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27 June 2013

Monday, 3 October 2016

Kaali-Peeli , Wake Up !

Hindustan Times ( 04 Oct 2016 ) carries a news report titled :

" In Mumbai: Kaali-Peeli app to offer 25% discount to stay in business "

It goes on to read :

Facing tough competition from app-based aggregators such as Ola and Uber,

 Kaali-Peeli taxi drivers from Navi Mumbai will offer discounts on fare to 

commuters from Tuesday

Taxi union sources said that the daily earning of cabbies had gone down. They

 were now offering such discounts to stay in the business.

“ We are aware that Ola and Uber has taken benefit of our weakness, but to 

improve the situation, we need to change ourselves and adopt a new 

technology. Otherwise, the situation will worsen as we have already lost 40% of

 our earnings to Ola-Uber ”, says Vijay Chauhan , who is driving a taxi for last 

26 years.

Mumbai has over 38,000 Kaali-Peeli taxis, besides air-conditioned cool cabs and

 fleet cabs.

Upset with rampant refusals from Kaali-Peeli cabbies, the commuters started

 taking to Ola and Uber for long distance rides because of the cheaper fare

comfortable ride and ease of booking.


But , do Kaali-Peeli owners realize that " reducing fares to beat the competition

 " , is an obsolete technology - which belongs to a " Sun-set " Industry !

Do they realize that Uber-Ola are not even pretending to be competing with the

 Kaali-Peelies !

They are too busy creating a brand NEW industry , having a totally different set

 of rules !

They are in the business of  " ASSET  AS  A  SERVICE " industry , rather than "


In the process , they are adding in India alone , some 5,000  such " Asset-

service Taxies " , every month !

Who knows , someday " Car Ownership " as a concept , may disappear !

And making available these " Assets Service " to travelers ,

WHEN  they want

WHERE  they want

HOW  they want ( alone or sharing mode )


FAST ( made available in 5 minutes )

One piece of advice ( albeit , unsolicited ) to Kaali-Peeli owners :

Do not even dream to go on a strike  !

You will end up forcing more travelers to embrace Uber-Ola , thereby hastening your own demise !

It is still not too late for Kaali-Peeli owners to " re-invent "  their " new avatar

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04  Oct  2016

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