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27 June 2013

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Needed : A Peace Envoy nearer Home !

In far away Colombia ( South America ) , a war was going on for some 52 years between the Government and the FARC rebels

Some 260,000 Colombians got killed at the hands of the rebels . another 45,000 are still missing ( obviously dead )

On Sept 26th , Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a peace deal with the FARC rebels

He invited Sri Sri Ravishankar to attend the signing ceremony and thanked him in following words :

" Thank you for everything you have done for the peace process . All your help is very useful and your spiritual guidance  is so important and I will be grateful forever "

On his part , Sri Sri Ravishankar tweeted :

"  Our effort to fly victims to Havana for a forgiveness program was important in turning the tide for a yes to the referendum in Colombia

It was a big step for FARC leaders to acknowledge and ask for forgiveness . This is the power of meditation

The challenge of peace in Colombia can make this nation the new Switzerland of Latin America if we work together to unite the hearts and minds of Colombians "

Sri Sri  has been invited to be the keynote speaker at the Reconciliation Colombia in Cali on Nov 30

{  Source : Times of India / 08 Oct 2016  }

While congratulating Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on this achievement , I request him to weave his Meditation / Mediation Magic, nearer home , in Kashmir , where too , thousands of innocent Indians have died at the hands of LeT / JeM etc , over the past 50 years , with no end in sight

Dear  Sri Sri :

Your fellow countrymen will feel eternally grateful to you for bringing peace to Kashmir !


09  Oct  2016

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