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27 June 2013

Monday, 5 June 2017

Bold Step ? or Reckless Step ?

All management gurus will tell you :

“ If you cannot carry out a threat when chips are down , never give a threat to begin

  That is the worst thing you can do to bring about a solution to your liking

  And , thereafter , no one will ever take you seriously or respect you ! “


Today’s headline in Indian Express , which reads :
Notices to 23,000 housing societies , which failed to segregate waste / Civic body to move court against those who don’t comply

The news report quotes Shri Ramakant Biradar ( Assistant Municipal Commissioner of G North ward ) , as follows ,

“ We tried to encourage the residents several times but they are not willing to comply…. If they fail to comply, they are violating the norms of the Environment Act….. and we will move court against them

If proven in court, the Secretary and Chairman of Society can be prosecuted and a heavy penalty can be charged “


·         Even though no Chairman / Secretary ( of any Housing Society ) will believe that prosecuting 23,161 Societies is , even remotely possible , they will be tempted to resign immediately ( - a salary-less / thankless job in any case , with criticism as the only reward ! )

·         No member will come forward to contest the election to Society Managing Committee

·         Corruption / bribing will increase dramatically , to get prosecution postponed

·         If a few court cases do get filed , these will drag on for years , costing the MCGM and those societies , crores of rupees !

·         Who will get prosecuted in those Societies which are under the administrative control of the REGISTRAR of Societies ?


Not a “ negative “ but a “ positive “ motivation , through implementation of my following suggestions ( earlier sent as email to MCGM officers / Maharashtra Ministers ) :

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06  June 2017

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