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27 June 2013

Thursday, 6 October 2016

A Syria at our doorsteps ?

Pakistan's special Kashmir envoy , Mushahid Hussain Syed , yesterday told the members of Atlantic Council , a top American think tank ,

" Pakistan would move towards China and Russia if its views on Kashmir and India are not considered by the US .

US is no longer a world power. It is a declining power . Forget about it "

Dangerously reminiscent of President Basher  Assad of Syria inviting Russia , 2 years ago , to bomb his own countrymen !

That made the Coalition ( USA / European Countries / Turkey / Jordan / Syria / Saudi Arabia etc ) to get itself invited on their own , to bomb the Syrians !

All claiming to fight Al Quaida / ISIL / Taliban / Kurds and a dozen other " terrorists " groups , operating in Syria,
in the name of getting rid of dictator Assad ( USA led coalition ) and getting rid of ISIL ( Russia )

But , in the process killing thousands of innocent Syrians and making millions of them refugees in neighboring countries

Neither Assad , nor USA / Russia , nor those few surrounding Islamic Countries , have any love lost for the poor , suffering Syrians !

All have only their own " Strategic Interests " to safeguard !

It seems Mushahid Hussain Syed , has not learned his lesson from Syria , when he wants China / Russia to " intervene " in Kashmir  !

May be , he could not care less for, not only the people of Kashmir but even his own countrymen !

May be he forgets that after 2 years of bombing , neither USA has managed to get rid of Assad , nor has Russia managed to eliminate ISIL  !

May be he forgets that China / Russia / USA , all want India and Pakistan to keep fighting over Kashmir ( at low level , across LoC ) , and not become friends

May be he forgets that China / Russia / America want Pakistan to mortgage its economy to them !

May be it is time for citizens of both India and Pakistan to tell their politician to examine my 3 year old , following suggestion / blog :


Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Contrarian View

Pakistani prime minister , Nawaz Sharif , yesterday suggested that America should get “ involved “ in solving the “ Kashmir Issue “

Expectedly , Indian politicians are all united ( at least on one issue ! ) in telling USA :

“ Keep your hands off Kashmir . We don’t need third party intervention to solve , what is essentially , our bilateral problem , as agreed in Shimla Agreement "

Except that no politician is willing to admit the harsh ground reality that , after 60 years of LoC skirmishes – and thousands of deaths , India and Pakistan have failed to resolve the issue “ bilaterally “ !

Late Vasant Sathe was the only politician who had the ( suicidal ? ) courage to say ,

“ Only practical solution is for both countries to accept LoC as the international border

And such a “ practical solution “ can come about only through a third-party mediation , without making either Indian or Pakistani politicians losing face !

Let us admit :

Ø  Without a peaceful solution of Kashmir Issue , thousands of innocent Indians living close to LoC will continue to die

Ø  Unlike Israel , India cannot engage in “ Hot Pursuit “ of the terrorists into Pak-Occupied Kashmir , without risking an all-out Nuclear war

Ø  Western Nations ( especially USA ) need Pakistan to fight  Al Qaida. Despite endless Indian protestations , billions of dollars worth of American Aid money to improve Pakistan’s economy will continue to fund terrorists in POK

Ø  China is encircling India by establishing strong economic / military presence in Tibet / Nepal / Myanmar / Sri-Lanka / Maldive / Pakistan etc

Ø  Even Russian support to India is waning , as Russian economy gets more and more integrated with EU

Let us ask ourselves :

“ Is it right to continue spending billions of rupees in maintaining our military presence in Kashmir , when 400 million BPL Indians don’t get 2 meals a day ?

  How long must 1.6 million Indian children ( below the age of 5 ) continue to
die , year after year , due to starvation ? “


07  Oct  2016

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