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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Blue Print for VotesApp ?

Some 4 years back . I had suggested that we , in India , switch-over to voting in Lok Sabha election , using a mobile app , viz:

VotesApp  ( 18 Dec 2012 )

Following research paper ( 03 March 2016 ) , submitted by two researchers in Philippines , not only proves that this is entirely possible but provides a detailed Blue Print ( including User Interfaces for such a mobile app –uncannily similar to what I had described in VotesApp ! )

You can also look up this paper at :  www.ijarcsse.com ( Past Issues / 2016 / Vol 613  )

Reinforcing my suggestion , a  TV episode on BBC  ( bbc.click / 23 April 2017 )

show-cased a similar Mobile based Voting App developed by a UK company / www.Smartmatic.com  / whose chairman , Mark Malloch-Brown says :

“ Governments and International Organizations alone cannot build the future we need . Citizen participation is key to complete the equation “

Smartmatic web site claims :

Seven world records
Including the world’s largest automated elections, the first to feature paper receipts, the first to feature biometrically-activated voting sessions – and the world’s fastest voter registration project using biometrics.

which is working for Online Voting in Ireland

A tiny country Estonia introduced Online Voting , way back in 2005 !

Not only for National Elections but also for local elections .
For details , read ,

• All major principles of paper-voting are followed

• Voting from any computer connected to the Internet

• Alternative to the paper-ballot

• Digital voter register based on population register

• Voter's identification with eID

• Virtual double envelope scheme

• Public-private key cryptography

•  Virtual voting booth

As for the benefits / savings / revenue-generating potential of VotesApp , do look up :

·         Reforming Elections and Lok Sabha  ( 20  Dec  2016  )

When I think why a Software Super Power such as India is shying away from this epoch-making reform , I am reminded of what Winston Churchill said in his radio broadcast in Oct 1939 :

“ I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma ; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."

When will our 800 + million voters tell the politicians :

VotesApp is the KEY to our national self interest . In 2019 national elections , we will not vote in any other way “

26  April  2017

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