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27 June 2013

Friday, 21 April 2017

Need of the hour ? : TEAM

By TEAM , I mean :  Technology Evaluation and Acquisition Minister

Whose job description will be :

Remain constantly on look-out for developing / developed technologies from around the World , evaluate their relevance to India’s myriad problems and acquire the same from the developers ( including patent rights / IP rights , to exploit it / improve upon it )

Make available these acquired technologies to Indian Companies ( both , in private and in public sectors ) / NGOs / Start-Ups etc , FREE of cost ( conditions apply in respect of production targets / pricing / time to implement / after-sales service etc ! )

Following are some such technologies :

Problems : Unavailability of clean drinking water in 

drought / famine affected areas

              : Pollution thru Plastic Bottles / Mountains 

of Land Fills – Garbage Dumps

Tech from : Prof  Omar  Yaghi ( Uni of California ) / 

Skipping Rock Labs ( UK )

Details at :


Problem : Loss of Forest cover / Rampant 


Tech from : Zhong Zhihua, Chinese Scientist 

(Chongqing Jiaotong University ).

Details at :

Problem : Millions sleeping in Streets / Slums, for 

want of affordable houses

Tech from : Chris Kelsey ( Cazza ) / WinSun ( China ) / Formwerkz ( Singapore )

Details at : 

·         Plastic Skyscrapers

·         Future Home is here !

·         From Waste to Wealth

Problem : Traffic Jams on City Roads / Hours to reach Office-Home

Tech from : Electric Front Wheel for Bicycle from Geo-Orbital ( Cambridge – USA )

Details at :

Problem : Charging of Batteries of Electric Vehicles takes hours !

Tech from : Flash Battery Charger from Stores-Dot ( Israel )

Details at : 

·         A Radical Radial Revolution

·         All Charged Up ?

Problem : No transmission lines for taking electricity to far-flung villages

Tech from : Bicycle Generated Power from Manoj Bhargava ( BillionsinChange )

Details at :

Problem :  No way to store ( for use at night ), billions of KWH of Solar Power

Tech from : PowerPack Batteries from Elon Musk ( TESLA )

Problem :  Fossil Fuel Power killing millions / Urgent need to generate Solar Power

Tech from :  All over the World

Details at :

Problem : Dependence on import for Li-ion batteries /

 Fast charging button batteries

Tech from :

 #  Venkataraman Thangadurai and colleagues ( University of Calgary / Canada )

     Thangadurai  says :

“ The technology we have developed would enable absolutely stable, robust, safe, high-powered, all solid state lithium batteries for future energy storage , which have many potential applications , including charging of electric vehicles 


#  And then there is Israeli firm  Stores-Dot , which claims to be developing a car battery  that can be charged in 5 minutes and give a range of 300 miles !


#  A research group at the University of California (UCR), Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering has developed nano silicon anodes for high-performance lithium-ion batteries, by simply using a low-cost chemical process and waste glass bottles.

The batteries will not only extend the range of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles, but also provide extra power with fewer charges to laptops, cell phones, and similar personal electronics.

Problem :  High value currency notes facilitating generation of BLACK MONEY
Tech from : RFID technology from Sanjay Sarma ( MIT )
Details at :

Problem : Making available high speed Internet to entire India ( remotest corner )

Tech from : GoogleLoons  ( from Google ) / Drones ( from Facebook )

Problem :  Poor road construction methods resulting in perennial pot-holes

Tech from :  Cold Asphalt technology from COLAS ( France )
Details at :

21  April  2017

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