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27 June 2013

Monday, 22 May 2017

Look Before You Leap

Summary of the report :

“ India  Leaps  Ahead : Transformative Mobility Solutions for All “

( NITI Aayog  and  Rocky Mountain Institute  /  May 2017 )


·         All vehicles on the roads to be powered by electricity, by 2030


·         Establishing a manufacturing consortium for batteries, common components, and platform to develop battery cell technologies and packs and to procure common components for Indian Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEM )

·         To create standardized , smart , swappable batteries for two – and three-wheelers to electrify these important vehicle segments as quickly as possible through a pay-per-use business model and an integrated payment, tracking, and smart-charging system

·         Make EVs , more profitable for Auto-makers and affordable for consumers

·         Setting up a Unified Metropolitan Planning Authority ( UMPA )

·         Leasing of Electric Vehicles

·         Transferring technologies for commercial production of Lithium –ion batteries

           { read : Need of the hour : TEAM / 21  April 2017 }


·         Rebates for efficient new vehicles paid for by fees on inefficient ones

·         Introduction of zero-emission vehicles ( ZEV ) credits at the State or national level to complement the rebates with another supply side, market-based incentive programme

·         Easier registration and preferred electricity tariffs


·         This would result in a reduction of 156 million tons in diesel and petrol consumption for a year. This would imply a net savings of roughly Rs 3.9 lakh*crore in 2030 ( $ 60 billion )

·         Between 2017-2030, reduction of ONE GIGATONNE of CO2 emission ( reduce pollution )

·         The Electric Vehicle plan will help create demand for electricity generated by India’s power plants. Of the country’s installed power generation capacity of 329 GW, only about half is operational at any given time due to muted demand


·         There are undeniable benefits of changing over to Electric Vehicles ( reduction in pollution / imports of diesel-petrol etc )

·         But , if these vehicle batteries are going to be charged with electric power generated from coal-based power plants , then those benefits are only illusory !

Pollution just gets concentrated at those coal-based power plants !

·         Re-chargeable Li-ion battery costs , some 50 % - 70 % of EV total cost

·         What is required is a technology that dramatically reduces the size and the cost of those Li-ion batteries ( down to  10 % of the cost of EV ) , while giving 400 km per charge

If that is achieved , selling price of a EV will be LESS than the price of a petrol / diesel car !

Then it will be possible to bring down the Selling Price of EV to 80 % of petrol car price !

A Rs 10 lakh ( petrol ), car would sell for Rs 8 lakh ( EV ) car !

And the “ Operating Cost / km “ will come down from Rs 10 / km for a petrol car to  Rs 4 / km for an Electric car !

There will be  NO NEED  to :

       #    Provide any “ Incentive ( rebates ) “ to either the Auto makers or to Consumers  !

       #    Dis-incentivize manufacture of petrol /diesel vehicles ( who will buy ? Competition will ensure that the Auto-makers will switch-over to EV on a double, in order to survive  ! )

       #    Motivate the consumers when they have an option to buy a car which costs less to begin with and costs less to operate ( including far less maintenance cost )

            If the country is likely to save $ 60 billion ( Rs 3.9 lakh*crore ) , what is holding back the Government to provide ISRO , a budget of Rs 100 crore , to hurry up with the finalization of its design / development of ,

 “ EV : powered by Roof Top Mounted Solar Panels “


within 6 months ?

Then make this “ Commercial Design / Manufacturing Drawings “ available to ANY / ALL , car manufacturers ( existing and prospective )  , FREE  OF  COST  /  ROYALTY

If we can manage this , then we will need , very FEW EV CHARGING STATIONS , saving us billions of dollars  of infrastructure !

Look up :

As pollution levels continue to rise in India and across the world, the Indian Space Research Organisation has continued to work on developing different kinds of technology that is sustainable and environment-friendly.

That’s why they have designed a solar hybrid electric car made from completely in-house resources and expertise, which they hope is the answer to many of the country’s air pollution related woes.

In order to power the car, the engine is run on lithium ion batteries developed entirely by ISRO.

It runs on the same technology as the high-energy lithium ion battery that was designed for spacecraft carriers by the organisation.

A source privy to the details on the project spoke to India Today, noting, “We are ready to transfer this technology and make our automobile industry one of the most technology Advanced in the world.

Our prowess In space technology has been shown time and again and with this new innovation, the space organisation is now set to take the country to a new high ! Quite literally.”

The team has already tested the technology during a a test drive at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in Thiruvananthapuram.

And they have also worked on developing a solar panel that will be placed on top of the car ( for it to recharge ) and other parts as well including the gearbox, and electronic controls.

Right now, technicians and scientists are working on trying to find ways to cut down the costs of the car to make it more affordable for the Indian automobile market and also accessible for the general public as a whole.



It is a matter of weeks before the wall-mounted “ Solar Power Storage “ of TESLA ( Powerpack ) comes out with such a “ concentrated / dense “ storage capacity that it becomes capable to re-charge the Li-ion battery of your EV , at night !

That will make every home a PERSONAL CHARGING STATION  !

And with ISRO’s roof-top Solar Panel driven EV , nothing can beat this combination !

Dear Shri Gadkariji / Shri Goyalji / Shri Amitabh Kantji :

Please give ISRO , this opportunity to serve the nation – this time not in space , but on the ground !

23  May  2017