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27 June 2013

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Let BHIM get MAD !

Hindustan Times ( 22 May ) carries following news report :

“ Aadhar-linked payments in rural jobs yet to succeed “

Amid the NDA government’s rush to expand the Aadhaar horizon, the unique identity-based payments in rural job scheme is yet to taste success.

The Aadhaar-based system promises transparency, faster disbursement, and an easier verification process.

Ironically, 84% MNREGA workers have Aadhaar cards and the details are available with the rural development ministry.

While 8.58 crore workers have voluntarily given their Aadhaar number to the ministry, only 4.5 crore people are being paid their daily wages through the system.

Government sources claim that the problem is at the level of the banks, which do not have infrastructure to link the Aadhaar numbers in time to the payment system.

NREGA workers had to make sure that their job card details are aligned with their bank account details as well as Aadhar card details

Now , they are asked to go back to the banks with their original identification documents so that Aadhar seeding can be verified

“ What next , BHIM may be ? “ , said noted social scientist Jean Dreze

Dreze alleges that constant redesign of WAGE PAYMENT PROCESS has affected the daily wage labourers

“ MNREGA workers have been tortured for years on end by the constant redesign of wage payment systems . Many of them had to go through three or four rounds of opening of accounts ; first with the Post Office , then with a Bank , then with a specific bank , then with a Business Correspondent

Each step is an ordeal that can last for weeks and hold up their wages

When bank payments were finally settling down, another round of redesign began with the drive towards Aadhar based payments . “ he said

I suppose NDA government cannot help changing over to Aadhar-based payment system for MNREGA workers


And let it seize this opportunity to implement Shri Narendra Modiji’s vision :

"  If China is like a manufacturing factory of the World , India should
    become the human resource capital of the World .

   That should be our target and we should lay emphasis on that .

   We should have a futuristic vision and prepare plans for the next ten years "

( From a speech delivered on 15 July 2015 )

By implementing :

From  BAD  to  MAD  “  ( 01 June 2016 )


22  May  2017