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27 June 2013

Monday, 8 May 2017

Not Tough At All !

Today’s Editorial in Hindustan Times reads :

“ All charged up and nowhere to go / The electric car in India is a novel idea , but getting clean energy will be tough “

India plans to drive the internal combustion engine to extinction. The Narendra Modi government has set a sales target of six million electric vehicles by 2020 with an even more ambitious goal of having sales of new oil-driven vehicles ceasing by 2030.

The benefits for a country whose cities are choking on air pollution and one that is considered among the most vulnerable to climate change are obvious.

Finally, if India can develop a suitable technological lead and manufacturing base for such vehicles, it could allow the country to leapfrog ahead of others in the automotive sector.

In most electric vehicles the battery is the most expensive item, sometimes as much as two-thirds of the cost.

Pricing will be crucial. China, which sells more electric battery and plug-in vehicles than the rest of the world combined, took the path of direct subsidies for electric car vehicles. 

While the number of such cars grew dramatically, petrol and diesel vehicles still dominate in China and are still relatively cheaper. 

Worse, the subsidy bill has become swollen by corruption and leakages and has cost Beijing a cumulative $12 billion.

The other concern will be the fuel source of the electrical power. 

An electric car transfers the carbon emissions from under the bonnet into the power plant. 

If the power plant is burning coal, then driving an electric car accomplishes nothing as far as the climate is concerned – and the pollution is merely moved from the city centre to the exurbs.

The Modi government deserves praise for the sheer ambition of the idea and its continuing commitment to greening India. However, given how the renewable energy sector is still not self-sustaining, the real challenge will be the actual implementation of something that will be created almost from scratch.

It seems the Editors of Hindustan Times are unaware of the ISRO designed Electric Car , whose Li-ion battery gets charged through solar panels mounted on car roof top and , therefore :

·         Do not need the expensive infrastructure of millions of charging stations , which draw their own power from coal-based power stations , addressing the very real concern of the Editors ( “ An electric car transfers the carbon emissions from under the bonnet into the power plant “ )

I strongly urge the Media, to create an all-round awareness about  ISRO’s singular achievement ( - far ahead of the Electric Car Industry of the World )

I am appalled at the “ deafening silence “ ( re: this remarkable breakthrough ) on the part of :

·         Scientists and Academicians

·         R&D Managers of the Car Manufacturers

·         PV Solar Panel manufacturers

·         Policy Makers in Road Transport and Energy Ministries

·         NITI Aayog

I urge them to read :

09  May  2017