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27 June 2013

Monday, 28 November 2016

Keep Humming , Narendrabhai !

Hindustan Times ( 29 Nov 2016 ) carries following news report :

" Centre looks to bring daily wage earners , SMEs in the banking net "

It goes on to read :

"  The government has directed all public sector banks to once again focus on opening new zero-balance Jan Dhan accounts for daily wage earners and those engaged with the small , micro and medium enterprises .... this has to be taken up in mission mode to ensure that most payments to daily wage earners are included in the formal banking sector .... the Centre has underlined the need to adopt electronic payment modes or cheques to pay wages "

Two days back , Shri Narendra Modiji had asked all citizens to convert their mobile phones into their own, personal " bank branch " through use of e-Wallet apps

Some 6 months ago , I had sent following proposal to all NDA ministers , outlining an End-to-End solution for enabling wage / salary payments using Smart Phones

Its time has come NOW !

Dear Shri Narendrabhai :

If , some naysayers ( and there are many among our politicians / economists ! ) tell you that my suggestion is " impractical / unviable / non-feasible " , tell them about that marble plaque at the gates of the Sikorsky helicopter factory in USA , which reads :

" By all known laws of Aerodynamics , the ratio of the wing area to the weight of a Humming bird is such that the humming bird cannot fly . But the humming bird never went to college to earn a degree in aerodynamics , so it goes ahead and flies any way "

Keep  humming , Shri Narendrabhai  !

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

From BAD to MAD

BAD   =   Biometric Attendance Device

MAD   =   Mobile Attendance Device


Most people think the greatest contribution of Bill Gates ( onetime CEO of Microsoft ) was " MS Operating System "

I think , it was his book " Business @ the Speed of Thought "

Current CEO of Microsoft is a PIO named Satya Nadela

What is his contribution ?

What he said during his talk in Delhi on 30 May , called ,

" Tech for Good , Ideas for India " :

 He cited the example of how NASA scientists were not able to see the Rover move on Mars but the holographic output of the Rover is right there in their office.

Nadella also met two young developers, one of them a 17-year-old who has figured out how to take data from NASA , conflate it with other information and see the spread of algae in Bay of Bengal. “Here’s a student who is taking information that is available, bringing it together—he wanted to have a real impact right here in terms of how we managed our climate,” he said.

Nadella wrapped up by summing Microsoft’s mission in India. 

" It is about really celebrating the technologies that you all in India create. In fact, I want us to be the platform creators that foster the ingenuity of what is happening in India,” he said.

Here is my idea  of a technology that we need to create for a better India :

Today Employee Attendance Systems in India work at three levels as follows :

#   Entirely Manual 

     Attendance Register and Wage / Salary payment in cash or by Cheque

#   Partly Automated

     Punch cards or Bio-metric recording of attendance but manual calculation
     of wages / salaries and payment by cash or cheque

#   Fully Automated

     Bio-metric Attendance Devices ( BAD ) , integrated with a home-grown or
     bought-out Salary Payment Software , running on a local Server.

     Salary payments could be by cheques or thru Electronic Transfer to
     concerned employee's bank account

Once in a while , if a company has several establishments within a city , those local servers are connected to a Central Server , doing all processing

In a rare case ( although , I am not aware of any ) , it may be that all the local servers of all the establishments of a company , all over the country , are networked with its central computer in its head-quarter

Now imagine this :

#  All smart phones to evolve as Bio-metric Attendance Devices , with built-in
    Bio-metric Recorders , GPS , a mobile attendance App ( called MAD ? )

#  App to have 2 buttons ( Green = IN  /  Red = OUT )

Employee to touch IN upon reaching his work-station and touch OUT ,
    while leaving work place , at the end of work-shift . That's all  !

Being GPS enabled , buttons will get activated ONLY when the employee
    has reached the work place ( not while he is on his way ! ) 

#  All 100 million establishments in India ( factories / offices / shops / clinics
    NGOs / Govt Depts ) to ensure that the MAD app is installed on the smart
    phone of each employee , when he joins

#  All of these smart phones to be connected ( IoT ? ) , with the Servers of ,

    *  Labour Ministries ( Central and States )

    *  HRD Ministry ( Central )

    *  Skills Development Ministry / NSDC

    *  Finance Ministries ( Central + States )

    *  NITI Aayog

    *  Income Tax Department

    *  Any other server that you may want to

#   MAD app is integrated with a STANDARD / COMMON , software system
     for computing daily wages / monthly salaries of ALL the persons working
     in those 100 million establishments ( whether they are casual /
     contractual  / trainee / apprentice / probationer / permanent / retained 

#   As each person joins in any of these establishments , data re  that
     person must be inputted by the Employer into the App , such as :

     *  Name / Contact Details / DOB / Aadhar Card No / Employee Number

         ( Each unique Employee Number will be auto-generated by the
         common Salary Payment Software , running on IT Dept Server )

     *   Employee's Jandhan Yojana Bank Account Number for salary EC

     *   Employer's Jandhan bank account / Unique Employer Number

     *   Payment Mode ( Hourly / Daily / Monthly Rated , wages / salaries )

     *   Leave provisions / PF rate / TDS rate / Allowances / Reimbursements

     *   Any other relevant data ( either about employee of for employer )


#   For employees , no need to file a separate annual Income Tax Return

#   Direct deposit of PF / TDS amounts into bank accounts of Govt Depts

#   Direct Benefit Transfer ( DBT ) to every Employer for Stipend Subsidy ,
     based on number of total trainees / apprentices employed

#   Total number of employees in India ( category / region / industry )

#   Employment Density ( Industry wise / Region wise / Skill wise etc )

#   Net Employment Growth Rate ( weekly - monthly / Industry-wise )

#   Co-relation with no of persons graduating at various levels

#   Data about those Unemployed ( " Graduating " less " Employed " )

#   Overtime Statistics ( Use / Abuse )

#   Work-hour Analysis ( Ave hours / week - month )

#   Wage / Salary Rates ( Rs per hour ) - Industry wise / Region wise 

     ( of great interest to Foreign Investors looking to bring down
       manufacturing costs , by outsourcing to India / manufacturing in India )

#   Compliance with labour laws / tax laws / Apprentice Act etc

#   Job Market Forecasts through BIG DATA ANALYTIC ( region / industry )

#   Demographic  Profiles of employees  ( Rural to Urban migration )

#   Per Capita Income Growth for persons using MAD app  ( MOM / YOY )

#   Changing composition between Blue Collar and White Collar employees

Then there could be many other benefits not envisaged now

Here is an opportunity for :

 *  Manufacturers of Smart Phones

     To shrink stationary / bulky / common , bio-metric devices to mobile / 
     small / personalized / hand-held devices

    { Remember ?  

If you don't make yourself obsolete , someone else will  }

*  Tech Start Ups

     To come up with the Mobile App ( MAD ) / Technology Platform

*  NDA Government

    To implement what Shri Narendra Modiji said on 15 July 2015 :

   "  If China is like a manufacturing factory of the World , India should
    become the human resource capital of the World .

   That should be our target and we should lay emphasis on that . 

   We should have a futuristic vision and prepare plans for the next ten years "


   MAD  could well be an important element  of  that  " JAM PLAN "  !


29  Nov  2016

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