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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Chakra Viewh / 2016 AD


Some 5,000 years ago , Pandavas and Kauravas fought the epic battle of Maha-Bharat for 18 days , on the plains of Panipat

On the 10th day Kauravas arranged their army in a battle formation known as Chakra-Viewh , which was considered very difficult to penetrate

And , if someone succeeded in penetrating , it was equally difficult to get out of

Arjun's son , brave Abhimanyu had learned the " Art of Warfare " - but in half measure

He managed to penetrate the Chakra-Viewh but did not know , how to get out !

Kauravas encircled and killed him

From 08 Nov 2016, our country is witnessing re-enacting of that epic battle of " Good " vs " Evil " - the Honest / Ordinary Citizens vs the Evil Demon of Black Money

Those of us who watched Rajya Sabha TV yesterday ( " Sanjay Drishti " of Maha-Bharat ? ), witnessed the Chakra-Viewh


If , withdrawal of Rs 500 / 1000 Currency Notes , was like " penetrating the Chakra-Viewh ", can introduction of Rs 2,000 notes be considered , " getting out of the Chakra-Viewh " ?


Unfortunately not !

After burning a few lakh*crore worth of OLD notes , the demon of Black Money will rise from the ashes of the OLD, in the form of those NEW notes ( made easier / simpler to carry AND hide )

Much stronger - and even more capable of destroying our economy !


Fortunately , unlike 5000 years ago , today we have a technology capable of tracing / tracking the Demon of Black Money, around the clock and destroy it , no matter where it chooses to hide !

That technology is called :  Passive RFID micro-sensor

For a cost of just 30 paise , embed one in each note , while printing

Following links tell us about the feasibility of this technology

Dear  Shri  A :

RFID is your " Last Chance " to extricate yourself from the mess  !

Your last chance, to return to 2019 Lok Sabha with 400 + seats or with 40 seats !


17  Nov  2016

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