Friday, 7 October 2016

Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth

Arthur Clough wrote this poem , more than 150 years ago

But it resonates with the Ministers and the Bureaucrats of the current NDA government

They seem to be saying :

"  Never give up , no matter what the odds and the obstructions . Never stop walking "

While speaking at the India Economic Summit , this " Never Say Die " attitude , was echoed by Shri Amitabh Kant { CEO , NITI Aayog } , when he said :

#  Small retailers must embrace technology and ecommerce alongside brick and mortar stores

#  E-Commerce cannot be stopped and is only going to grow stronger

#  Start ups can benefit from foreign direct investment inflows

#  Start ups do not need any protectionist policies and since the government has opened up almost every sector in
    the last two years, it cannot backtrack now

#  Indian Start ups have the ability to take on the Amazons of the World through their understanding of the Indian

#  Technology will have to transform manufacturing from a dark , dirty and dangerous activity to something more
    glamorous . It may lead to some loss of jobs of a particular kind but we have to, therefore , invest in skilling
    people accordingly

#  Government has to spearhead change for India's transformation into a cashless society . By 2025, every person
    will become a walking ATM . Indians are moving to mobile payments, use of biometrics at a very fast pace

#  India cannot imitate its neighbor's policies but it must tap into the huge market potential of the country

For ordinary citizens of India ( rendered cynical over the past 60 years ) , these words are a proof that , finally we have in NDA , a government whose Ministers and Officers listen to their suggestions - and implement if found good

If you have any doubt , just glance through following list of my  E Mails  sent to them, over the past 2 years :

{  }

True , the terrible legacy of the past 60 years , so ingrained in the psyche of 32 lakh Government Employees ,
cannot be changed overnight

But , what so far looks like a gradual change , can be vastly accelerated if millions of citizens send in their
suggestions to the following Policy Makers , instead of holding demonstrations in the streets :;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 


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