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27 June 2013

Friday, 11 November 2016

Let us grant them , their Dying Wish !

A news report in Business Line ( 11  Nov 2016 ) carries following headline :

" Modi may reap $ 45 billion Budget gain on demonetization "

Report snippets follow :


The move will suck out about 86 percent of the 17.8 trillion rupees of currency in circulation. The analysts say as much as a third of this will prove to be illegal and be unclaimed. Those funds can then be used by the government to narrow Asia’s widest fiscal deficit.

"This money can now get utilized for various economic reforms’ funding," said Edelweiss analyst Manoj Bahety.

The central bank can reduce its liabilities by an equivalent amount or share the cash with the government, he said.

Here’s what the funds could offer Modi:

  • The chance to slash by more than half his projected 5.3 trillion rupee budget deficit for the year through March 2017

  • The opportunity to double expenditure on defense and energy

  • Or increase three-fold federal spending on social services such as education, health and housing

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
These are GOOD suggestions

But , as suggested in my earlier blog , can we grant the dying man his last wish ?


Please allow those Black Money Holders to deposit those Rs 10 lakh*crore  in bank accounts created specifically for :

*    Prime Ministers Relief Fund

*    Armed Forces Relief Fund

*    Environment Rejuvenation Fund

*    Pollution Solution Fund

and , above all ,

*    BANMALI  (  Ban Mal-Nutrition in India  )  Fund

{   http://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2016/09/a-mobile-app-named-banmali.html   }

Some 1.2 million children ( under age of 7 ) , die in India  EACH YEAR , due to mal-nutrition ( since , you do not wish to call it " Starvation " ! )

If each of these children were to be provided highly nourishing food packets each day , costing Rs 50 per day per child, that would cost the Government , Rs 2190 Crore / year

By enabling channelizing those Rs 10 lakh*crore into these Bank Accounts , we will be able to convert that Black Money into White Money ( but for use by the POOR / NEEDY of the Society )

Will those  Black Money Holders come forward for such a DONATION ?

They will , if the Government promises that while depositing the old notes into these accounts , 

*  NO  QUESTIONS will be asked , 

*  Depositor does not have to REVEAL IDENTITY  !

*  There will be no UPPER  LIMIT

They have nothing to lose in this World and everything to gain in the NEXT  !

Far better than donating crores to religious temples / shrines !

Let those Black Money holders " donate " their hearts to the 1.2 million dying children !


12  Nov  2016

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