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27 June 2013

Friday, 30 June 2017

Artificial Intelligence : Brahma , Vishnu or Mahesh ?

In Hindu mythology ,

·          Brahma  is the  CREATOR

·          Vishnu   is the  PRESERVER

·          Mahesh  is the  DESTROYER,

of the Universe .

Of late , there is a fierce debate as to the role of AI in this Universe

No one doubts that AI will CREATE things we have not even dreamed of

Over the past one month , AI is helping in PRESERVING the computer networks against Cyber Attacks

Then there are ominous indications that AI may even DESTROY the civilization !

Hindustan Times ( 01 July ) carries following news snippet :

“ Hackers can guess a user’s passwords , PINS by monitoring their thoughts , according to scientists who suggest that brainwave-sensing headsets need better security. Electro-encephalograph ( EEG ) headsets allow users to control robotic toys and video games with the mind

An earlier report ( Business Line / 28 June ) reads ( extract ) :

·         Scientists have developed a new ‘ mind reading AI system that can decode COMPLEX HUMAN THOUGHTS , just by measuring brain activity

·         Marcel Just ( from Carnegie Mellon University ) , said :

“ We have finally developed a way to SEE THOUGHTS of that complexity… The discovery of this correspondence between THOUGHTS and BRAIN ACTIVATION patterns tells us what the THOUGHTS are built of “

·         By measuring the activation in each brain system, the PROGRAMME can tell WHAT TYPE OF THOUGHTS are being contemplated

·         This advance makes it possible for the first time to DECODE THOUGHTS , containing several concepts

The rate at which technology is advancing , it is a matter of 2 / 3 years before :

Those sensors strapped to the head and picking up brainwave patterns , get replaced by human fingers touching the screen of smart phones ( replacement of headsets till Smart Wrist Bands replace those smart phones ? )

·         Smart phones are configured to relay the picked-up “ patterns / thoughts “ to a CENTRAL SERVER for analysis / deciphering those “ thoughts “ on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 1 being “ Extremely Anti – Social / Violent “ to 10 being “ Highly Beneficial to Mankind “ )

·         Smart phone manufacturers ( later on , Wrist-band Manufacturers ) are mandated to build their devices with above-mentioned features )

·         Mobile Service Providing Services are re-configured not to service those phones / wrist bands which are not embedded with ARIHANT

To know how this ARIHANT scheme will SAVE the World from being annihilated by AI , read :

01    July  2017