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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Devil's Advocate ?

My friend Gurudatt has a sharp / questioning / inquisitive mind

While keen to embrace technological solutions to our Society's problems , he does not accept them simply because they are " New / Different / Out of the Box "

Following are the questions that he raised after reading my yesterday's blog ( emailed to the Policy Makers )

Fear works better than Persuasion  /  http://myblogepage.blogspot.in/  } :

Guru :

Will all the physically available currency notes have to be tendered to the appropriate authority for embedding RFID within some set time limit ?

Me :

Government to announce that,

#  Old ( paper ) currency notes of Rs 500 / 1000 , will cease to be legal currency from ( say ) , 01 April 2018

#  New ( plastic ) currency notes , embedded with RFID sensors , will be introduced from 01 Oct 2017

#  Between Oct 2017 and April 2018 , both types of notes will continue parallel

#  During this 6 month window , owners of OLD notes can get these exchanged for NEW notes , at any bank

    branch, without any questions asked

#  Collected OLD notes will be destroyed

Guru :

Would RFID embedding not be resorted to by unauthorized wings of the parallel economy either because it is not affordable or too high-tech for them to replicate ?

Me :

No technology is fool-proof ! And all technologies can be misused !

But , I believe RFID sensor embedded plastic currency notes , will be difficult to forge

We can make this ( forging ) still more difficult by resorting to Steganography  ( encrypting one more set of unique

Currency Note Number , inside Bapu's photo ! )

Guru :

How would the common people know if the notes received by them are with RFID / if the notes received with RFID are genuine or not ?

Me :

This will require integration of several technologies ( all existing / simple, and in wide spread use for a long time )

Here is how :

Each RFID sensor will be assigned a unique IP V 6 , Internet Protocol Address

Since IP V 6 , has 340 trillion trillion trillion , unique addresses , there is no danger of running out of unique addresses for ALL the currency notes of ALL the denominations , of ALL the countries of the World !

Strictly for this purpose ( RFID embedding in currency notes ) , ICANN will make available a special / unique " Number Series " , to each country, which it will use while printing its own high denomination notes

This IP number will also get linked to the Unique Serial Number of each currency note

All mobile phones ( I am assuming these will all be Smart phones ) , will have GPS / NFC / Internet Connectivity /

Biometric reader through built-in camera and be pre-installed with an App ( called , GenuFake  ? )

I am sure you are aware that even today , a few Pharma companies print a small " Bar Code " on each and every

strip of medicine that they sell . All that a buyer does is to " scan " that bar code with his mobile camera and

 forward that image to the phone number printed on that strip as an SMS . Within 5 minutes , the sender receives

 an SMS confirming whether that strip is genuine or not !

To verify whether a Rs 500 / 1000 plastic note is genuine or not , all that the owner will need to do is to lay it flat

on the screen of his Smart phone !  Instantly a message ( Genuine / Fake ) will appear on the screen ! The

Currency Serial Number noticed by the phone / app , will also appear on the phone screen


that Serial Number will also get instantly transmitted to the Income Tax / Enforcement Department , so they come to know instantly , who has that fake note and exactly " where " ( GPS )

For the benefit of the illiterate , the message will " Speak Out " , in the language of owner's choice !

For the " Doubting Thomas " :

The verification that I have described above for determining the genuineness of a currency note , is far simpler

than mobile App " iCARE " ( free to download )

Just place your finger tip on the lens of your smart phone camera and see the screen displaying your Blood Pressure / Heart Rate ( pulse ) / Oxygen level in your blood / one month history  !

Guru :

Would the common people need any simple, handy & affordable device to read / check RFID authenticity ?

Me :

I believe my earlier answer covers this question

Consider this : Currency notes are carried in a pocket ( loose or in a wallet or a purse )

Usually , smart phones are also carried in some other pocket ( or inside a ladies' purse )

Using NFC , that smart phone is constantly exchanging " data " with the RFID embedded currency notes in the

pocket ( remember , IoT - Internet of Things ? )

In turn , that phone is interconnected with the servers of IT / ED ( through mobile towers / ever present WiFi )

That enables IT / ED to track " each and every " RFID embedded note , for every minute of its life !

Forget classic book " 1984 " ( George Orwell ) . For RFID notes , there is no place to hide !

Guru :

Would there not be clandestine attempts to rob the RFID currency and replace it with the ones without RFID [ which happen to be part of the cash undeclared within the stipulated time]  ?

Me :

Very good observation !

This is all the more reason that those hoarders of old ( paper ) notes will be in a great hurry to rush to the nearest bank branch on 01 Oct 2017 , to exchange with new ( plastic ) notes !

Dear Guru ,

You might want to look up my following earlier blogs ( all sent as emails to NDA Policy Makers ) to better grasp,

how my suggestion would permanently eliminate the twin evils of CORRUPTION and BLACK MONEY :

 *    Going  Cashless

I hope our Policy Makers realize the impact that bringing Rs 65 lakh*crore of BLACK MONEY into productive MAIN STREAM can have on our economy / employment / infrastructure / education / health / poverty etc

And only one person has the courage - and the people's mandate - to implement my suggestion

I hope someone will see that this reaches Shri Narendra Modiji  !


12  Oct  2016

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