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27 June 2013

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Health Care through Mobile ?

DNA (  22  Nov  2016 ) carries a news report , titled :

" Online e-pharmacy portals to make patients' lives easier "

The details read :

The formation of a strict monitoring system for online sale of medicines is underway by the Centre, that has come up with a Self-regulation Code of Conduct for the E pharmacy sector for the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI ).

The e-pharmacy model proposed by the apex business organization provides,

*   digital tracking and traceability of medicines,

*   addressing the problem of counterfeit medicines

*   unsupervised consumption of antibiotics without prescription.

*   improved access and affordability of medicines for patients.

The e-pharmacy model has proposed that medicines must be processed only against a valid copy of a prescription from a registered medical practitioner.

E-pharmacy websites must also ensure no schedule X or other sensitive habit-forming medicines are processed and that there are adequate checks in place to prevent sale of such drugs.

“We are working with private players to develop a centralized online system that involves manufacturers and supply chain managers to develop a fool-proof system for online sale of medicines,”  Drug Controller General of India, Dr G N Singh said.

“Consumers need quality medicines at an affordable price. Drugs and Cosmetics Act is the most poorly implemented — thus making consumers vulnerable to counterfeit medicines and self-medication,” said Bejon Mishra, Founder at Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) India.


Congratulations , FICCI  !

I am happy that you have taken cognizance of my following suggestion , sent to you as an E Mail on 11 Oct  2015

I do hope , in course of time , you will succeed in co-opting all the AGENCIES listed in my suggestion , to ensure for our citizens , a world-class HEALTH CARE


3 D - Digital Delivery of Drugs  ?

( let us call it , " Dispenser " )

On 14th Oct , 8 lakh pharmacy stores will go on strike to persuade Government to prohibit sale of " Prescription Drugs " by e-Pharmacies such as 1mg.com / Zigy.com , not to  speak of e-Com sites like Amazon / SnapDeal / Flipkart etc

Reason advanced :

*  Online sale puts consumers at risk

Real reason ?

*  Loss of jobs of 4 million persons employed by 800,000 pharmacy stores

*  Loss of business worth Rs 80,000 Crores

Current legal provision :

*  Drugs and Cosmetics Act,1940 does not prohibit online sale of medicines

Govt response :

*  Set up a Committee to draft new provisions in Law to regulate online sale

My take :

*  One day , everything will be sold online from web sites 10,000 Km away !

*  There is no way march of EVERYTHING ONLINE can be stopped or slowed

My Suggestions :

Govt to upload a Mobile App ( DISPENSER ? ) on Health Ministry web site

All doctors must download it , after proper registration / authentication

*  App will get embedded with full details of that doctor who uses it

*  Doctors to enter Patient Data in App  / then enter prescribed Drug Details

*  Doctor will SMS app data entered , to concerned patient's mobile

*  Patient will SMS entered app data to mobile of Chemist of his choice

*  Chemist will deliver the medicine to the patient with Bill Details in App

*  Chemist will deliver the medicine to the patient with Bill Details in App

*  Every action / transaction on App , will get automatically emailed to web
    Servers of

       #  Health Ministry

       #  All India Medical Association

       #   All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists ( AIOCD ) 

       #   Drug Controller General of India

Advantages :

*   Jobs / business of Chemists / Druggists saved

*   Great convenience for patients / no need to visit Drug Store

*   No chance of Chemist " misinterpreting " doctor's handwriting  !

*   Full History of

     #  Each Patient ( great benefit to Prescribing doctors )

     #  Each Drug    ( great benefit to Pharma Companies  )

     #  Each Chemist Shop  ( great benefit to Govt / AIOCD / Tax Dept )

     #  Each Doctor  ( great interest to All India Medical Association )

This is our chance , not only to deliver world-class healthcare to millions but also to get rid of a huge amount of UNETHICAL PRACTICES in , what is a HUMANITARIAN PROFESSION !


25  Nov  2016

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