Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Passing the Buck ?

With each passing day , we keep getting a new “ clarification “ in respect of the latest “ Pay and Park “ policy of the BMC

Latest says : Individuals cannot apply for parking spaces

I suppose BMC officers concerned realized that it was almost impossible to allot parking spaces to individuals , after reading my email :

Un-Implementable Laws : Unstoppable Corruption “ ( 20 Feb 2017 )


{ https://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2017/02/un-implementable-laws-unstoppable.html }


These clarifications also say :


·         If you live in a housing society with insufficient parking space, you can get a parking spot nearby


·         However, the housing society will have to apply to the civic body asking for for the spot on a nearby road


·         Priority will be given to buildings which are near the demarcated parking space


·         If more than one building wants the space, the civic body will conduct a lottery


·         After a housing society gets a parking space, it will be its responsibility to allot the space to flat owners and provide a security guard


·         The others will have to park in authorised parking lots nearby


·         The society will have to submit an application form with residential proof to ward office to get a parking spot for 12 hours ( 8pm to 8am ) on a yearly permit


·         Under the policy, each flat owner can be allotted parking space for only one car


·         Civic body will not allow parking on the roads during the day and charge residents for parking on roads at night


·         Housing societies will have to ensure that nobody parks in allotted spaces



May be these “ clarifications “ do answer some of the questions that I have raised in my above-mentioned blog ( sent as email to all concerned officers of BMC )


Except the following :


If this policy is patently “ un-implementable “, then will it not increase “ corruption “ at each and every step where a HUMAN BEING gets involved in its “ interpretation “ , before taking a decision ?


Is it at all possible to monitor the correct / appropriate implementation , on 24 hour basis ?


Will passing on some of the responsibility to the housing societies, increase or decrease the corruption ?


Is finding of a “ parking space “ , a problem ,only at night ?


Are not most TRAFFIC JAMS on Mumbai’s 2000 km long roads caused during the DAY , due to double-parking everywhere , blocking the traffic ?


Has any accurate estimate been made of how many of Mumbai’s population of 30 lakh vehicles has parking spaces WITHIN the society compounds ? How many need night time ( and , of course , day time ) parking spot on the roads ?




Dear Shri Sanjay Deshmukh ( Additional Municipal Commissioner ) :


It is NOT too late to get help from IIT-Powai , to examine the feasibility of the TECHNICAL SOLUTION proposed in my blog !



18  April  2017

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