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27 June 2013

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A Living Room on the Go ?

Following news report appeared in Business Line ( 07 June ) :

“ Tata Elxsi too joins autonomous car bandwagon “

Tata Elxsi is testing prototypes of autonomous cars that could soon head for road trials provided necessary regulatory approvals are in place.

While Tesla, Google, Volvo, Uber and most major automotive companies have made rapid strides in terms of autonomous cars, Tata Elxsi, the Bengaluru-based technology company focussing on automotive electronics and software, has laced together various technologies on its platform built on artificial intelligence towards developing the autonomous car.

It has licensed its advanced autonomous technology platform Autonomai to one of the world’s top five automotive OEMs for driverless car research and development.

Thangarajan M, Senior Vice-President, Next Generation Business, Tata Elxsi, told BusinessLine :

“We are working on two prototypes of autonomous cars. One is fairly high-end artificial intelligence packed with radar, 3-D Lidar and simulation facilities.

The second one is pretty low-end sedan without much electronics where a number of elements have been loaded.”

According to him, “Artificial intelligence-based systems will become integral part of cars covering speech recognition, driver monitoring and sensor-based engine control units.

 While autonomous cars may still take more time to get on to roads, various elements that go into such cars will be all-pervasive.”

What started with pedestrian alerts and collision alerts has evolved into intelligence built into the systems.

Over the next five years, human-machine interface covering speech recognition, gesture, handwriting, eye tracking and driver monitoring, virtual assistance and natural language interfaces would make a collective impact.

“We have worked with major automotive OEMs to analyse the impact of vehicle operation and vehicle data has been co-related with driver.

The work includes night vision systems, lane depart feature, signboard recognition, pedestrian detection systems, parking assistance systems, driver drowsiness system and blind spot warning systems,” he said.

“I believe it won't be long before a car becomes a  living room on the go, ” he said.

Now that TATA have put their technological prowess behind autonomous cars , my vision of Internet of Vehicles ( IoV ) , cannot be far behind !

18  June  2017