Friday, 30 June 2017

An Instinct for Survival ?

You may also call it :  Competition ,  Oh What a Wonderful  Thing  !

Times of India ( 30 June 2017 ) carries a news report titled :

“ GPS-based fares to replace meters in all kaali-peelis soon “

Highlights :

·         Download the mobile app “ Aamchi Drive “

·         Enter the DROP LOCATION to get an estimate of how much the ride would COST and how LONG it would take for the cab to arrive

·         The GPS enables you to LOCATE taxis in the vicinity and once a cabbie confirms your ride, he will be provided only your name and contact number , not your DESTINATION

·         Once you get into the cab , the driver will get the DESTINATION and he will have to ACCEPT the ride

·         The trip will be MONITORED through a CENTRAL CONTROL ROOM over GPS, so there is NO CHANCE of METER TAMPERING

·         Even if you do not have the App, you can give your mobile number to the driver and register for a single ride , for which an E-RECEIPT is sent on your smartphone at the END OF THE TRIP

·         Unlike OLA and UBER , there will be NO SURGE PRICING ! The drivers will ply as per RTO-approved fares only

I am glad the owners of Kaali-peeli woke up in good time to read :




I believe , in Mumbai alone there are 38,000 Kaali Peeli taxies

All over the country , there could be LAKHS !

If ALL these LAKHS were to work under “ Aamchi Drive “ ( One Country , One App ? ), that could give OLA / UBER , a run for their money !

It could be END of SURGE PRICING !

I suppose the Kaali Peeli owners realized in good time that if they fail to “ reform and compete “ , they would meet the same fate as that of Air India !

01 July  2017

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