian IT companies relied on low-cost skilled labour to be competitive in terms of pricing while delivering value to clients.

But the rules of the game are changing. AUTOMATION and the shift towards  DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES  are the most critical issues facing the industry. These new beasts do not need a large workforce unlike earlier projects.

 “The fact is that the industry is also changing significantly in the DELIVERY-MODEL focus with  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,  CLOUD,  ROBOTICS  etc coming in very rapidly.
Indian IT players are already adopting the NEW PARADIGM and would need to accelerate to adopt to the CHANGING LANDSCAPE from perspectives in SHIFT IN DELIVERY MODELS  as well as USH-1B proposed changes,” said Raja Lahiri, Partner, Grant Thornton India “
Want to know , How ?

Do read :

·         Vishal’s  Vision

I have tremendous faith in the abilities of our IT guys , who have made India , a SOFTWARE  SUPER-POWER

Sixteen years ago , they saved the World Economy from a virtual collapse  on the midnight of 31 Dec 1999 ( as news from around the World flashed on TV screens , saying , “ Thanks to Indian geeks , no planes have been reported to be falling off the skies !” )

If only the NDA government gets out of their way , our IT guys will , this time around , “ SAVE  INDIA  “ ( even as they “ MAKE FROM INDIA “ )

04  Feb  2017