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27 June 2013

Friday, 14 April 2017

BHIM : the Unstoppable

Dec 2016 :

BHIM V 1.0 , requiring typing of a lot of info in mobile phone

March 2017 :

BHIM V 2.0 , “ Aadhar Pay “ linked with UPI ( Android based )

Feature : Bypassing the Credit Card Era

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RIP , the Credit Card ( 21 Nov 2016 )


Yesterday :

BHIM V 3.0 , launched by Shri Narendra Modiji ( as reported below ) :

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Report :
The prime minister launched the BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app, a biometric-based payment system which will make payment through thumb impression a reality.

He also launched incentive schemes for the BHIM -- cashback and referral bonus

Seeking to rope in youngsters to promote cashless transactions, Modi said for every person introduced to the BHIM app, one will get a cashback of Rs 10.

“If you refer 20 persons a day, you can earn Rs 200,” he said.

Under the referral bonus scheme, both the existing users who refer BHIM and new users who adopt it would get a cash bonus which will be credited directly to their bank account.

Under the cashback scheme, the merchants will get a cashback on every transaction on BHIM.

BHIM-Aadhaar, the merchant interface of the BHIM app, paves the way for digital payments through the Aadhaar platform.

This will enable the citizens to pay digitally using the biometric data like thumb imprint on a merchant’s biometric- enabled device, which could be a smartphone with a biometric data reader.

Anyone without access to smartphones, internet, debit or credit cards will be able to transact digitally through the BHIM-Aadhaar platform.

“This will make digital payments easy even for those who cannot read or write, thus realising Ambedkar’s vision of social and financial empowerment for all,” Modi said.

 “We are reaching a time when mobile phones will be where financial transactions will take place.”

“ The BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app is such a modern and apt facility which even the technologically advanced countries do not have “

“It will pave the way for digital payments through the Aadhaar platform. This will enable every Indian citizen to pay digitally using their biometric data like thumb imprint on a merchant’s biometric-enabled device which could be a smartphone with a biometric data reader.”

 “ There was an era when the thumb was a sign of being illiterate. Now, the thumb (used for Aadhaar-based transactions) has become your strength,” said Modi.

I am glad that , not only Ministers of NDA government read my emails but considered my suggestions worth implementing .

Now I await :


June 2017

BHIM V 4.0

Feature : Foolproof Biometric ( Finger + Iris + Voice ) / Only needs speaking !
Build Conversation Actions using API.AI ( Actions on Google )

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Here is how it will work :

Buyer  buys something worth Rs 100 from a shopkeeper

Buyer and the Seller , look into their own mobile-cameras ( of  smart phones
   loaded with M-Rup ) for biometric Aadhar identification / linked to Jan Dhan a/c 

*  Seller speaks in his mobile : " Muze Sau Rupiah dedo "

*  Buyer speaks in his mobile : " Inko Sau Rupiah dedo "

*  Message flashes in the mobile screen of Seller : " Tumhare account-me Sau Rupiah
   Jamah ho gaya / GST bhi kaat ke Sarkar-ko bhej diya "

*  Message flashes in the mobile screen of Buyer : " Tumhare account-se , Sau Rupiah
    Inko Bhej Diya . Abhi balance me teen sau sath rupiah bacha hai "


Oct 2017 :

BHIM V 5.0

Feature : Catch “ fake “ notes of Rs 2000 / 500 , using mobile app “ Fak-e-Mon “
              Reward persons catching “ fake “ notes , using this app

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Fak – e – Mon  ( 17  July  2016 )

Dec 2017 :

BHIM V 6.0

Feature : To subsume in itself , all Automatic Payment Apps

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A  Matter  of  Time  ( 03 Jan 2017 )

April 2018 :

BHIM V 7.0

Feature : Integrating all Private Mobile Wallets into BHIM to create UTI ( Unified Transaction Interface ) , leading to ,

UPI + UTI = " Less Cash " + " Less Evasion " + " Less Black "

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From  UPI  to  UTI  ( 07 Dec 2016 )

June 2018 :

BHIM V 8.0

Feature : Motivating ALL buyers to use BHIM by depositing certain percentage of GST paid on each purchase transaction into the PPF / EPF accounts ( DBT ) and thereby take care of Social Security after retirement

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Conspiracy of the Cards ? ( 07 Dec 2016 )

Oct 2018 :

BHIM V 9.0

Feature : How to get Private Mobile Wallet players to give away BHIM embedded Smart Phones to 800 million citizens, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST

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Dec 2018 :

BHIM V 10.0

Feature :  Bring daily wage earners , SMEs in the banking net

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To fulfil Shri Narendra Modiji’s vision , we must all contribute to :

Digital India ? ( 01 Nov 2015 )

15  April  2017