Thursday, 6 April 2017

EVM : as susceptible as MoM ?

For the past few weeks ( ever since badly losing out on UP elections ) , both Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal are , repeatedly making allegations that the EVMs used for voting were “ hacked / tempered / manipulated “ in such a way that no matter which button got pressed , that vote went to the BJP candidate

Chief Election Commissioner , Shri Zaidi has dismissed this allegation as baseless

Neither BSP nor AAP has been able to provide any “ technically convincing “ proof to support their allegation

And , neither of them are answering this question :

·         If any particular EVM was found to be “ tempered “ during pre-poll inspection / testing by your candidate in the presence of concerned Election Officers , then why did he sign / certify it as OK ?

I suppose not to expose the “ ignorance “ of the BSP / AAP and embarrass them, the Election Commission is not telling them :

“ The EVMs are manufactured by Government Companies such as ECIL / BEL , who also built and supplied the Electronic Controls for our MoM ( Mars Orbital Mission ) – a mission which has the distinction of achieving SUCCESS at the very first attempt , a feat not achieved even by USA / RUSSIA / CHINA

Millions of miles away from the Earth , these Electronic Controls and the embedded software , has performed flawlessly in the harshest conditions of space

Using the electronics supplied by these very same companies ( and by the private sector supplier CENTUM ELECTRONICS ) , ISRO are planning even far more complex missions of sending Indian Astronauts to distant planets !

Would you want to tell ISRO not to rely upon ECIL / BEL ?

Or tell our Military not to rely on companies like L&T / Walchandnagar Industries / Reliance Defence /  Mahindra & Mahindra , for purchase of defence equipment , which will decide whether our Jawan using those equipment will succeed in killing the enemy or get killed himself ?

Behenji / Arvindji :

Managements of ECIL / BEL / CENTUM ( and of all the suppliers of electronics ) , would be too happy to take you around their RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT laboratories and answer all of your doubts

Or would you rather pass a “ Vote of No Confidence “ ( so much easier outside of Lok Sabha ! ), in Indian Manufacturers and want Election Commission to import these EVMs from Japan ?

Or get help from a certain “ political friend “ to export these EVMs to China where , in any case , every vote has got to be registered for the Communist Party ?

07  April  2017

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