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27 June 2013

Monday, 5 June 2017

A Breakthrough : in Technology and in Mind-set

On the face of it , the following news reports , appear unconnected :

·         For the first time , in yesterday’s launch of a GSLV satellite , ISRO claims to have employed “ Electric Propulsion “ , using a locally made Li-ion battery

ISRO director , Shri Kiran Kumar said that , ISRO will increasingly use “ Electric Propulsion “ for all of its future satellites ( - which , as per my knowledge , no other country has used so far ! )

·         Indian Railways will install flexible solar panels and batteries to power fans and lights on 250 local trains

“ Flexible solar panels on moving trains is a good idea. However, efficiency of solar panels on moving trains is something which needs to be seen “, said Sunil Jain , CEO at Hero Future Energies ( source : Economic Times / 06 June )


·         As of today , there is no manufacture of Li-ion batteries in India , forcing Indian Electric Car Manufacturers , to import these batteries at a very high cost

     As a result , in the total cost of a EV , battery alone costs as much as 50-70 %

·         Unless India starts manufacturing Li-ion batteries locally and bring down its cost drastically , final selling price of a EV , cannot compete with petrol / diesel car price . And , till this happens , people are NOT going to buy EV !

·         Only a few weeks back , ISRO demonstrated a Electric Car ( using its own locally developed Li-ion battery ) , which was powered by ( flexible ? ) , Solar Panels mounted on the car roof top

So , ISRO has developed technology for Li-ion batteries for propelling a satellite in space AND for driving a car on Indian roads !


·         In a hurry , ISRO should “ give away “ ( for FREE ) , its manufacturing technology for the Li-ion battery to anyone wanting to set up a Battery Manufacturing plant in India

·         Vendors who plan to supply solar power systems to trains should approach ISRO , on the double !

06  June  2017